Chapter 71: GYH’s Face…

By | June 5, 2017

**Readers waiting for DNA test result, it will come….after some chapters….**


Chapter 71: Gu Yanhao’s Face Turned Increasingly Cold

After what seemed like half a day, he handed the envelope back to Ah De with one word: “Destroy.”

Ah De accepted the envelope: “Yes, Young Master.”


Anmei Group Tailoring Department.

Song Wuyou looked at the machinery around her, stupefied. She knows how to make dresses, but she did so using her hands, thread by thread. These sewing machines in front of her, she has no idea how to operate them.

An Zhanggong looked at her perplexed expression, laughed, and asked, “You don’t know how to use a sewing machine?”

Song Wuyou nodded honestly in answer: “Don’t know.”

The original host had never used these machines before, whereas she had never seen them in the past life.

An Zhanggong laughed softly, every action exuding a noble elegance, “Didn’t you say you know how to sew?”

Song Wuyou was struggling withhow to answer him best.

“The textiles department arranged for the fabrics you needed,” An Zhanggong said as he led her into a quiet workroom.

The room was equipped with one sewing machine, and next to it was a large flat table where many different colors of fabric were arranged neatly on top. Next to this was a basket filled with many small items used in making clothes.

Song Wuyou walked over, her hands gently sliding across the incredibly soft silk fabrics.

“As per your request, two different types of silk fabric.” An Zhanggong observed her with a hint of humor in his eyes.

Song Wuyou turned around, facing him with a bright smile, “Thank you.”

An Zhanggong returned her smile, “It’s my pleasure to help you.”

“Time is scarce, I need to start immediately.” Song Wuyou said.

An Zhanggong looked seriously at her, “You really don’t need any help?”  …at least a tailor to teach her how to use a sewing machine?

Song Wuyou smiled, “No need.”

“But you don’t know how to use a sewing machine.” An Zhanggong pointed out the obvious.

“Handmade ones are more refined.”

A rare look of surprise flitted passed An Zhanggong’s amber eyes, “You’re going to do everything by hand, thread by thread, to make that dress?”

Song Wuyou did not think it was a big deal, nodding, “En,”

An Zhanggong could not help but smile, “Incredible.”

So complex a dress, when will it be done?

Song Wuyou laughed, “There are many incredible things in this world.”

For example, she was reborn here.

“I look forward to it.” An Zhanggong said.

“I am also looking forward to it.” Song Wuyou moved to take down some textiles. Seeing this, An Zhanggong stepped forward.

“Do you need help?” An Zhanggong asked.

Song Wuyou thought for a moment, “Nothing at the moment.”

“Okay, then I’ll get back to my work. If there’s something else you needed, look for me or my secretary. We’ll have lunch together later.”

Song Wuyou nodded without a second thought, “En,”

She started the moment An Zhanggong stepped out of the room.



Gu Yanhao’s face tightened gloomily, exuding a chilly air as he sat at the dining table.  Song Wuyou, that damn woman! Didn’t she say she’s coming back for lunch? Why hasn’t she come back yet?  He even told Xu Jing to prepare a lot of delicious dishes. There were some light  and nutritious dishes that were good for the body.

It was past one thirty in the afternoon, yet there was not even her shadow. Really asking for a spanking! As time flowed by the seconds and minutes, Gu Yanhao’s face grew ever colder.

It felt like the entire villa had turned into an ice cave.

Even Xu Jing standing somewhere outside the villa could strongly feel a thunderstorm was brewing.

Miss ah, why aren’t you coming back yet?

At this time, Song Wuyou was rushing to get her dress done…



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