Chapter 8 – Discrimination of Red Fruit

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Under normal circumstances, the aura in the cave was far more concentrated than in the real world.  However,  there was one exception…sunrise.

  The old man had built the stone chamber using a very uncommon material called “yin yang stone”.  As Yi Ti had first seen, these stones were covered with black and white patterns representing yin and yang. Even more surprising, if you breakdown the pattern, you would find that the number of black and white lines is exactly the same.

  Precisely because of this, yin yang stone is very rare.  Ordinary people do not know of it. The old man had to go to great effort to get enough to create the basement room.

  The role of this stone is to enhance the transition between day and night and any strange atmosphere that could occur at that time.

  Yi Ti sat on the futon just as the old man had in the past.  She put herself in the “five hearts pointed to heaven” posture.  This posture according to Xuan Hu, was the legendary cross-legged meditating position.  Yi Ti sat with her legs folded, left foot on top of right thigh and right foot on left thigh.  The souls of the feet pointed to the sky.  Then she placed her hands on top of her knees palms up.  This was four of the five “hearts”.  Finally, was the Baihui, which was called “heart center” to act as the fifth heart.  

* Baihui is an acupuncture point at the very top of the head.

  This position was actually a test of the body’s flexibility  because it wasn’t a problem to hold for a short time.  But, the meditation was a form of Shui Gong (sleeping meditation) and over a long period, it would cause agony.  Luckily, Yi Ti found that after going through the marrow cleansing, her body’s flexibility had greatly increased.  It increased so much that she was able to assume the posture with no awkwardness and in fact felt the posture was quite natural and comfortable.

  She slowly closed her eyes and softened her breath.  Slowly she emptied her thoughts and let her heart settle down.

  The stone chamber was a special environment.  It was quiet and cold with a deep sense of calm.  After spending some time in there, a person’s sense of distance would blur making it feel like they were in a vast space surrounded by darkness.  It was as if the world were not there and was fuzzy and vague.  The feeling was very hard to describe.

  And people, in this silent chaos, would quietly sleep.

  Until –

  A piercing light!

  Like someone waving an ax. A chaotic moment of fragmentation!

  This is like the beginning of the world when the first light appeared, completely illuminating the whole human mind.

  There was no need for Yi Ti to deliberately think about what to do.  She had long engraved the text the old man left behind into her mind.  Her body automatically knew what to do.

  The so-called “Tuona”, as the name suggests, is to take in the new. It is said that by constantly learning to breathe, spitting out dead air, you can live forever. Simply breathe in the air to fill the abdomen and exhale when feeling light headed.  Repeat.  The old man had left Yi Ti this method of breathing and it was undoubtedly clever.  She could already feel strands of white Aura that were scattered around her being drawn into her body with each breath.  It entered her body at the dantian and small bits of it scattered to various other parts of her body improving everywhere it touched.

  And at this time the aura she was taking in and other auras were not the same.  This aura contained a trace of “rawness” to it which was particularly important for  spiritual division masters.  By perceiving the “rawness” of the energy, one could gain infinite benefits.

  When the sun had risen completely, the strange atmosphere of the stone chamber completely disappeared.

  Yi Ti slowly opened her eyes. No doubt, she had succeeded.

  As if she were a child with a new toy, Yi Ti could not wait to go into the space. She left directly to go dig in the drug field as if looking for a present.  She found an herb that seemed most pleasing to the eye.  Taking a deep breath, she stretched out her right according to the instructions in one of the books.  After a moment, a light green drop of essence emerged from her forefinger.  She carefully dropped it over the herb.

  Yes, she could extract the medicinal properties of these plants containing aura, but she can also use her own essence liquid to promote their growth. Others people, even if one was also a spiritual divine master, wouldn’t be able to have this ability.  No talent is no talent.  However, given Yi Ti’s current level, she was only able to condense five or six drops of essence before her dantian was drained and she had to wait for dawn to breathe more in.

  She stared at the herb, expecting a miracle.

  Ten seconds …

  Twenty seconds …

  One minute……

  ”Nothing at all?”

  This is impossible!

  Yi Ti couldn’t believe the magic was bad.  She decided to drop another drop of essence.  This time, there seemed to be a slight reaction. The originally very tight flower buds slightly opened!

  Add another drop.

  Then open a little.

  Another drop.

  Continue to open a little.

  Yi Ti: “… …” Who said this was a miracle?

  Wait a minute….

  She had thought of something and so returned to reality and directly went out to the yard.  Randomly, she chose one of the rose bushes and dripped one drop of essence on it.  Then, the miracle she had been expecting actually happened!

  This rose, named “Spectrum”, in the morning breeze pleasantly stretched out its body.  It suddenly began sprouting branches, on the green branches, one by one, buds emerged and burst into fully grown leaves.  It happened almost too fast for the eye to see.

  At that moment, Yi Ti could almost hear a “pop” as numerous flowers burst into full bloom in front of her eyes. Some were yellow, others pink, and some even had two or three colors.  They were beautiful!  Then the breeze hit and it sent the fragrance of the roses into the air.

  A voice behind Yi Ti said, “The earth is really an incredible place. It’s obvious the level of civilization is not high, but it has this strange power.” Although the universe also has many technologies that can do this, those flowers would never have such strong vitality.  It was precisely because of these “spiritual master” that such plants can be grown without a trace of impurities. Here, even without the technology, people could make it happen easily.

  The voice behind her brought Yi Ti back from being stunned as she stared at the flowers in front of her, and replied with feeling, “Yes ah.” What was so incredible was not just the rapid growth of the rose bush, but she could feel the rose giving off a sense of joy and gratitude.

  Although the term “plant is also alive” has always been accepted, it was now more evident than at any time in the past.

  Yi Ti also wanted to understand, why in the cave there was not such a miracle from the spiritual liquid.  Then she realized it was because the space had been accustomed to the presence of the Aura that was concentrated in the liquid. In short, to a person who has never known hunger, a piece of meat is nothing; on the contrary, to a starving person, meat is a precious gift.

  Things were that simple.

  In the final analysis, it was better to not give the liquid Essence to the cave plants because a lot had very little effect.

  But …

  Yi Ti looked again at the rose she “fed”.  From the original height of her chest, it had grown now two or three heads taller than her and had become two or three times bigger around.  Thinking to herself she realized she had to be more careful about how she used the Essence.  Otherwise, soon the back yard would look like a jungle!

  However, there were many other plants and only giving Essence to the “Spectrum” rose seemed a bit unfair.

  And so, Yi Ti dropped a drop of Essence into a large watering can and added water.  Then a very happy Yi Ti and Cecil together went to each plant in the yard and the flowers in the shop and watered them.  After dilution, the role of the Essence wasn’t nearly so grand.  At most, these plants now looked particularly green and bright. Just looking at them made  people feel comfortable in their heart.

  Yi Ti could feel the gratefulness coming from the plants.

  ”They look very dynamic.”


  ”Yes, now…”

  ”Yes,” Yi Ti bent down to the ground by the melted jelly star and held out of a finger, “Cecil, now I should be able to help you get more energy right?”

  Cecil with a tentacle wrapped around Yi Ti’s fingers, carefully felt her hand and said: “Should be no problem.”

  ”Um, how should I do it?”

  ”I’ll give you a present.”

  ”Give me?” Yi Ti was stunned, then smiled, “Although I’m a bit embarrassed, but I am looking forward to.” She bent down and picking up Cecil, took him from the yard back to the house.

  Cecil used some of the little energy he had left to open his own space storage equipment and removed from the inside a silver rectangle. After closing the space he became even softer but still insisted on pushing the silver rectangle toward Yi Ti with a tentacle.

  Yi Ti, with some curiosity, picked up the object and carefully observed it for a moment. “This is what you wanted to give me? What is it?” All of the sides were smooth and shiny.  How could this be anything other than a common rectangular bar??

  Immediately, Cecil explained. “This item is a bit-plane trader. Using it, you can easily access any of the galaxies in the universe to trade.”

  ”This is too precious,” Yi Ti said after hearing that.  She put the silver block back next to the pudding star and solemnly shook her head, “I can not accept.”

  ”With it, you can help me get energy bars.”

  ”But …”

  ”I do not have enough energy left to trade.”

  ”That … …” She thought, so saying, “Ok.  But I’m only borrowing it.  After you recover I’ll give it back to you.” However, “How do you use this?” Yi Ti was looking forward to using her first galactic piece of technology.  She was very excited.

  ”Put the energy of your body into it, leaving a mark on it.”

  Yi Ti, in accordance with Cecil’s words and actions, began to carefully transfer Aura into the silver cuboid. When it reached a certain amount, the cuboid suddenly floated up from her hands and stayed in the air.

  At the same time, a huge window about the size of a projection screen appeared in front of her.  On the window were three lines of text in a language Yi Ti had no clue about.  For the first time in her life, she felt a tragicly illiterate.

  Yi Ti looked to Cecil for help: “I can’t read the words, how can I use this?” What was the deal ah?

  ”The message that appears on the trader is only visible to the contractor,” he replied, “but the text should be in Universal.  Since Earth has no contact of the low level of civilization you can’t read it.  You’re language however should be included.”

  ”and so?”

  ”To initially set the language, you point to the second line.”

  Yi Ti pointed to the text on the second line. A moment later, it really adjusted the language of the transaction into Chinese. She was relieved: “Ah good.” But, she was still unsure about what she was doing so she looked around the “window” and found a button that said “turn on public mode”.  Yi Ti pushed that button and now in addition to her, others could see the contents of the screen.

  ”I came to find … …” She reached out and directly under the search bar, selected the voice input method, and said squarely “energy bar”. A row of trade-able goods instantly appeared in front of her.  Looking at the price, she suddenly remembered one thing. “Hey, can I pay in Renminbi?” (TL/N Chinese currency)

  Cecil: “… …” he shook his head.

  ”……alright, I got it.”

  This was just perfect!

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