Chapter 8 – Laid Down His Life

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The disciple of Tian Jian was crushed beneath the feet of a disciple of Zha Yi; it was as if a world-renowned warrior was defeated by a peasant farmer.

Yu-Liu was furious, he spat out a mouthful of blood again.

“Yun-Ye, stop your nonsense, you will get executed without interrogation if you kill me!” Dao Lie-Liu’s forehead was bulging; he knew he would get punished as well if Yu-Liu was in trouble here.

“No use anymore.”

Yu-Liu let out an evil laugh beneath Yun-Ye’s feet and said, “How dare you, nobody can save you if I reported this back.” Everyone who heard this was shaking in fear, but Yun-Ye sneered and increase the strength of his feet, half of Yu-Liu’s head was crushed on the sandy ground.

“You are such a boast, I’m not sure if you are more embarrassed or I am, you as the disciple of Tian Zhu valley are the one who was crushed underneath my peasant’s feet. If this spread out, wonder who would get punished.”

Yu-Liu was stunned when he heard that and he lost his voice immediately.

If this news was spread out, his future in Tian Zhu valley would be gone forever, everyone would look down on him, probably his mentors would simply arrange a crummy position for him because of this.

“No, no, this has nothing to do with you; I am the one who caused this. You did not injure Yu-Liu, he was the one who wanted to show us an example of the moves, he messed it all up and was badly wounded now. We all witnessed this, right?” Dao Lie-Liu disregarded his pride to protect himself, started shouting for approval from everyone.

“Is that true?” Yun-Ye smiled.

“That’s right, that’s right! It’s mere that, we all saw it, we can all be witnesses.” Dao Lie-Liu shouted once again in fear.

“Yes, yes, it’s merely that!” the rest of the disciples came back to their senses and started agreeing.

“You have to be more careful from now on, stay in Tian Zhu valley and practice the medicine if you have nothing to do, doesn’t ever come here again.” Yun-Ye removed his feet and backed away a little.

Yu-Liu was being carried away, his shirt and his mouth were stained with blood, and it was an appalling sight. He stared at Yun-Ye with hatred.

Yun-Ye ignored him, he did not mind at all because he knew Yu-Liu had nothing against him; he did not have to care about his feelings. He turned around and looked at the peak of the mountain, which was far since Yu-Liu was nothing to him; the other disciples could be easily defeated.

However, when he turned around, a bright light shone in front of his eyes and its intense sound pierced through the sky. A colorful smoke wiped off the sky instantly; it slowly fell off and created a mesmerizing scene.

“Master, what are you doing?” Dao Lie-Liu shouted fretfully under the bright horizon.

“You thought I will get controlled by your words, too bad… Master will not listen to you.” Yu-Liu retorted in fulfillment.

At that moment, the surrounding became quiet, the only sound that one could hear was the ruffling sound of tree leaves blown by the breeze.The disciples who were watching them walked away slowly, and soon enough, the whole ground was empty, with no one in sight.

There was only silence, he walked swiftly towards Yun-Ye, a determination in his eyes. “The man who oversees the laws is him!” Yun-Ye came back to his conscious.

So that was it! This was the existence of the disciples, Yun-Ye felt his blood rushing to his brain, he was in a rage.

“Too bad you were only a normal disciple, you belong among the stray dogs and pigs, and nobody will ever notice what happened here today.” Yu-Liu moved behind and popped two pills in his mouth; his left hand was holding other two-spirit stones.

He realized how much Yun-Ye wanted to kill him, if he could delay the time and waited until his people came over, Yun-Ye would be finished!

Dao Lie-Liu’s face changed and he started to run behind for his life. Yun-Ye understood him well enough.

Yun-Ye who did not have a much powerful skill until a few days ago, he could defeat him, but now with his meditation and practices, how could he defeat him? For sure, he would be killed before he took his time for a breath. He was like a fish being slaughtered.

The study of human logic was one of the basic lessons of Gods, the first level was to have compassion for beings on earth, to take care of others as you would to yourself, but what he saw now was the inequality of darkness, how could Tian Jian Zong not have such attitude? It was all about getting rid of others and were too self-centered!

A fiery rage hit him. Yun-Ye sensed the black and white light again. At the back of the eyes, he noticed a black and white figure flashed through. He knew what the figure wanted instantly.

He felt as if he was standing in front of the golden shield soldiers again. Those soldiers were so cold-blooded and cruel.

“Hong!” A killing surge vibrated in his body.

“Stop him!” Dao Lie-Liu shouted, suddenly he felt something and turned around. His breathing hitched.

Yun-Ye had already moved in front of him without him noticing, his motion was as fast as a cheetah. A wave of punch hit him on his chest.

Ge ca!

A loud breaking sound broke off the silence; Dao Lie-Liu felt his body was breaking off into pieces like a pair of chopsticks. Yun-Ye had crushed his ribs with that punch, the hit surged through his body without any hindrance. His meditation and practices that he had trained were all worthless.

Hopelessness was all Dao Lie-Liu felt as his body was thrown aside, hatred started to emerge from his heart, spreading across his body.

Hate, hate, hate!

But it was too late now, he could no longer feel his own body, he dropped on the ground and blood spilled everywhere, leaving dotted stains behind.

“You looked down at me as if I was a dog, I will slaughter you like a dog today!” Yun-Ye stared at him and suddenly as his gaze fixed on Yu-Liu.

“Master Ye, go now!” a bloody scream came from behind, “You can still get away, the master leaders will take them to the doctor when they’re here if you kill them now, those leaders will kill you right away!”

Chen Mo was so young yet he knew many things, he had grown so mature.

But Yun-Ye merely shook his head and smiled.

Who were they of Tian Jian Zong, and who were they of Zong Lu Manor, it was all right for Chen Mo who was the new disciple not to understand, but he knew very well?

Even if he regained his power and strength, he would not be able to run away.

“Chen Mo, you want to live longer.”

Yun-Ye turned around, saw Chen Mo running towards him as if he wanted to grab him away, Yun-Ye raised his arm, and punched.

Chen Mo flew across the ground with that punch.

“Yu-Liu, you will not escape from me too.”

It was an exchange between life and death at that moment, Yun-Ye was pleased with himself when suddenly the black and white light flashed in his body again.

A strange aura covered Yu-Liu and he felt like he was being swallowed by a gigantic beast and he trembled. Beads of sweats were rolling on his skin, and he suddenly felt he could not move any of his body parts.

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