Chapter 79 – Horse Gone Mad

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It was still very early and the streets outside the city were very quiet. Murong Ye and the others were advancing on their horses with great speed.


Murong Ye looked at Murong Xue who was riding beside him, his face full of surprise: “Sister, your horse riding skills are really good, who did you learn it from?”


“You can say I learned how to ride from the guards. I saw how majestic they were when they were horse riding and tried it myself a few times. Not long after that, I mastered it.” Murong Xue looked for an appropriate reason to cover up. As the heir of the Murong family in the 21st century, horseback-riding classes are a must. She had managed to pass the class with flying colours.


“So you just rode a few times and you mastered it? Sister, you are such a pro!” Murong Ye praised with genuine admiration, “I had learned it from Uncle Hui. I could only manage to make the horse run 2 rounds after half a month of teaching……”


Murong Xue feigned a smile, “It was because you were still young at that time so you were slower in picking up things. I had only learned how to ride a year before. I was much older then, so that’s why I could pick up things faster…”


Murong Ye’s eyes shone with understanding, “You are right, if I practise more, my horse riding speed would increase immensely…”


“Quit talking so much nonsense! Murong Ye, since your horse riding skills are quite decent, why don’t we have a little competition?” Murong Ji impatiently interrupted, his eyes shining with provocation.


Murong Ye’s expression became downcast and spoke glumly, “This is my first day going to the army camp, I don’t think I should. Maybe we’ll compete next time when we’re free.”


Murong Ji snickered, “We are riding to the camp. Ifwe compete, it will only make the horses run faster which will make us reach our destination earlier. I think you’re just scared of losing.”


Murong Ye flushed red with anger, “Who’s scared of losing?! Let’s compete then!”


He then slapped his horse’s neck sharply and the horse sped up. In a blink of an eye, he had abandoned the group behind.


Looking at Murong Ye and Murong Ji’s disappearing silhouettes, Murong Xue shook her head: Murong Ji is Murong Jian’s son. No doubt in the future, Murong Jian will help his son deal with Murong Ye.


But Murong Ye was simple-minded. Just because Murong Ji had angered him, he immediately agreed to a horse race. The current Murong Ye wasn’t a worthy opponent for Murong Jian and his son. He needed to endure hardships and be trained, only in that way can he grow to be stronger.


“Horse, where are you going?!” a frantic shout bore into the ears of all. Murong Xue jolted to her senses and looked towards the direction of the shout. Murong Ye’s horse had gone mad and was accelerating down the road with impeccable speed. Murong Ye was like a fly clinging onto the horse, going through bumpy roads…


Murong Xue squinted her eyes with suspicion, “What is going on?”


“There’s something wrong with the horse! I’m going to save young master!” Ge Hui said, and with a whip the horse dashed towards Murong Ye.


“I’ll go rescue him too!” Murong Jian shouted. He too whipped his horse and sped towards Murong Ye. His eyes held a sinister gleam. Even though it disappeared in an instant, Murong Xue had seen it. Her mouth curled into a smirk.


She had thought that he would wait till he was safely rooted in the Zhen Country Palace before slowly unfolding his plan to acquire the position as heir, that is – killing Murong Ye.

Who knew that he had boldly made his move on the second day of his return! Moreover, he was going to do it in public! He really was daring and desperate to acquire the position of heir!


“Miss Murong, where are you going?” a deep voice asked.


Murong Xue looked over and saw Cai Jin riding behind her. She frowned and replied in an irritated tone, “To save my brother, of course!”


Cai Jin smiled with patience and said, “Miss Murong, the road ahead is very bumpy. You have just learned how to ride a horse, don’t risk your life trying to save your brother. Master and Ge Hui are already onto the task, they can surely bring your brother back safely.”


“I would’ve saved my brother by now if you hadn’t spouted so much nonsense!” Murong Xue coldly responded and sped up towards Murong Ye.


Cai Jin squinted and his eyes gleamed. He then whipped his horse and it sped up beside Murong Xue. When they were side-by-side, he tried to snatch Murong Xue’s horse reins!


Murong Xue saw it coming and slapped his hand away. She gazed coldly at him, “What do you think you’re doing?”


Cai Jin’s hand was slapped red and was slightly swollen. But still, he kept a friendly demeanor, “Master had commanded me to keep you safe, he doesn’t want you to risk your life……”


Murong Jian had wanted him to stop Murong Xue from interfering his plan!


“This is my business, stay out of it! Get lost!” Murong Xue whipped Cai Jin’s horse which forced him to stay behind. She then used that chance to tighten her grip on her reins and continued to speed up to catch up with Murong Ye.


In the distance, Murong Ye’s horse was advancing faster and faster. The horse was going mad!


Murong Jian and Ge Hui were still chasing after him. Murong Jian had reached him first. He held out his hand and shouted, “Ye, your horse has gone mad! Quick, grab my hand!”


“Alright!” Murong Ye replied, his head was dizzy from the ride. He leaned forward to grab Murong Jian’s hand. Just when he touched his uncle’s fingertips, Murong Jian retracted his hand. Seeing that most of Murong Ye’s body was in mid-air, he had purposely done so. Murong Ye’s body weight pressed him forward and he nearly fell off.


It had caught him unguarded and he was now clinging upside down on the horse’s stomach. He could fall off anytime!


“Young master!” Ge Hui shouted in shock. He turned to look coldly at Murong Jian, “Please move aside, let me rescue him instead……..”


“Let’s not argue on this, I have better riding skills than you! I should be the one to rescue Ye!” Murong Jian interrupted him, vexed. He had placed his horse in between Murong Ye and Ge Hui, blocking Ge Hui from rescuing Murong Ye.


Ge Hui made several attempts to dash forward but Murong Jian blocked him every time. Ge Hui was unable to ride side-by-side with Murong Ye’s horse. His eyes were ablaze with anger: “Murong Jian, back off immediately!”


Murong Jian’s expression darkened. Looking straight at Ge Hui he said, “Ge Hui, you are just a slave of the Zhen Country Palace., Who gave you the guts to call me by my full name?!”


It was as if the mad horse had an endless energy reserve as it kept running. Murong Ye was still clinging desperately onto its stomach, swinging from each gallop. He might fall off anytime soon and that made Ge Hui desperate with worry. At last, he released an energy that slapped Murong Jian: “Step aside!”


“How dare you make a move on me, Ge Hui! Since you are so bold, I shall see what you can do!” Murong Jian’s eyes gleamed with malice and released an energy that hit Ge Hui. At that moment, the two started to fight…


Murong Xue laughed coldly inside. Murong Ye was clinging between life and death, and Murong Jian hadn’t planned on rescuing him. He even blocked Ge Hui from attempting. Now that they have begun fighting each other, Ge Hui will never be able to save Murong Ye. How clever! Even if Murong Ye died falling off his horse, Murong Jian will not be blamed.


But what a pity, he shall be let down. Ge Hui cannot save Murong Ye, but she can!

Murong Xue sped her horse to overtake Murong Jian and Ge Hui…

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