Chapter 77 – First Clash

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Murong Jian’s gaze turned fierce and he looked at Murong Xue, “Xue, what did you do?”


“I have had many fights with step grandmother, every time when she’s angry, she will curse me in her sleep.” Murong Xue replied as a matter-of-a-factly.


The passers-by looked at her with pity. They lived under the same roof, it was impossible to not have any conflict. Madam Du should just reveal her dissatisfactions of her in person instead of cursing her in her sleep. What a petty old woman she is!


Murong Jian’s face darkened to a murderous shade, he asked, “Your step grandmother wasn’t beaten by you?”


“If I said no, would you believe?” Murong Xue looked at his side-eyed, her expression full of scorn, “If you do not believe me, why would you ask me again? Why don’t you wait till step grandmother is awake to question her, then you would know the truth!”


Murong Xue looked innocent, which puzzled Murong Jian greatly. He then turned and walked towards the Zhen Country Palace.


The wind carried his icy command, “Go to the government official’s building and tell them that the Zhen Country Palace’s owner has been beaten very badly, ask Lin to arrest the culprit…..”


Murong Xue snickered, he had said that to frighten her. But no matter, if Du were to name her guilty, she would tell the truth of Du hiring assassins to kill her. In the end, she would be the one in more trouble!


Du was hurt in the early morning but she was discovered in the evening of the same day, Murong Xue estimated that she wouldn’t die. It was true that evil people lived longer than good people, she was the ultimate proof…….


“Sister!” Murong Ye cried out, his eyes were filled with worry and surprise: Step grandmother had always disliked them both, she often gave his sister trouble. It was possible that his sister had been angered to the point that she had beaten her……..


Murong Xue replied casually, “Don’t worry, I will be alright…”


“Are you really twins? Why do you not look alike at all?” Murong Ji looked at Murong Xue with an air of arrogance and then turned to look at Murong Ye, mocking them.


Murong Xue’s expression darkened. She was in no mood to talk to Murong Ji but he was like a plaster, glued to them. Since he was so annoying and pompous, Murong Xue needn’t be polite to him either: “One of us looks like our dad, the other looks like our mum, which is why we don’t look alike. Unlike you, you don’t really look like your dad or your mum……..”


Murong Ji’s face flushed with anger.


“I look like my uncle, haven’t you heard?”


“Oh, really? Everyone knows that the official’s eldest son died drowning, your 14 year-old self looks like him when he was 5, it’s amazing……” Murong Xue glanced at him in a scornful manner.


Murong Ji was ablaze with anger, “I look more like my grandfather…….uncle is my grandfather’s son………so of course he would look very much like my grandfather…..that is why I look like my uncle too…….”


Cai Jin coughed aloud a few times, interrupting their taunting, “Young master, Madam is very badly injured, it will be good if you went to visit her too.”


“Alright, let’s go. Ignore these 2 boring people!” Murong Ji turned smugly and walked towards the Zhen Country Palace.


“Brother, let’s go home too.” Murong Xue said: “Demons” and “monsters” had arrived at the palace, the 2 owners of it naturally should return to it too.


“Alright.” Murong Ye nodded.


“Where is Uncle Hui?” Murong Xue asked, looking around but she failed to spot him.


Uncle Hui had accompanied Murong Ye to the army camp. Since Murong Ye was here, he should have returned too.


“He has gone to prepare the necessities for joining the army.” Murong Ye answered.


Murong Xue nodded. Uncle Hui was from the army, he would know what a soldier needed……


As they slowly walked into the palace, Murong Xue saw over 10 men carrying about 6 crates to the study room. She frowned and said, “What are you guys doing?”


Cai Jin came up and answered, smiling at them, “Miss Murong, the crates are filled with books. My master, your uncle, had commanded me to place them in the study, which makes it convenient for your brother to read them…….”


“Thank you for the kindness uncle has shown but the study has enough books in it. My brother will never finish reading them. These books are uncle’s personal collection, they must be very valuable, have them placed in his own study room instead.”


Murong Ye was going to the army. He would rarely return home in the span of 3 to 5 years, he certainly wouldn’t be here to read all those books. This was just an excuse for Murong Jian to go in and out of the study whenever he wished. As time passes, people would think the study room belonged to him.


He could have snatched away the study room without even creating a conflict, moreover, changing his identity in the hearts of many as the master of the palace. Murong Jian was indeed devious!


Cai Jin argued, “They are all the study rooms of this palace, wouldn’t it be the same…….”


“It is not the same at all!” Murong Xue answered untactfully, “This study room belongs to the owner of this palace. Ordinary people cannot simply enter the room. The current heir to this palace is Murong Ye, this room can only be accessible to him. Uncle is an elder but he is not the heir of this palace, he cannot enter and exit the room as he wishes. It will also be inappropriate to place his belongings there too.”


Murong Xue looked side-eyed at Cai Jin, “I still remember when my grandfather was still alive, you had already worked at our palace. My grandfather was the one who set this rule, surely you remember?”


Cai Jin’s wrinkled face flushed with embarrassment. She really was smart, she had only argued awhile and her statements had already forced him to silence.


“All the shelves in Master’s study room are already full, there isn’t enough space to put more…….”


“Then he can expand his study room and put more shelves in it. The Murong family will never mistreat its descendants, but its descendants must be aware that there is order in this palace. One cannot simply take ownership of something which is not his……”


The last sentence was spoken with great emphasis. Murong Xue’s clear voice had pierced into the heart of Cai Jin.


“I will remember your advice, Miss Murong!”


Murong Xue nodded, “Have these crates of books moved to uncle’s study. This is the study room for the heir of the palace, don’t mess up the place. If you happened to meet uncle, I don’t mind you telling him what I just said!”


Cai Jin gave a polite laugh but his eyes showed otherwise: Miss Murong was not a simpleton. Even if master wanted to steal the ownership of this palace, he will face many difficulties!


Cai Jin then disappeared with the excuse that he was going to tend to some other errands. Murong Ye looked at Murong Xue with admiration and a sense of impress, “Sister, you are really smart!”


When he saw the crates of books, he knew the purpose of Murong Jian’s action but he didn’t know how to stop it. But now, his sister had accomplished it for him.


Murong Xue smiled, “This is a small matter. It’s already dark, go have your meal and rest up. Tomorrow you need to wake up early to go to the army, don’t be late.”


“I know. Then I’ll be off to my room now, you go get some rest too!” Murong Ye nodded his head gravely. He then followed the emerald path back to his residence.


Murong Xue looked at the Yu Tang Court. The corner of her mouth curled into a smirk: Du had had medical treatment, she should almost be waking up now. If she didn’t guess wrong, the first thing Du would do is to exaggerate the story of how she was beaten up, pointing the blame at Murong Xue, asking him to punish Murong Xue and avenge for her………


Oh well, Du can do what she likes, she will just place her own soldiers outside to protect her……

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