Chapter 70: Must Not….

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Chapter 70: Must Not Fall for Him

“En.” She needed to go to Anmei Group’s office.

“Why aren’t you driving?” She was out the whole day yesterday. Why didn’t she take one of the cars?

“……..” Song Wuyou’s movements paused as something flashed in her eyes.

Gu Yanhao revealed a mocking sneer, “One accident and you don’t dare to drive again?”

Song Wuyou looked directly at him, casually excusing the matter, “The shadow of the trauma is too big.”

“………….” What kind of reason is this?

“Let Ah De drive you,” he offered, in case she faints on the street again.

Song Wuyou refused a little too quickly: “No!”

Ah De was one of his most loyal people. If he found out that she was going to Anmei Group and informed Gu Yanhao, wouldn’t she be split into four pieces?

Her strong reaction did not escape Gu Yanhao’s attention. He looked at her, disgruntled, “Even this you want to refuse?”

Song Wuyou put a passive expression on her face, “I’m going out to look for a job, not shopping or traveling.”

“Is there a difference?”

“Of course there is. Which one of your cars doesn’t cost millions? You say, if I ride around in such a luxurious car while looking for a job, how will the company bosses see me?”

Gu Yanhao was not happy, “Let them think whatever they like.”

Song Wuyou just smiled, “It’s better you let Ah De drive you. I can take a cab myself; it’s actually quite convenient.”

“I have no psychological shadow,” he countered. Even if he got into an accident, he wouldn’t have any trauma that would prevent him from driving.

“I’m too lazy to talk argue with you about this. The point is, I won’t let Ah De drive me.”

“Then, you prefer to black out on the street like yesterday?” Gu Yanhao looked at her coldly.

Song Wuyou looked at him stunned, “You had me followed?”  Otherwise, how could he have known that she fainted?

Gu Yanhao sneered with obvious disdain, “I have so much free time to follow you around? A strange number texted you, I saw it.”

Hearing this, Song Wuyou’s eyes widened in shock, “Gu Yanhao, you secretly read my messages?”  Does that mean he knew she was planning to make her design at Anmei Group today?

Gu Yanhao, “Can’t I? If I didn’t, how else would I find out that you fainted on the street yesterday?”

Song Wuyou snapped angrily, “Text messages are part of one’s privacy!”

A charmingly devilish smile appeared on his face, “You are my wife, you should be honest with me.”

Song Wuyou laughed sarcastically, “Were you ever honest with me?”

Gu Yanhao studied her for some time, “How do you want to me to be honest with you?”

There was a moment of sadness when Song Wuyou looked the person opposite her.  If this was before, if she was her, listening to these words… she would be over the moon because of this simple act.

Suddenly Song Wuyou brushed him off, “Don’t disturb me. I don’t like people bothering me when I’m dining [1].”

“Dining?” Gu Yanhao snorted, “Ever since you woke… you, the way you speak sometimes can be really ‘cultured’.”  (Words that weren’t often used.)

Song Wuyou sneered, “Ever since I woke… you, the way you treat me is like a different person altogether.”


Song Wuyou stood up, “I’m full.”

“Come back for lunch.”

Song Wuyou’s body halted for a second.

“I told Xu Jing to serve double boiled black chicken soup.”

“En.” Stepping out from the dining hall, Song Wuyou pursed her lips.  Gu Yanhao – this weird man. His sudden kindness made her feel like escaping far away.

Just minutes after Song Wuyou left the dining hall, Ah De walked in with an envelope in his hand.

“Young Master, Young Madame and Mister Song’s DNA reports are out.” Ah De stood beside Gu Yanhao and handed the envelope to him.

Looking at the number of percentages printed on top, his unfathomable eyes turned abyssal. Hidden in their depths were unseen rolling emotions.

Clutching the report, he fell into deep thought.




[1] A more formal ‘dining is used here because Song Wuyou’s vocab here was of the ancient era palace language- yòng shàn, instead of the normal – ‘chi fan’ or eating/having a meal when translated.


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