Chapter 76 – First encounter with Murong Jian

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“Oh, so you are Murong Xue!” Murong Ji swept his gaze up and down Murong Xue, his eyes were filled with contempt and sarcasm, “Rough, unreasonable – pretty much how my mother described to you. You are a shame for the Murong family!”


Murong Xue laughed coldly. She indeed did not get along with Du, her son or even her grandson. Since Murong Ji was very ill-mannered towards her, she wouldn’t treat him politely either.


“You are arrogant, despotic and a show-off, it’s like your eyes grew on top of your head! How had your parents even brought you up? You are the one who truly brings shame to the Murong family!”


Murong Ji gave a disagreeable hmmph, “I wasn’t the one abandoned by your future husband, I have nothing worthy of public shame!”


“You were domineering the streets, riding on your horse – that act itself is intrusive and rude! Do you not have any manners! But you should be lucky that you met me, if it were other princes or rich families, you would’ve been beaten and sent to prison, how could you still be here standing mocking me?” Murong Xue looked at him scornfully.


Murong Ji’s expression immediately darkened and he glared at Murong Xue, “Murong Xue, don’t you dare use your position as my older cousin to mock me, I don’t even recognize you as my cousin……”


Murong Xue responded with a hmmph, “Oh so you think I recognize you as my cousin? Your arrogant trait can only be tolerated in Jing Zhou, where your dad was working. But in Jing City, if you dare do anything unlawful, it will not be left unnoticed. If you want to die, please do not die here, get lost to some other city and don’t involve us…….”


Looking at Murong Xue’s stare which was filled with contempt, Murong Ji’s eyes were ablaze with anger. How dare she taunted and cursed him!


His hand clenched into a fist and was about to take a swing at Murong Xue when a man’s voice shouted, “Stop!”


Murong Xue looked towards the direction of the voice. She saw a middle-aged man walking towards them. He was wearing a long, green robe with bamboo patterns embroidered on it, a black cloth sashed onto his waist and high boots. He was well-built and handsome. He was none other than Murong Jian!


“I taught you to always be polite and tolerant. But you come back and wreck such a havoc, did you not listen to any of my teachings?!”


Murong Ji felt wronged, he pointed to Murong Xue and said, “Dad, she taunted me!”


“She is your older cousin, now that you have done something wrong, it is appropriate for her to lecture you. Quick, apologize!” MuRong Jian’s strict voice commanded his son.


Murong Ji hung his head low and had red-rimmed eyes but he did not apologize.


Murong Jian glared at him and turned to look at Murong Xue. Gently, he spoke, “Ji is still young and doesn’t know much yet, please don’t mind him!”


Looking at his seemingly sincere gaze, Murong Xue laughed coldly internally. Murong Jian was also riding a horse when returning to Jing City. He was a 30 year-old man. Obviously, he could ride a horse faster than his son. He reached his destination far earlier than Murong Ji. In fact, she knew he had been looking at the commotion from the crowd. Knowing that his son wouldn’t win this argument, he had interfered to get Murong Ji out of it. He is indeed a sly fox!


“Uncle, don’t you worry, I won’t associate with people who have no manners!” Murong Xue smiled, obviously ridiculing Murong Ji.


Murong Jian’s eyes held a shade of enigma before disappearing completely and looked kindly at Murong Xue, “How come you’re alone? Your brother, Ye, didn’t accompany you?”


Murong Xue smiled and said, “My brother, he……..”


“Sister, I’m back!” a cheerful cry rung out from the crowd and Murong Ye was seen running towards her. His black eyes were shining.


“Have you met General Zhang?” Murong Xue raised her brow at him.


“Yes.” Murong Ye nodded excitedly, “General Zhang looks fierce but he is a decent guy…….”


“General Zhang? Which General Zhang?” Murong Jian asked, stunned.


“He is the one outside the city……..” Murong Ye replied smiling.


He then looked at Murong Jian and was shocked, “Uncle, why have you returned?”


“It was ordered from the top, they had me placed back here……..” Murong Jian explained succinctly, his gaze never leaving Murong Ye, “Why have you gone to meet up with General Zhang?”


“It’s because I have decided to join the army… General Zhang has agreed to let me join, I’m here to pack up and I’ll officially join the army tomorrow morning….”


Murong Ye joining the army wasn’t something to hide, so he had plainly admitted it to his uncle.


Murong Jian nodded his head and said, “A mature man must have his own dreams, having plans to have it carried out is a good thing. However, you are very young, joining the army alone might be inappropriate. Why not let Ji join you too? You two could look out for each other.”


Murong Xue laughed coldly. Seeing how Murong Ji had treated her, she knew that the Murong Jian and his wife had instilled hate in Murong Ji that they were enemies with Murong Xue and Murong Ye. Murong Jian letting his son approach Murong Ye was purposeful and deliberate, nothing good could come out of that.


“Thank you for your kindness, uncle, but Murong Ji had just returned to Jing City. It must have been such a tiring journey, how can he not rest and join the army? That isn’t good for his health…..”


But Murong Jian wasn’t moved, “Boys aren’t meant to be spoiled. Joining the army can train yourself to be better. Ji and Ye are almost similar in age and are cousins. You two could join together, train together and grow together, it will be great…….. ”


Again, Murong Xue laughed coldly. Murong Jian had made it sound so beneficial to all but she knew what was good for Murong Jian and his family was bad for her and her brother.


“That army camp is led by General Zhang, whether Murong Ji gets to join or not, General Zhang gets to have the final say.”


“No matter, tomorrow morning I will personally send Ji to the camp to meet up with General Zhang.” Murong Jian said smiling, his eyes were shining with arrogance.


Murong Xue squinted with suspicion: Apparently, he already steeled his heart in letting Murong Ye and Murong Ji join the army together. He had just returned to Jing City and he was so eager to bond them together. What is he planning…..?


“Master……master…..something has happened!” a manservant was rushing towards them. He was panting heavily when he reached them.


Murong Jian raised his brow, his action was implying, “Why so nervous, what has happened?”


“It’s your mother, Madam has been so badly hurt that she has fainted……” the manservant replied panickily.


Murong Jian was shocked, “What happened? Wasn’t she okay, how can she get hurt so badly?”


The manservant shook his head, “I don’t know……just now your wife went to pay her respects to her and discovered her lying unconscious on the floor…her maidservant was hurt too…..”


Murong Jian’s eyes squinted with suspicion, “Have you called the doctor?” His mother and her maidservant, Grandma Guo, had been hurt at the same day, something sounded fishy…..


“Yes, we have. The madam said she was beaten by someone…….” The manservant took a cautious look at Murong Xue and his voice turned into a whisper, “Madam is still unconscious but she keeps cursing Miss Murong under her breath……”

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