Chapter 72 – Love Is In The Air

By | March 8, 2017

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Murong Xue’s mind went completely blank as their lips touched, what was going on?


Her body was squished by his, she could clearly felt his hot temperature through her sheer blouse…


Murong Xue tried to push him with all her might, “Ou Yang, get up now!” His fever had not subsided yet and he was unconscious, now that they were so physically close together, “dangerous things” was bound to happen…


Murong Xue had no inner strength, her effort in pushing Ou Yang away was in vain, in fact, his arms went tighter around her waist, tingling sensation was all she could feel as his soft lips placed on hers.


Murong Xue avoided his soft kiss in the chaos and shouted in anger, “Ou Yang, don’t make me hit you!”


Ou Yang ignored her threat as he continued hugging her with his eyes closed, her body temperature had decreased his fever, he was pleased and hugged her even tighter.


“Murong Xue… Xue Er!” Ou Yang called out in a husky voice, his muttering indicated that he was still unconscious.


Murong Xue glared at him in fury, she was almost out of her breath being under his weight, she coughed from her dry throat and stretched out her arm. She smirked as her fingers sensed something cool.


Ou Yang was still in fever and he could easily take advantage of her, moreover his fighting skills was excellent, she could not move him now, but she could make him pass out.


Acupuncture is a compulsory lesson for the heir of Murong Manor and she was the excellent student in this. She could easily point out the correct body points even with her eyes closed, if only she could hit his sleeping point, she would be safe.


However, in her position right now, she could not reach to his body point, she needed an external force to help her do so.


Murong Xue pulled out her hairpin and stick into Ou Yang’s sleeping point speedily.


Ou Yang loosened his grip suddenly and hit Murong Xue’s wrist with his elbow, her hairpin fell on the floor and the room was filled with a loud clink.


“Ou Yang!” Murong Xue looked at her empty hand and shouted.


He continued sleeping soundly, as if nothing was going on.


“Ou Yang, open your eyes now, stop pretending!” Murong Xue hit his rock stiff chest as hard as she could.


Ou Yang stayed in his position, his head rested on her shoulder, peacefully asleep.


Murong Xue kept hitting him a few more times, yet he did not move a single hair, his eyes were shut tightly.


Murong Xue calmed herself down and she thought to herself, maybe he did this unintentionally, he was after all, injured, and had no clue of his actions, she should not had gotten so angry at him.


His steady breathing could be heard, Ou Yang’s face was buried in her neck, his breathing was warm and it was uncomfortable.


Murong Xue clenched her forehead and pushed Ou Yang’s head aside, unwilling to do so, he moved towards her neck even closer. The more she pushed, the closer he got.


He was so stubborn, since she did not manage to push his head aside, she might as well leave him!


Murong Xue grabbed Ou Yang’s shoulder sturdily and pushed him away, she then leaped out of the bed. Suddenly, a strong force held her back, she looked down to see Ou yang’s firm arms were locking her waist.


Murong Xue narrowed her eyes and tried to escape from his grasp, but he increased the strength of his arm, she could not free herself no matter how hard she tried!


Murong Xue sighed at her useless effort, he was staying in her room and dominated her bed, now he wanted to lock her freedom as well, she would not succumb to this even though he was lying unconscious.


She scowled at Ou Yang and saw his eyelashes battled a little.


Murong Xue blinked her eyes and looked at him again, Ou Yang was resting peacefully on the bed, what happened just now was as if her imagination!


“Ou Yang, Ou Yang…” Murong Xue called out softly. Ou Yang ignored her calling in his sleep.


Murong Xue used the back of her hand and touched Ou Yang’s forehead, it was no longer hot like before, his fever had subsided.


“Ou Yang, I don’t care if you’re really sick or pretending, you better watch yourself, if you disrespected me again, I will chop off your hands, do you hear me?”


Ou Yang once again, ignored her and continued sleeping!


Murong Xue sneered at him and laid on her bed reluctantly, since she could not escape from here, she should get some rest herself after all this hard work.


Ou Yang was a sickly patient now, she could not hold grudges for what he did previously, but now that he no longer had fever, she would teach him a lesson if he tried to do anything again!


Murong Xue felt the exhaustion as she inhaled the aromatic scent around the room, she closed her eyes and dived into her own dreamland instantly!


Ou Yang then opened his eyes slowly and looked at the lady who slept in his chest, smiling in serenity, his eyes shone with contentment.


It had been ten years, she did not change at all, as silly as it sounded, she was still senseless like how she was when they were young, nonetheless, he would protect her and stay by her side from now on, he could not care less if she was still imprudent!


Ou Yang flicked his fingertips and a speedy gust hit upon a golden hook by the bed, a string of sky blue curtains then fell and closed together, Ou Yang hugged the lady in his chest tightly and slept with beam.


Ray of bright sunlight shone through the sheer curtains into the room, the beaming light spread across the carved bed onto the pair of embracing couple, adding a bit of warmth and ambiguous.


In the courtyard of Jing Wang Manor


“Help me!” Qin Yuyuan cried in plead, she sat up straight away, her chest was beating faster than she could bear, big drops of sweats were rolling down from her forehead, she looked at the familiar settings and sighed in relief, it was just a dream…


“You’re awake!” A brawny voice signaled from adjacent, Qing Yuyan tensed at the sound, she turned her head around slowly and saw Ye Yichen sitting by the bed, his eyes met hers emotionlessly…


“Yichen, what happened to you?” Qin Yuyan tilted her head, unsure why he was treating her this way, he used to be so caring and meticulous, now he was like a complete stranger to her…


“Do you still remember what happened before you passed out?” Ye Yichen asked aloofly.

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