Chapter 8 – She Loved to Trample Flowers (Part One)

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Moments later, the crowd of boys had become uncontrollable.

“Jiuche! What kind of insanity are you spewing? Stop losing face in front of your ancestors! You are only letting your ancertors down!”

“What an ignorant good-for-nothing! Why didn’t she die in that ravine? How did she manage to survive?”

“How dare she confront teacher Shao like that!”


Shao Qingrou was extremely pleased with the current situation. If it was up to her, Jiuche should would not been allowed to even set foot on the Empire.

What could be so peculiar about her, a good-for-nothing of her magnitude, for Emperor Liu himself to treat her with such special regards?

Emperor Liu wanted her, and nobody else, at his side!

Jiuche, you got away with it this time, but next time you will be dead!

Shao Qingrou tried confusedly to appease the anger of the crowd, “No … all of you, please keep calm …”

Suddenly, Jiuche said coldly, “Didn’t you say you did not know where I was? Then how come you already knew I was down the ravine? Hmm? Could it be that you saw me falling, but did nothing to try and save me? Apparently I’ll have to have a chat with Emperor Liu… ”


The doubt Jiuche had insinuated killed off the animosity of that crowd of unruly youngsters. In a moment, the anger burning in their hearts had disappeared.

Did she mean to have a talk with the Emperor Liu?

How dared that good-for-nothing disturb Emperor Liu!

If Emperor Liu had come to know that they had done such a thing… no, they didn’t even want to think about the possible consequences.

Jiuche turned towards Shao Qingrou and laughed. “As for Shao Qingrou, she definitely has no virtues whatsoever! You all want to become part of the Tiantai school, but I don’t. She is but a disciple of the Tiantai school; however, I am at any given time none of her business.”

How insolent!

Since when had that piece of human trash become so arrogant!?

The boys, in hearing such a reply from Jiuche, began to feel frightened, but they still found the courage to start talking to each other.



“Well, for a piece of trash like you, entering an insignificant ninth grade school would already been too much.”

“You can whistle for being part of the Tiantai school!”

“Teacher Shao, let’s not pay attention to what she says!”


Shao Qingrou squinted. After a little while her disappointment became clear on her face, and she said with a sigh, “Miss Jiuche, why are you pushing it so far? With my help you would undoubtedly be accepted in the Tiantai school. Wouldn’t it be better than going to any common school? Emperor Liu asked me to take care of you. Don’t you know that… that… oh, nevermind!”

That sudden resignation filled the hearts of the boys with pain. They were almost moved to tears in seeing such an altruistic lady.

Jiuche furrowed her brows. If the old Jiuche had an opportunity to take part in the test, and if all those people had gone back pretending to be looking for her, then it was only thanks to Emperor Liu.

Apparently, the old Jiuche was such a time bomb that Emperor Liu had even granted her an Imperial escort. Surely, the fondness between the two must have been considerable.”

After finishing speaking, Shao Qingrou didn’t even seem to pay attention to Jiuche anymore. In her eyes, only resignation was left.

“Are you ready? Pick up the reins, we are going back home!”

“Yes, Teacher Shao!”


Jiuche took advantage of the distraction of the crowd. Jiuche lean forward and pick up a small stone, then she jumped onto a small winged monster that had no knight.

It was a funny scene.

The “Flower of the Empire”? Pff.

Well, she definitely loves to trample on flowers!

Since her reincarnation, she had had no acupuncture needles with her. Could a small rock work as well?

As the heir of the Lu family, finding even the smallest of vital points of her opponents was like a walk in the park for Jiuche. But those were xiulian practitioners, and she had no idea what she could do.

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