Chapter 74 – Nonsense

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The first thing she saw when she woke up was the white robe in front of her, strong heartbeats were all she could hear, she felt streams of hot breath on her head and there was a muscular arm wrapped around her waist, Murong Xue knew who that was without even thinking.

She massaged her forehead and sat up, she looked at the hourglass beside her bed, it was already noon, she remembered she had slept in the morning, it had already been three hours.

“My lady, are you awake? Do you want to eat?” An Xiang asked when she heard the sound from the room.

It was past her eating hours and Murong Xue was starving. But Ou Yang was still sleeping soundly beside her, he was sick and injured and she did not want to disturb him as she was ready to order in the food. A muffling voice said, “bring it in!”

Murong Xue tensed up and looked over, Ou Yang had already opened his eyes before she even knew, she clenched her teeth, “When did you wake up?”

“Just now!” Ou Yang stood up and stretched himself, he then grabbed her into his chest and placed his jaw on her shoulders, “Did you sleep well?”

An ambiguous atmosphere surrounded them as he asked gently, Murong Xue glared and retorted, “very well!”

Ou Yang casted a glance at her and said, “your face is so pale and your eyes look tired, there are even dark circles beneath them, I don’t think you had a good rest…”

Murong Xue snapped, “I’m hungry, I’ll eat first, I will continue my sleep after I’m finished!” She freed herself from his hug and stepped down from her bed. An Xiang froze on her feet with food tray in her hands when she saw Murong Xue and Ou Yang were in the same bed.

Murong Xue’s blouse was slightly loosened, her hair was a mess and she was out of her breath. She looked like she was being bullied. While Ou Yang sat on the bed nonchalantly buttoning up his robe, she felt something sparked between them.

Ou Yang looked up at An Xiang, his eyes piercing as he stared at her, she shuddered and walked hastily to the table and laid down the food tray.

“My lady, sir, please enjoy your food, I shall leave now!” An Xiang stuttered, she rushed out immediately after her bow.

She thought Ou Yang had left when she brought in the tea and water during the dawn, she never expected that Ou yang was in fact sleeping in her lady’s room, and they slept together for three hours…

Ah… Ou Yang was a gentleman and very educated as well, he was perfect for her lady…

Murong Xue knew her steward had misunderstood them, she glared at Ou Yang, “why did you ask her to bring the food in? Now see what you’ve done, she saw us both on the bed, if this spread out, what should I do?”

“I will marry you, don’t care about what the others say!” Ou Yang looked intensely at Murong Xue, he was being serious about this.

Murong Xue almost choked on her drinks when she heard it, her face turned red and she could not stop coughing…

“What’s wrong?” Ou Yang wondered as he patted her back to ease her coughing.

“Nothing… nothing…” Murong Xue waved her hand nervously, she laughed and said, “An Xiang is my steward, she will not say a word about it, I was just joking about it earlier, don’t keep it in heart…”

She was just sulking because Ouyang had slept on her bed and cut off her sentences, she did not intend to ask him for responsibility.

Ou Yang’s face went gloomy at her words, he looked at Murong Xue and walked out of the door without looking back, “I have things to do, see you again.”

Murong Xue watched his shadow as he walked further, she was confused with his action, she did not say anything improper, did she? Why would he be angry all the sudden? He was so weird!

The food on the table was delicious and hot, the room was filled with the food aromatic scent, but Murong Xue had no appetite at all.

“My lady!” An Xiang walked up hurriedly, she quietened down herself when she saw Murong Xue’s melancholy face.

“What?” Murong Xue asked casually.

“There’s a letter for you!” An Xiang handed out the letter to her lady.

The letter was in pure white, on top of it was written “To dear Murong Xue”, the characters were square and neat, looked like it was printed on the envelope.

Who would write to her?

Murong Xue opened up the envelope in confusion, she took out a piece of white paper and it was written:  Meet at the bamboo room in Yi Pin Xuan, urgent need for discussion!

“Who sent this?”

“According to the guards, it was a steward who looked familiar.” An Xiang stated.

Murong Xue tried to reminiscence, she did not know a lot of people since her arrival at Qing Yan, who was this mystery person who invited her over to Yi Pin Xuan? He or she could have come to her house to discuss…

An Xiang looked at her lady and asked, “miss, are you going to Yi Pin Xuan?”

“I’ll go and see.” Murong Xue nodded, since she had nothing to do in her house, why not go over to Yi Pin Xuan and meet this mysterious person!

Yi Pin Xuan was a tea house located between the busy streets, it was only two streets away from her house.

Yi Pin Xuan served the best tea in town, their delicious desserts were famous among the villagers. Murong Xue walked up to the bamboo room as stated in the letter when she arrived at the tea house.

There were two strong-looking guards in front of the room door, they pushed open the door when they saw Murong Xue, “please, Miss Murong!”

Murong Xue walked slowly into the bamboo room, there in front of her was a man in his thirties, sitting at the table sipping tea, he was very good-looking and his silk robe added to his elegance.

Murong Xue blurted out, “you are… Prime Minister Xie!”

The mid-age man looked up at Murong Xue, he was stunned at her beauty, the young little girl he once knew had bloomed into a proper lady, “you have grown so much, I’m surprised you could still remember me, what a great memory.”

Murong Xue smiled tenderly, “thank you Prime Minister Xie, may I know what made you call me over?”

In her memory, she rarely seen Prime Minister Xie after four years old, the only time she saw him was in the banquet. But they only met each other from afar, there was no conversation at all, why would he suddenly request to meet her?

Prime Minister Xie laughed, he knew this lady dislike going round the corners, he told her directly, “do you know why had your uncle Murong Jian been transported to Jing Zhou?”

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