Chapter 7 – Rose Breaker

By | November 14, 2016

People got mad.
“Lu Jiuque do you even know what the hell you are talking about? You are putting shame on the Lu Family! ”
“You trash talking bastard. Why didn’t you just die under that cliff? ”

“Don’t say that to Shao!”

Shao Qingrou is glad. She wants Lu to be discriminated against.

She’s nothing special. She doesn’t deserve the Prince.

The Prince belongs to her, and her only!

Shao Qingrou pretends to be the good guy again and tries to calm people down, “Relax people… It’s OK..”

Suddenly Lu Jiuque said, “I thought you didn’t know where I went? Then how do you know I fell down the cliff? Did you push me down and watched me die? Well guess what, I probably need to have a conversation with Prince about this.”

The crowd quieted down immediately.

She’s going to the Prince?

How dare she?

If the Prince finds out what they did to her…. Scary.

Lu Jiuque pointed at Shao Qingrou and laughed with disdain, “And as for her… Of course she’s not qualified. You guys are all planning on joining Tianyan Sect, but i’m not. Who does she think she is to ask me where I went?”

Shots fired!

Since when does this bitch become so arrogant!

People looked at her, kind of scared. And yet they kept yelling,

“True! You useless piece of crap. No way you could get in Tianyan Sect like us.”

“Keep dreaming!”

“Exactly! Shao, she’s a troll. Don’t mind her!”
Shao blinked her eyes pretentiously and put on that disappointed face, “Lu, you should at least give it a try, don’t you think? With my help you will definitely make it into Tianyan Sect. ”

This just made people love her even more. What a good girl, always putting others before herself.

Now Lu Jiuque finally realized why the owner got the opportunity to take the test and why these people pretend to come and look for her. It’s all because of the Prince.

Even though everyone hates her, the Prince still loves her. Lucky her.

Shao looked away after she’s done talking, as if she were actually disappointed.

“Get ready. We are heading back!”

“Yes Miss Shao!”
While nobody was watching, Lu Jiuque grabbed a pile of rocks and jumped on a smaller sized dragon nobody was riding.

The Rose huh?

She loves breaking roses!

How would the rocks work now that she’s reborn and no longer has the silver needles?
Acupuncture is easy for her since she’s in the Lu Family. But these people practice, too. Better be careful.


It is such a good opportunity right now as people are all busy riding the dragons.
Lu Jiuque threw the rocks at their vital points without hesitation.


Everyone fell off their dragon, including Shao Qingrou. What a mess.

Staring at her own hands surprisingly, Lu Jiuque wondered how she made it.

It must be because of the silver fire that transformed her and made her better at this.

Holding her fists tightly she started thinking.

In fact the Book of Medicine that she had in her previous life was not just magical cures to diseases, but also it included the Needle of Mystery, which was a skill that no matter how hard she practiced she couldn’t get a hang of it.

But she’s sure she can get it now.

She’s memorized the entire Book of Medicine.

But unfortunately the Book of Medicine was just one volume of the whole book. She doesn’t even know the real name of the book, because the book she had didn’t even have a cover page.

She had Book of Medicine on her when she died which means those people must have got their hands on it by now.
What a pity.

All of a sudden she was interrupted by a weird heartburn feeling. Before she gets to figure out why, she was interrupted again by people crying.


“It’s killing me! What the hell is going on?!”

“Who did this!”

Lu laughed. The acupoints she just hit would make them hurt for one hell of a lot longer. They probably won’t even be able to walk by the time they wake up tomorrow morning. It would be so difficult for them to take the test tomorrow.

Shao fought through the pain and stood up and said, “Don’t panic, people. We are poisoned. I have cure here.”
And she pulled out a green vial out of her blue bag.

Lu knew immediately the bag was the famous Space Bag. It has way bigger room inside than it appears, and therefore it’s an awesome tool to have.

From the looks of it, Shao must be a key player because she even has the Space Bag.
Shao shared the cure with everyone but unfortunate for her, instead of curing them, it makes them hurt even more.

“AHHH..Why is it not working!”

“Shao, help me!!”

Shao was embarrassed.

“Don’t worry you guys…”She said while trying to figure out a way.
“It hurts so much!!”
“Help us!!”

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