Chapter 8.2

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Well hello there, sorry for going MIA for a few days, you can blame my new iPad and iPencil for that problem. I had taken a month off for exams from karate and now I must go back so chapter may be irregular for a while until i can get into a good pace. You can also blame the awful subject Chemistry which I am now suffering in the deepest hells, I suck at math therefore I probably will suck at chemistry rip me.

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Yesterday she did not find anything strange about the comment, however this time she had seen the person behind the username, Ah Yao could not help but shudder, there really was… such a big difference ah!

Xiao Xi had posted her photo on the internet with a caption that said “Mo Zhen really does like fruit pudding ah, here are pictures to show the truth,”

She did not wait for other people to respond when she had finished posting. Instead, she put the food that was on the ground neatly in the refrigerator and quickly hopped up to the second floor.

Ah Yao frowned, the second floor was Mo Zhen’s own private living space, outsiders were not allowed to enter it casually.

She followed Xiao Xi to the second floor, who went straight into Mo Zhen’s bedroom. Opening the door of the closet, Xiao Xi took out a pair of pajamas and gave it a deep satisfied sniff…

Ah Yao felt shivers going down her spine! * How strange ah!

Xiao Xi sniffed contently for a while and finally put the pajamas back where they were before, and then jumped into Mo Zhen’s bed.

With Mo Zhen’s quilt in her arms, Xiao Xi looked quite intoxicated as she cried out Mo Zhen’s name.

When Ah Yao saw this scene, she could feel all of the hairs on her body rising, this was a very unusual thing to see! Just as she was about to attack, Xiao Xi suddenly sat up in the bed, rummaged in her bag for a while; she then finally pulled out a small item and began to grope under the bed. Ah Yao curiously drifted a little closer, but when she saw what Xiao Xi was doing, she was horrified- Xiao Xi was installing a bug!

When Xiao Xi was finally finished installing the bug, she walked into the bathroom connected to Mo Zhen’s bedroom and scanned the surroundings for a very long until she finally found a suitable location and placed the object in her hands there . Ah Yao drifting past carefully studied the object for a while, and finally concluded – it was a mini Camera!

This was really … … FML! Mental patients should stay home and recuperate. Do not go out okay!

Ah Yao felt her chest tighten with anger and injustice, but she didn’t have any better idea than to turn on the bathroom shower. The cold water sprayed heavily out of the shower head, scaring Xiao Xi who screamed in shock, “What is happening?!”

Xiao Xi quickly attempted to turn of the shower, but when she had thought she had turned it off, the water once again came pouring from the shower head!

“AH -” Xiao Xi was scared to death, screaming as she ran out of the bathroom. She rushed all the way to the first floor, went straight to the front door, but no matter how much she tried to turn the door knob, the door knob would not budge.

“What the hell is going on?!”  Xiao Xi’s face quickly turned pale, her two hands grabbed and pulled at the door knob, but there was still no response.

A “Woo” sound was heard from the living room, the TV flashed a bright white and then immediately turned off. The sudden noise had scared Xiao Xi so much that her legs gave away and she fell straight onto the floor.

The head of the lamp suddenly flashed up, flickering, the electric current in the lightbulb could be heard zapping loudly. The windows also creaked, yelling and shouting; opening and closing in succession.

“Ah —” Xiao Xi held her head and screamed, struggling to climb up from the ground, she then turned to open the door once again. But when she had tried to open the door, there was a sound of the computer turning on, and the “Pang Pang” noise of the keyboard clattering echoed in the quiet room.

“I want to die so badly …”

The six blood red characters appeared one by one on the computer screen, Xiao Xi’s eyes immediately widened, her mouth hung open, but no sound would come out.

A footprint appears abruptly on the floor with thick water vapor. Followed by the second, third pair of footprints from the computer has been extended to the door, and was appearing to be walking towards Xiao Xi.

“Ah ——” Xiao Xi finally cried out, sweat formed on her forehead as her face was as white as a sheet of paper.

Watching the footprints stopping in front of her, Xiao Xi’s back was covered in sweat.

That thing, had come in front of her.


Drops of cold water dripped down the side of Xiao Xi’s face, streaming down her neck and slipped into her collar.

“Help, help ah —-” Xiao Xi frantically climbed up from the ground, desperately turning the door. When the card was swipe, the door without warning had finally opened, Xiao Xi directly rush outside and fell to the floor in shock.

Enduring the pain she felt on her entire body, Xiao Xi struggled and finally stood up, she then ran as fast as she could outside and screamed “Help ah !!”

Ah Yao looked away Xiao Xi’s back, the way she was running and screaming – did she look crazy enough to be admitted to a mental hospital?

Ah, I can only help you up to here, annoying woman.



time to exorcise my home for any vengeful ghosts. also devoted fans are scary.

ghosts are scary.

school is scary.

time to hibernate.


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