Chapter 73 – The First Contradiction

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if i ever meet Ye Yichen in real life, I’m going to kick him in the balls and send him to where he belongs. *bows and claps* please appreciate these sick rhymes

Chapter 73

Qin Yuyuan recalled back the scene of her falling off the cliff, the vivid memory kept playing in her mind, she was furious with the whole incident, she gritted her teeth with tears in her eyes, “Murong Xue… She hit me… And she wanted to kill me…”

“Why did she want to kill you?” Ye Yichen asked out of response, he did not even mean to ask.

“Because I pushed her off the cliff, but I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t…” Qin Yuyuan pleaded as her tears rolled down her cheeks, she looked so pitiful.

Ye Yichen stared at her emotionless, “you even ordered your spies to kill Murong Xue, I guessed that’s the reason she wanted to kill you…”

Qin Yuyuan shocked when she heard that, and then she remembered, she blacked out when Murong Xue wanted to kill her, but when she woke up she was safe and sound, it was Ye Yichen who saved her from Murong Xue’s death grip. The bodies of ninjas in the forest were right beside her that time, Ye Yichen must had seen them, if she denied it now, she would not have gained his trust, “actually, those spies…”

“Don’t tell me that those spies from Mo Bei were there to kill you, Murong Xue grew up in Qing Yan, she had never step a foot into Mo Bei, she would never have known how they looked like and about you going to Yushan, and she would never instruct the spies from Mo Bei to execute you…” Ye Yichen cut off her sentence before she could even finish.

Qin Yuyuan’s plan was busted, and her face went red instantly. She had to admit everything as Ye Yichen had called out her trap,

“Those four spies were gifted to me by my father, they were there to protect me from danger, he even asked me not to tell anyone about this, Ye Yichen, I did not mean to hide this from you…”

“I understand, everyone has their own secrets, those four spies in brown were your protectors and bodyguards, it is understandable for you not to tell anyone.” Ye Yichen stated in a monotonous voice.

Qin Yuyan’s heart was torn, she knew he was angry now, she had to do something, “Yichen, I’m really sorry, I promise, I will tell you everything including the details from now on, I will never hide anything from you ever again, please don’t be angry?”

Qin Yuyan tucked his sleeve and swayed it from side to side, her pale face was filled with regrets, her eyes were sparkling with tears, she looked so pathetic!

Ye Yichen’s face loosened a bit, he sighed a little and soothed out Qin Yuyan’s hair, saying,

“Don’t be sad, I don’t blame you, but, you have to keep this in mind, Murong Xue is useful to me, before I finished my task, she has to be alive, you can torture her or play with her in any way you like, but you must not take her life…”

Qin Yuyan’s face tensed up, she realized he was angry at her not because that she hid the secret from him, but that she ordered her spies to kill Murong Xue!

She acted nonchalantly even though she was frustrated inside, “Is it really just like that?”

“Of course, why would I lie to you? If she was useless to me, I would have called off the engagement and leave her far behind, I would have save all this precious time instead of wasting it on her to be my concubine!”

Ye Yichen pinched Qin Yuyuan’s small face jokingly, he looked at her gently, “Luckily Murong Xue did not die in Yushan, if not you would have spoiled my plan.”

“What did you want with her exactly?” Qin Yuyuan had to get to the bottom of this, she looked at him, not wanting to miss out any expressions on his face.

It was more than once she caught him looking at Murong Xue with adoration in his eyes, she knew for sure it was not of what he meant by using her!

“This is a secret, I’ll tell you next time.” Ye Yichen replied, “oh, the other half of the picture, where did you put it?”

Qin Yuyuan’s steward helped her to clean up her injuries when she arrived home, they changed her clothes as well but did not find the picture on her.

“Picture?” Qin Yuyuan stunned, she touched her chest where the picture was kept, she was in fury when she sensed the emptiness, “Murong Xue has taken it…”

They had out in a lot of efforts in Yushan to find that picture, they were almost eaten up by those cannibals because of it, Murong Xue took it away so easily, Qin Yuyan could not believe this.

Ye Yichen knew what was going on, “that was only half of it, Murong Xue could not do anything with it, we will take it back one day, for now, we have to find the other half of the picture…”

“The other half was not in Yushan?” Qin Yuyan was clueless, she thought the whole picture was in Yushan? How come it was not there?

“No, it’s not!” Ye Yichen shook his head, “my spies have already checked the whole mountain, they even digged up holes to find it, obviously, that picture was not in Yushan…”

Qin Yuyuan did not understand, “where then if not in Yushan?”

“You’re injured, don’t think about this too much, rest well!” Ye Yichen kissed tenderly on Qin Yuyuan’s head, “I will call my people to find the picture immediately, I’ll come check on you later.”

“Alright!” Qin Yuyuan watched as Ye Yichen walked out of her room, her smiling face sunk immediately,

Yichen forgave her out of pity, he was still being kind and gentle to her, but deep down, she felt that they were no longer close like before, as if there was something between them, was it because of the secret of her spies? Or because of Murong Xue?

“Ying Ying, send a dove to my father right away, tell him that I’m in huge trouble and asked him to send over his people here immediately to help me.”

“Right away!” Ying Ying was the maid she brought with her from Mo Bei. She was faithful and obedient unto her instructions. Ying Ying walked over to the round table and started writing the letter as soon as she got the command.

Qin Yuyuan’s eyes darkened, Ye Yichen belonged to her, she would not let anybody took him away from her!

As for Murong Xue, she had killed he precious spies and revealed her own secret. She had cause destruction to her relationship with Yichen and injured her, she would get her revenge.

But of course, she would not let Murong Xue die, she would torture her until she begged to take away her life!

Murong Xue wanted to turned her body around in her semi-conscious but failed, she wondered why and slowly opened her eyes…


somethin about Qin Yuyuan makes me want to slap her, i wonder why?????? ::)

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