Chapter 78 – Murong Jian’s Evil Plan

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When darkness fell, the Yu Tang Court was filled with lights!

Madam Du had been seriously injured and was lying on a carved mahogany bed. Her whole body was wrapped with bandages, like a glutinous rice packet. Her face was speckled with green and purple bruises and her lips were very pale. Her eyelids fluttered as she began to open her eyes slowly. She looked at the familiar green bed canopy and felt like she was in a dream.


“Mother, you’re awake!” a familiar voice rung out that made her jolt to her senses. Slowly, she turned her head and was face-to-face with Murong Jian’s handsome face. Tears of joy formed: “Jian, you have finally returned!”


Murong Jian nodded and replied, “Your son has come home and will never leave again. Mother, how did you get hurt so badly?”


When Chou had arrived, Mother was already unconscious. The court’s maidservants were murmuring to themselves, he didn’t know what they were whispering about.


“It was because of Murong Xue, that disgusting girl. She had beaten me!”


Thinking how she had been mercilessly kicked by Murong Xue, Madam Du gritted her teeth with hate. She then proceeded to exaggerate the story of how it happened. At last, when she had finished, she cried out in anger, “Quick, command your guards to drag her here and punish her with force to avenge for me!”


In Murong Jian’s mind’s eye, Murong Xue’s beautiful, serene face floated into view. He squinted, “Murong Xue is very intelligent. If she dared to beat you up like that, she must have already prepared herself to face the consequences. If I commanded my guards to go over now, not only can we not punish her, we might also face a big loss.”


Step-grandmother hires assassins to kill step-granddaughter, step-granddaughter’s patience runs out and beats up step-grandmother. If this news were to be known by the public, Mother would be blamed and despised upon. Even if Murong Xue’s actions were worthy of scorn, most people would pity her and view her actions with understanding…..


“Then what should we do? We can’t just let her off like that!” Madam Du’s eyes were filled with hatred.


“Of course we won’t.” Murong Jian replied, his expression ruthless, “Your son has returned to Territory City, I have plenty of chances to punish Murong Xue, we don’t have to rush…….”


“Master!” Cai Jin called out softly to Murong Jian outside the door.


Murong Jian replied, “How did things go?”


“Your plan has been seen through by Miss Murong, those 6 crates of books were not placed in the study room………” Cai Jin whispered, sneaking a few glances at Murong Jian.


Murong Jian’s eyes squinted, Murong Xue wasn’t someone easy to deal with!


The act of placing those book crates into the study was just a small test. Its success meant opening the road for him to acquire the position of marquis. But it was also alright if it wasn’t successful. He had already returned; he had the time and stamina to deal with Murong Ye.


“Murong Xue, that terrible girl, is the cause of our downfall. She had caused your sister to be sent to prison, beaten me and even stands in your way in acquiring the position of heir to this palace. She really is horrible, if we do not remove her completely, my hatred for her will never diminish…..”


Madam Du was so furious that she accidentally strained her injuries. It was so excruciating that she sucked the cold air of relief. She hated Murong Xue from the bottom of her heart.


Murong Jian carefully moved her back to a more comfortable position and spoke softly, “Mother, you are injured badly, please rest well. I will deal with Murong Xue and Murong Ye.”


Madam Du’s eyes brightened and she looked at Murong Jian, “You have thought of a plan to deal with them?”


“Yes.” Murong Jian nodded, his eyes were cold with malice.


When daylight broke, Murong Xue woke up to prepare herself. After having a simple breakfast, she paced quickly out of her residence and followed the emerald path to the palace’s entrance.


Outside the palace, there were 5 horses, Murong Jian, Murong Ji, Murong Ye, Ge Hui and Cai Jin. They were each holding the rein of their own horse.


The first person Murong Xue saw was Ge Hui. Because of the fact that he often went to the desert, he had shielded part of his face with a piece of cloth. He exuded a fierce, hostile aura that made people look at him with fear:


“Uncle Hui!”


Ge Hui looked up and saw Murong Xue. His eyes displayed surprise: “Miss Murong!”


Murong Jian looked at Murong Xue, he squinted, his eyes held shades of unknown emotion……


“Sister, why are you up so early?” Murong Ye was shocked.


In his memory, he had known Murong Xue to fear the cold greatly. If the sun had not risen, she would never get out of bed.


“I’m here to send you off to the army camp!” Murong Xue smiled.


Murong Jian had always coveted the position of heir to the palace, and he would try to kill Murong Ye at any time. Today, Murong Jian and Murong Ji were with Murong Ye, even if Ge Hui was accompanying them, she still didn’t feel safe enough.


Murong Ye looked at Murong Xue, lightly raising his brow, “It is still very early now and it’s very cold. Your body is weak, if you were to ride with us, your attacks will happen again….”


Murong Xue ignored that and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not a spoiled brat……..”


“If you two want to show your sibling concern for each other, please find an appropriate time. The army camp has its own rules, women are not allowed inside. If you dare to step foot in there, they will immediately throw you out!” Murong Ji raised a brow at Murong Xue, challenging and ridiculing her.


Murong Xue glared at him.


“I wasn’t planning on entering the army camp at all. I just want to send my brother to its gates, then I will return.”


Her taunt bore in Murong Ji’s ears and his face flushed red with embarrassment. His eyes swept from side to side. Outraged, he replied, “The journey to the camp is long, our horses cannot be ridden by more than two people, can you ride a horse?”


“As a member of the Murong family, how can I not know how to ride a horse? I have even prepared my own horse.” Murong Xue casually said.


Inside the palace, there was a servant holding a chestnut horse walking towards them. The horse had bright eyes. One look at it, one would know that it was a fine horse.


Murong Xue took the reins from the servant and heaved herself up the horse. Her action was so smooth that it was a surprise for all.


“It’s getting late, let’s go!” Murong Xue smiled and with a gentle prompt, the horse sped ahead like an arrow.


“Wait for me, sister!” Murong Ye exclaimed happily. He quickly saddled onto his horse and sped ahead to catch up with her.


Ge Hui too saddled on his horse and rode towards them.


Looking at the 3 quickly disappearing silhouettes, Cai Jin squinted, “Master, what should we do?”


Murong Jian was silent for a moment. Then he spoke in a low tone, “Stick to the plan!”


Murong Xue was just intelligent but she didn’t have any martial arts skills. She wouldn’t be prepared for a physical attack. He had thought of this plan the whole night, he couldn’t abort it just because Murong Xue was here.


“Yes master!” Cai Jin nodded gravely.


They all mounted their horses and started towards Murong Xue, Murong Ye and Ge Hui.
The sky was starting to brighten as 6 horses were seen galloping in the quiet streets of the city. A sinister plan was beginning to unfold…

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