Chapter 8.1

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GUESS WHO’S BACK!!! Ah the horror of exams is finally over, let us pray for my biology mark that may be suffering in the deep depths of hell. In the 2 weeks I was gone, I read way too many novels again including 1000 chapters of Good Morning Mr. President, the whole 100 something chapters of Memory Lost and you don’t even want to know what other novels i wasted my time on, cried my poor soul at the last chapter of my favourite manga, cried my eyes out at the endings of 5 chinese historical dramas, watched Descendants of the Sun for the 1000th time, cursed at Angela Baby in the General and I, and am hooked on the korean drama, weightlifting fairy.

And also sigh, have reaffirmed my love for male characters with the character Mo in their name, Mo Zhen, Mo Qiancheng from Really Really Miss You- which is my all time fav novel and finally, Xu Mo Ting from Best To Have Met You.

Also watched Hu Ge and Wang Kai sing at the Spring Banquet and cried a little b/c NIRVANA IN FIRE.

so here you go 🙂






Tang Qiang chuckled, looking at Mo Zhen he said: “Xiao Xi has just graduated from college not too long ago, but she has some experience in this area. She used to be Antoine’s assistant, and completely understands the rules and everything, she is very competent at house cleaning and is absolutely capable of this job.” Of course, the premise was that she had to endure Mo Zhen’s occasional tempers.

Seeing Mo Zhen hesitating his approval, Xiao Xi quickly said to Mo Zhen: “Emperor Mo, ever since I was young I have been known as a genius chef, even the aroma of my dishes can spread up to ten miles, they are truly second to none!”

Mo Zhen: “… …” Well, this could be temporarily considered as a merit.

Mo Zhen nodded, and finally agreed, Xiao Xi immediately smiled and Tang Qiang was also slightly relieved. These days, he was extremely busy and did not have any time to accompany Mo Zhen, now that he had Xiao Xi, he was rest assured.

The crew passing by greeted Mo Zhen and Tang Qiang. Tang Qiang glanced at Xiao Xi beside him; Xiao Xi was looking at Mo Zhen’s Bentley intently, the eyes that stared at the door of the Bentley made Tang Qiang raise his eyebrows, “Yesterday I told you about the preferences of Mo Zhen and his requests, do you remember? ”

“Do not worry, Senior Dong, I remember very well!” Xiao Xi nodded heavily.

“That’s good, Mo Zhen does not like others inquiring about his *, maintain a proper distance, and be careful to not cross the line.”

“I know Senior Dong!”

“Then you go to take a break, come and call us when you are ready.” Tang Qiang patted Xiao Xi’s shoulder, and walked to the parked Bentley.

Ah Yao flew around the area in two laps, and followed Tang Qiang’s car as she drifted along.

The car had a small TV that was currently broadcasting the news, Mo Zhen had a hand under his chin and silently stared at the small screen.

Tang Qiang glanced at the TV, sitting beside Mo Zhen, he asked, “When did you become so interested in the news?”

Mo Zhen remained motionless, even his eyelids did not move an inch, “Since yesterday.”

Tang Qiang: “… …”

Pulling out a few newspapers from the car compartment, Tang Qiang handed them to Mo Zhen, “Here’s today’s newspaper, I told Xiao Xi to get them, do you want it?”

Mo Zhen looked down at the stack of newspapers, “You can put it away, I’ll look at it when I get back.”

Tang Qiang put down the newspaper, and asked: “What do you think of  Xiao Xi?”

“She’s okay, I’ve only seen one side of her so it’s hard to determine anything.” When the TV morning news broadcast was over, Mo Zhen turned off the TV and picked up the script.

Tang Qiang sighed, and from the car dug out a bunch of food, “Did you eat breakfast?”

Ah Yao: “…”

This Tang Qiang, was his alias a little Ding Dong bell?  (No idea what this really means but, Ding Dong is referring to the tinkering of a bell)

Mo Zhen had obviously long been accustomed to his behavior, he stared at the script and shook his head, “I’ve already eaten.”

Tang Qiang raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Which wind is blowing today, to even make Emperor Mo diligently cook his own food?”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

“It was me, I did it!” Ah Yao leaned over beside Tang Qiang, desperately claiming her own hard work.

Tang Qiang unknowingly ignored her, it was only when Tang Qiang was distracted, that Mo Zhen sent Ah Yao a warning gaze.

Ah Yao’s mouth flattened into a straight line and quietly drifted back to where she was floating before.

In the next few days, Ah Yao continued to follow Mo Zhen daily to the studio, Xiao Xi will diligently deliver breakfast and lunch and dinner, those three meals everyday to Mo Zhen, in addition to the meal to eat lunch box, the other two meals were handmade by Xiao Xi.

When Ah Yao saw Xiao’s handmade food, the color and flavor of it really looked like it came from a genius chef. Xiao Xi was very clever and hardworking, and most of all, she could endure the occasional temper of Emperor Mo without any complaints.

Tang Qiang was very satisfied, it looked like Xiao Xi would be able to continue being Mo Zhen’s assistant for at least a month, which was in reality a record high during these previous years.

But Ah Yao had always felt that there was something very strange about Xiao Xi, but no matter how much she tried, she could not think of why she found Xiao Xi strange. Though she did occasionally throw worshipping glances to Emperor Mo, Xiao Xi’s work, nevertheless, could be described as impeccable.

Yes, it was her gaze that was a little strange, it was not obvious, but Ah Yao was a ghost and she could always see things other people could not.

Xiao Xi inadvertently had revealed her true motive in her eyes, making Ah Yao feel a little uncomfortable.

As “God Forbidden Zone 3” shooting was gradually getting on the right track, Mo Zhen had recently been even more busy and the closing time was getting late. Xiao Xi will always leave the studio two hours in advance everyday, go to the Mo Zhen’s house to cook the meals, and when Mo Zhen came back later, she would give the keys back to him.

Since Mo Zhen was in the studio filming all day, Ah Yao followed Xiao Xi around closely. These days, Tang Qiang did not come to the studio very often, and it was obvious that he was relieved that his workload had lessened.

The phone rang from the other side, Xiao Xi ran over to pick up a small cell phone, when she saw it was Tang Qiang calling, she answered “Senior Dong, what happened?

“Mo Zhen bought some things from the internet and sent it to my house, you go and drop it off at his house.” It was very noisy on Tang Qiang’s side, a mixture of car horns blended into the background noise, “I have to rush to the company right now, but there should be security downstairs and if you give them my name and phone number, they’ll give you the parcel. ”

“Okay.” Xiao Xi nodded and put down the phone when she heard Tang Qiang complaining about Mo Zhen’s habit of buying junk food.

Xiao Xi glanced at Mo Zhen who was currently in a scene, said a few words to the crew members standing beside her and opened the door to the Bentley. Ah Yao hesitated for a moment, and decided to follow Xiao Xi.

Mo Zhen glanced at the back of the floating Ah Yao, the director shouted a cut and scolded, “Emperor Mo, the eyes are wrong.”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

Even though ten years had passed, Cui Director still had fire in his eyes.

Xiao Xi drove the car to the apartment where Tang Qiang lived, asked the security for the package and returned to drive to Mo Zhen’s house.

There were several packages, but the packaging made it obvious that the contents were food. Xiao Xi opened the small parcel and took some of the things inside out. When she saw the dozens of flavours of ice cream pudding, she shockingly laughed, ” Mo Zhen really does like to eat fruit pudding ah, ha ha ha ha ha.”

Ah Yao found her laugh to be very creepy, this Xiao Xi really did have a problem with her head!

Xiao-Xi took out her phone and shot a few photos of the parcel, and opened the forum on Mo Zhen.

Ah Yao drifted behind her and silently peeped at her screen. Ah Yao saw a glimpse of the “My belly is full of hazel” user name and subconsciously shivered.

When she was on the forum yesterday, this was the ID that asked her if Mo Zhen really liked to eat fruit pudding.





the moment when all you are worried about is that BENTLEY, MO ZHEN WHY YOU TRUST SOMEONE WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL CAR. I get angry when I think about Xiao Xi could crash that beautiful Bentley.

also xiao xi and I don’t share the same name thank the lord, my Xi is the japanese Xi, 茜, which the majority of Chinese people cannot recognize. It also means angry child according to wikepedia, sigh thanks mum and dad.


Also may have a surprise for you guys, if everything goes well 🙂 smirk smirk


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