Chapter 70- No longer a Dandy

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“Murong Xue is a killer, catch her immediately!” Madam Du collapsed on the floor, yelling at the top of her lungs.


The courtyard was empty, not even a single shadow in sight, her order was ignored among the silence.


Madam Du was injured badly, yet she still wanted to teach Murong Xue a lesson!


Murong Xue smirked at her weakness, “guards!”


Rapid footsteps could be heard, penetrating the stillness, more than ten guards stepped into the courtyard of Yu Tang. They were all armed with swords on their waist belt. They lined up in a uniform manner and responded with steadfastness, “as you wish, my lady.”


“Madam Du is mentally unstable, keep an eye on her and close down this courtyard. Make sure to double the security, no one could enter or leave here without my order!” Murong Xue instructed.


“Yes!” The guards followed her command and stood around the courtyard, not even one eye could see through.


Madam Du feared for her life, her guards had turned their backs against her and listened to Murong Xue now. How could she have not heard about this huge news…


Murong Xue, this sly woman…


Noticing the glare from her back, Murong Xue ignored the old lady and walked out from the courtyard. Madam Du was in her late fifties, she was getting older and soon enough, she would be lying in her own grave.


Murong Ye was only fourteen, even though he was incapable of doing anything, he was the heir of their house. The Hou Manor belonged to him in the future and plenty of guards would kneel before him asking for favours.


Any smart person on earth would choose to follow Murong Ye instead of Madam Du.


Madam Du had sons and daughters, her mother was still alive too. Murong Xue could not let her die just this soon, otherwise, her plan would have backfired. Instead, she locked her up in this courtyard and let her live the rest of life in here.It was all up to Madam Du at this point if she wanted to stay alive…


Wu Heng bit his lip as he watched the courtyard door closed little by little. Madam Du was aging and she was severely injured, she had to receive medical treatment straightaway.


Murong Xue not only stopped the guards to call on doctors, she had locked Madam Du away and let her die slowly. It was indeed a blameless plan for murder!


Murong Xue finally had her revenge, she hopped light-heartedly, “Ouyang!”


Ouyang smiled softly as he saw her lovely face, “I’ve already placed the Diyang grass into your storeroom.”


“Thank you so much!” Murong Xue was glad, “You’ve helped me a big time, I’ll treat you some tea!”


Wu Heng bit his lip again and thought to himself, “Ouyang had helped Murong Xue to find the magical Diyang grass, he had also saved her life in the carriage and brought back heads of the ninjas, and now she repaid him with only tea, what an ungenerous person!”


“This tea is just to express my gratitude, I will always remember your good deeds, if you need any help in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask favour from me, I will definitely help you!” Murong Xue promised with a big smile on her face.


Wu Heng coughed uncomfortably when he heard that, he disappeared promptly. He had misunderstood Murong Xue’s intention, he was ashamed for himself and hid away.


“So, we’re going to Luo Xue Ge for tea?” Ouyang asked unresponsively.


“Correct.” Murong Xue nodded her head.


“Let’s go then!” Ouyang flicked his sleeve to his back and walked away.


Murong Xue followed him from behind to the door, strolling along the path and headed towards Luo Xue Ge.


From afar, there was someone sitting by the pond. He was covered in army green robe, watching the sky elegantly, it was Murong Ye for sure. His eyes were filled with doubt and looked as if he was thinking deeply about something.


Murong Xue raised her eyebrows and asked, “Brother, how’s your injury?”


Murong Ye regained back his posture when he heard his sister’s soft voice. He walked towards her and checked on her from up to down, making sure she was safe and sound, “It’s good to have you back here safely, I’m doing fine, my wounds are recovering…”


He realized Ouyang was standing beside and bowed in respect, “I couldn’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped my little sister…”


“It was nothing, my pleasure!” Ouyang stated.


“Brother, your body is fine now, why didn’t you go to gambling with your bunch of lousy friends?” Murong Xue joked.


“You’ve said so clearly that they’re lousy friends. I no longer want to join them nor gamble, I’m studying very hard right now…” Murong Ye waved a book in his hand to her proudly.


Murong Xue could not believe her own eyes, then she realized something, “But your book… it was upside down…”


Murong Ye stunned and looked at the book, the title of the book “Lun Yu” was indeed tilted upside down.


Murong Ye’s face turned red and he coughed to cover up his embarrassment. He was trying to study very hard but he was just not the right person to do so, he went all nuts reading those block letters, what more to understand the content…


“Anyways, why did you change your mind all of the sudden?” Murong Xue was curious of her brother’s change. Murong Ye used to enjoy spending his life playing and fooling around, never did he once wanted to study.


“I want to stop being so dandy!” Murong Ye mumbled. Ye Yichen went to war with the armies when he was fourteen and was rewarded; Ou Yang travelled around the world and came back as a wise man when he was fourteen!


As for him, all he did when he was fourteen were gambling and being lazy, if he continued his life in this way, he would never be like them even when he was eighty!


He wanted to please everyone by studying and gaining knowledge, he did not want people to shake their heads in disappointment when they looked at him!


Murong Ye was serious about changing his life, was he prompted by Song Qingyan’s words?


It did not matter now as long as he was determined in this, “There’s this respectable general in Chao, if you don’t like to study, you can learn some fighting skills from him!” Murong Xue encouraged him.


Murong Ye thought for a moment, “Fighting skills?”


“Exactly, I know you didn’t like to study, even if you try hard enough, you won’t be able to understand it. Might as well learn some fighting skills; remember how you liked it last time when Uncle Hui used to teach you?”


The master saw both of them when they were learning fighting skills. He used to be so energetic and eager to learn, unfortunately his laziness took over, thus Murong Ye had only fourty-nine skills in ten years of practicing.


“But, this time we won’t ask the teacher to come over here to teach, you’ll have to go over to his site, in that way, you get to learn some war knowledge as well…”


Murong Ye was an intelligent man, too bad he was lazy. Moreover there was no one to guide him along his life, that was why he became lazy and sluggish!


Strictness was practiced in the soldier camp, if he could stand the army training, he would definitely turn into a new leaf.


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