Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Yuan Gulu’s Diary: Always thought that the you in my imagination was the most beautiful, but turns out, the real you is far better than my imagination. [heart]

Although the ‘cat Weibo’ account was followed by millions of fans, ‘Yuan Gulu’s Diary’ was not diligently updated. However, on average, there would be at least one cute photo of Yuan Gulu every day. Recently, Gu Ma hadn’t made an update for three days straight, which was quite unusual, and when she finally went online, she even posted this suspicious sentence!

One by one, the fans came to this conclusion: “Looks like Guma was dating someone? The spring has come oh~”

“Seems like that is the case. That’s good. Yuan Gulu has grown up. It’s time for her to have a father. [satisfied face]”

“Dang! Don’t tell me that you went to see gege? Did you pick him up at the airport yesterday?!”

Jian Wei looked at the last comment. It was from her close online friend, ‘Pumpkin Sauce will become Mrs. Jiang’*.

[TN: The original text is 南瓜醬要當江太太 , nánguā jiàng (pumpkin sauce) yào dāng jiāng tàitài. The pun was lost in translation 🙁 ]


She and Jian Wei were acquainted because they both owned accounts that were chasing the same star, thus becoming comrades. As if it was fated by heaven, they met each other while they were online inside the forum late at night, six years ago. After so much time has passed, with fans coming and going;  their infatuation with the Male God remained unchanged. Although they had never met face to face, the relationship between the two of them was closer than their friends in the real world.

The ‘gege’ that Pumpkin Sauce mentioned was naturally was Jiang Yi. Jian Wei felt that although the other person was unaware of the situation, she was still quite keen, being able to guess the truth right away.

Jian Wei was still soaked in happiness after being called by name by Jiang Yi; she really wanted to share the news with the world. For various reasons she could not be completely frank about it, so she typed out a reply that only admitted half of the truth, “Yes, I saw him. But I did not intentionally go to pick him up, just met him accidentally when I arrived in Beijing.”

Pumpkin Sauce immediately whined in jealousy, causing Jian Wei to helplessly reminded her, “Don’t pretend as if you haven’t been in the same situation. You try to count the number of times that you have seen gege; if you ranked in second, who dared to rank first?”

Unlike Jian Wei who only looked with starry-eyes from a distance, Pumpkin Sauce since the beginning was at the frontline in the struggle to chase the stars. Because she had repeatedly organized activities to visit the set, she had quite a reputation within the circle of Jiang Yi’s fans. She even had Jiang Yi’s assistant Lin Hao’s WeChat. Although they haven’t exchanged a word with each other, to have a connection with someone who was always by Male God’s side really made the fans feel jealous.

“How can the past count?! Yesterday evening is not the same, it’s not the same! I regret it to death. Why I did not go? Otherwise I could see it clearly!”

“Did you see anything special last night?” Jian Wei’s heart jumped when Pumpkin sauce suddenly asked, “Since you’re there, did you see it clearly? Last night, the one who was with gege, was it really Zhou Peipei?!”

While Jian Wei was trying to act stupid, Pumpkin Sauce already sent her a link, “I have been crazy for the whole day, all because of this noisy news! (o`′o)”

Clicking on the link, Jian Wei saw herself being ushered into Jiang Yi’s car by Lin Hao and the driver.


She was still for a moment, before she suddenly remembered Zhou Peipei’s words from before. Could it be that the news that she mentioned was about this thing?

He was actually scolded by Zhou Peipei, because of her?!


When Lai Xiao Shuang found Jian Wei on the second floor, she was sitting there quietly.

It was lunch time. Because of Jian Wei’s ‘can’t let people see’ situation, she immediately took her lunch and hid in a secluded corner. Lai Xiao Shuang had been rushing to finish her job to look for her, only to find the girl was holding her phone in a daze, wearing a very complex expression.

“What is it? The preparation for this afternoon is for the male lead’s scenes. Are you excited?”

Jian Wei pursed up her mouth, causing Lai Xiao Shuang to think that her reaction was very strange. “What is wrong with you? Is it because you couldn’t see him this morning, so you are feeling down like this?”

“No…” said Jian Wei, “Xiao Shuang, you are Zhou Peipei’s assistant. Do you know, her relationship with Jiang Yi – is it really bad?”

Lai Xiao Shuang thought for a moment before she sat down next to her, “Normally, I can’t speak about this. But for the sake of our years of friendship, okay, I’ll tell you. Indeed it is not very good.”

Jian Wei looked at her.

“It was mostly because of Zhu Jing. Among the artists under her management in these two years, the male artist that she tried to hold was Jiang Yi, and the female artist was Zhou Yingjie, so Zhou Peipei wasn’t really being treated meticulously. The competition for the resources was easier to be forged at a certain distance; hence the relationship between Zhou Peipei and Zhou Yingjie became more complicated. Then I heard a rumor that should be ninety percent accurate. It’s said that originally, <<Dahan Feiyan>> wanted to court Jiang Yi for the male lead role. But Zhu Jing felt that this drama was too weak and had no future, so instead of Jiang Yi, she gave it to Zhou Peipei. Who knew, BANG! The drama became popular and so was Zhou Peipei.”

Jian Wei carefully thought over this information and Zhou Peipei’s words from before.

Lai Xiao Shuang looked at her for a moment before she finally said, “But you should know that under no circumstances should you involve yourself with this matter. It is not something that we can control.”

Jian Wei only nodded, as a sign that she understood.

Lai Xiao Shuang added: “There is something else that I forgot to remind you. Even if you are able to see Jiang Yi later on, you can’t suddenly pounce on him and ask him to give you autograph or take a photo ah.”

When Jian Wei looked puzzled over the words, Lai Xiao Shuang shrugged her shoulder and said, “I know that you are determined to sleep with Male God, but to tell you the truth, the hierarchy between the cast and the crew is really strict.” She gestured her hand, “The ones like us who can be chased out of here at anytime can be classified as belonging to the bottom of the pyramid. Above us are the make-up artists, the cameramen, and the one that handle the technological content behind the scenes as well as the supporting actors. As for the male and female lead, they are at the top of the pyramid, just below the investors and the director. So, you can’t just go to them casually and ask for autographs. You have to find a special occasion to do that…”

Jian Wei, who had never heard such things before, was quiet for a moment before she finally said, “You should have let me know about it earlier.” Let her knew that the difference between them was like heaven and earth; then maybe she would not have made the mistake.

An hour later, Jian Wei saw Jiang Yi again.

He was still wearing the white shirt from this morning, but he had added a black, body-fitting jacket over it. He was standing between the lattice of the bright and clear window, looking like the noble son from the romantic novel.

Next to him, the director was personally adjusting his hair and collar. Seeing those two grown up men standing close to each other, Lai Xiao Shuang couldn’t help but to sigh with sorrow, “Too gay.”

The coordinator sister acted like she really seriously agreed with the statement, asked, “Hey, why isn’t Zhou laoshi here? That should be her role ah.”

Lai Xiao Shuang said: “Zhou laoshi was feeling a little uncomfortable, so she went back to the hotel to get some rest. Later, we’ll have no choice but to use a body double to stand in her place. Fortunately this afternoon they’ll mainly shoot Jiang laoshi’s scenes, so we don’t really need to show Zhao laoshi’s face…”

Her words were very smooth and evasive, but the coordinator understood it clearly in her mind: Zhou Peipei didn’t feel like coming to the set because this wasn’t her scene. Although from the beginning she had always acted like she was a big deal,  this action was still a bit unexpected. After all, Jiang Yi and she were from the same company and it was his first day on the set, yet she didn’t appear; she really didn’t give him a face.

It seemed like the rumors were true: these two were really at odds with each other.

Jian Wei’s thoughts were also in that direction and she couldn’t help but look towards Jiang Yi. He should already know, because the stand-in who was wearing Zhou Peipei’s costume had come to his side. The man’s expression was unchanged as he nodded to the girl and said, “In a moment.”

The stand-in girl nodded vigorously, feeling a little excited from his attention.

Jian Wei looked at him, the dark cloud in her heart dispersing a little bit. She remembered what he said when she asked about the news, his indifferent tone telling her that it was nothing. At that time, his expression was very sincere, not worried at all about the trouble that he would face later on.

She found that she indeed was thinking too much. The man that she worshipped had the toughest temperament added with the years of practice in laughing things off. He couldn’t be easily hurt by anyone.

She rubbed her face and dispelled the idea of finding him to apologize. Since he wanted to take responsibility for that matter, she didn’t want to be unreasonable. He was taking care of the fans, and she, will keep these things in her mind.

Jiang Yi’s reaction also caused the staff around him to feel admiration. The coordinator said, “Jiang laoshi is quite calm. I also heard his character is not bad…easy to serve.”

“During that time when he was in the competition, my sister was his fan. So many years have passed by, and yet he is still so handsome.”

“Suddenly feel like I want to ask for his autograph. How about we request Assistant Lin to help us get it?”

They had a lively discussion about the matter among themselves. Listening to it, Jian Wei couldn’t help but rejoice as if she was the one who got complimented.

In that moment, Jiang Yi suddenly looked over. He and Jian Wei looked at each other, causing her to unconsciously try to restrain her smile before she realized that she was wearing a mask, so he couldn’t see anything.

She was wearing the mask that he gave her.

Jian Wei raised her lips once again to show a smiling expression, not the mushy type. Even though her in heart she thoroughly understood that no one can see this smile.

There was no ripple in Jiang Yi’s expression as he calmly removed his eyes.

The afternoon shooting progress was very smooth.

On account of it being his first day on the set, several scenes from the drama were shot, all showing Jiang Yi walking through the firm with his hands inside his pockets. The same scene was shot from the different angles by the director. Later, when it had been edited and was shown on TV, it would show a man walking through the office at different times.

Although it was very simple, Jian Wei was watching it with interest. Jiang Yi’s mental state when he entered his drama role and his mental state normally were completely dissimilar. That laziness and never-ending sleepiness seemed to disappear replaced by handsomeness and … abstinence.

Yes, this time he played the role of a lawyer with a huge self-restraint.

Jian Wei originally heard that this setting would right away become popular. Now, seeing the Lord, she couldn’t help but let her imagination roam. Oh, great expectations for the behind-the-story storyline. According to Lai Xiao Shuang, the scale for the drama script was quite big. Who knows what kind of extraordinary thing she would be able to watch.

Thinking about it, she sobered up a little bit. She seemed to realize that she had seen an extraordinary thing, under the desk…

[TN: LOL Jian Wei, you dirty-minded girl! XD]


Four hours later, her heart filled with gentle feelings, Jian Wei stood on the first floor waiting for the elevator. Lai Xiao Shuang still had something to do, so she had come back first. Just when the elevator door opened and she was just about to enter it, another person also stepped inside the elevator.

Zhou Peipei was wearing sunglasses with her lips painted bright red. Her face was void of expression as she stood in front of the metal door.

Jian Wei was somewhat surprised.

She didn’t expect to meet Zhou Peipei here. Jian Wei’s feelings were a little bit complicated. Aside for the subtle similarity of how we’ve looked over the years, you went as far as to act haughty over my Male God… really makes me angry.

If she wasn’t so terrified, she really would have had the urge to get into a fight.

It seemed that Zhou Peipei was just coming back from outside without anyone else to accompany her, causing Jian Wei to think that her courage was quite big. As for the room arrangements, the crew had booked a presidential suite each for the male and female leads which also came with separate elevators, so actually she did not really have to take this elevator.

But Jian Wei didn’t dare to ask her about this thing. As soon as the elevator door closed, she pressed the number of her floor. After waiting for a few moments, she realized that the other person besides her inside the elevator was not moving, “Zhao laoshi, you are going to 23th floor, right?”

Zhou Peipei didn’t answer.

Jian Wei decided to stop paying any attention. Lai Xiao Shuang also said one could not casually talk to the artists. It was only a moment of awkward silence, right?

The elevator was moving upwards. Looking closely at the numbers, her mood slowly relaxed. Just leave the elevator and she would be completely safe. Didn’t have to worry about giving trouble to Jiang Yi…

“Did you have a fun playing inside Jiang laoshi’s office?” Zhou Peipei suddenly asked.

[TN: OH. MY. GOD!!!]

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