Chapter 8 – Rose Breaking

By | November 15, 2016

Shao Qingrou is so mad to see wardrobe malfunction happen to her as a result of getting dragged back and forth by the desperate crowd.

It matters a lot to her because she can’t let accidental exposure happens. She wants to marry the Prince, after all.
And these guys are dragging her and scratching her clothes begging for a cure…If this gets passed out as rumors, so much for her plan to marry the Prince.


Shao is so mad she lost control, knocking everyone down on the ground with her enormous magical power.
And it just happens that someone really grabbed her wardrobe hard and accidentally caused some exposure again.

The lines of her body are long, clean and symmetrical, beautiful in a unique way resembling a blooming flower. Impressive.

“AHhhhh” Loud screaming made everyone focus back on Lu Jiuque. She goes on, “OMG Ms Shao! I know you’re thirsty but you really shouldn’t be taking off your clothes in front of everyone!”

Such an expert when it comes to adding fuel to the flame.

Now it seems that the pain on everyone is gone and people are just staring at Shao Qingrou in a sexual way.

The Rose of the Kingdom. Maybe they won’t ever get to grab her by the pussy but it’s still worth it getting to watch her half naked.

“Wow. Nice boobs!”

Lu kept rubbing it in. Everyone can’t help but all look at Shao’s boobs now.

Indeed. Absolutely stunning boobs she’s got.

“You BITCH!”

Shao Qingrou can’t put up with her anymore. That beautiful face of hers that always has a big smile on has now become a mad face.

“What are you all looking at! Close your damn eyes!”

She then threw an magical ice grenade at them, which exploded right in front of these thirsty men.

She wants to just kill them all, scooping their eyeballs out. These cunts!

They obviously has never seen her mad like this as they all scrolled away from her as far as possible, not trying to irritate her anymore.

“Fuck out of here!”
Shao took out her sword and pointed it at Lu Jiuque.

“This is all your fault. Im going to kill you!”

Shao waved the sword at her but she missed.

Lu Jiuque was so flexible she literally bent over and avoided the deadly strike.

“Damn it!”

Shao Qingrou made another strike.

But this time Lu Jiuque squatted under her dragon which helped her avoid the strike again, but not so fortunate for the dragon, the sword pierced right in its body.



Dragon blood bursted out and got all over Shao’s face.

Without hesitation, Lu Jiuque did a low roundhouse kick and got Shao on the ground. And then the dragon raised its front legs in pain.

Shao Qingrou was scared as she witnessed the big dragon weighing hundreds of pounds stepped on her thin body.


Shao’s face twisted and she screamed in pain.

Blood and dirt are all over her face right now making her look like a ghost.

Had she not been a Grade A Spiritual Star Master, she definitely would have been killed by the dragon.

“Go to hell”                            ”

Shao Qingrou was in so much pain she lost control and killed the dragon despite the fact that dragons are lawfully protected in the Kingdom because they are rare.

But the poor dragon fell on her after it died which made Shao look even worse.
“Lu Jiuque… You nasty bitch…”

Lu Jiuque took a look at Shao and shook her head, “I’m not done yet.”

Shao was afraid of what she meant by that. As soon as she realized that she’s literally stuck under a big dragon and can’t move whatsoever, she shouted, “Don’t you dare come close to me!”

Lu sneered back at her and said, “Nah of course not.”

And then she yelled at the people, “Shao’s crazy! She attacked the dragon! Help! Shao’s crazy!”

“What the heck…”

Shao felt like she was getting trolled.

This bitch!

She was the reason Shao ended up like this and she’s now pretending like Shao’s crazy.

What a bitch!

But too bad for Shao, Lu couldn’t hear her murmuring but even if she did she would only shout even louder in response.

“Help..Somebody help me!”

Lu Jiuque kept screaming while she hided in the crowd, which consisted of scared young men and women who had no clue what’s going on.

Walking through towards them with dust floating in the air, Shao Qingrou was covered up in blood like devil from hell. Can she be any scarier?

People were so horrified they couldn’t help but run.

“AHHHH let’s get out of here!! ”

“OMG Look at Shao!! Let’s go!!”

“Help me!!”
Shao Qingrou was so pissed because these people don’t even know what they are doing.
Lu Jiuque. This is all her fault!

Shao Qingrou finally found Lu Jiuque in the middle of the mess and she hated Lu so much she wanted to kill her. But Lu Jiuque has already jumped on a dragon with another kid while telling him, “Let’s get out of here! Shao so crazy because she must have been poisoned. We can’t beat her so we must go back and find people to help us!”

“Ahhhh alright!!”

That young man was terrified just as he was about to fly off.

“Wanna run?”

Shao Qingrou threw 3 icy grenades at Lu Jiuque in an desperate effort to end her life.

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