Chapter 7: Lost Soul (Part 2)

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“No, we can’t! Secretary Ji, we can’t carelessly move the child’s body.” Uncle Zhao Tiezhu grabbed Ji Kang’s arm.

Ji Kang felt disgusted and pushed away Uncle Zhao Tiezhu’s hand. And then, He fiercely looked and pointed his finger to my grandmother: “You old woman! I heard that you are this village witch doctor. Before, I really don’t care, but now that I am part of the Village Association I will not allow you to continue fooling around the people here in our village.”

When he finished his words, he immediately went to Hei Wa’s room.

Grandma quickly grabbed Ji Kang’s arm and warned him: “Secretary Ji, right now there is a strong evil miasma inside the house, I’m afraid that if ordinary people like you rushed in…”

“Hmmp! Let go of me you old fool! Your superstition belief might have convinced the village people, but it won’t work on me.”He said and forcefully brushed off my grandmother’s hand and went inside the house.

Uncle Zhao Tiezhu was looking at the current situation, he wanted to stop him but didn’t directly stop Ji Kang’s body. Instead, he stands in front of Hei Wa’s room and blocks it.

Ji Chuan Cheng who also don’t believe in ghost and other superstition like his father went inside too.

“No! Don’t come inside.” Grandmother shouted and chase after him.

Ji Chuan Cheng didn’t stop, he went all the way inside the house. I saw that he looked at Hei Wa, then coldly laughed and said: “Old liar, no matter what you say to me and my Dad, we won’t be scared. We will bring Hei Wa to the town hospital.”

“My grandmother is not a liar, everything she had said was true.” Hearing that Ji Chuan Cheng was saying that my grandmother was a liar, I naturally shouted at him.

Ji Chuan Cheng frown and stared at me with eyes full of disdain.

Uncle Zhao Tiezhu who also felt unhappy with their public criticization, kneel down in front of Ji Kang and said that he believed my grandmother’s words. And as a father, he is willing to believe in anything. Hei Wa is his own flesh and blood so outsiders shouldn’t involve themselves in this matter.

When Uncle Zhao Tiezhu mentioned the word “outsiders” obviously it refers to  Ji Kang and his son Ji Chuan Cheng. After hearing his words, Secretary Ji Kang angrily pointed his finger to Uncle Zhao Tiezhu and said that his ignorance will sooner or later kill Hei Wa.

Uncle Zhao Tiezhu didn’t say anything more and kept his head down. Then Secretary Ji Kang and his son went outside the houses, he stands in front of the house and said: “Since all the people here are not afraid of death, then we outsiders will no longer care. But if the situation worsens, then don’t blame!”

When Secretary Ji Kang finished, he pulled Ji Chuan Cheng and walked away, but I vaguely saw a mass of evil miasma lingering around Ji Chuan Cheng’s body. When I rubbed my eyes and take a closer look, it seems gone.

“Xiao Xi, go back in our house now.” Grandma gently patted my shoulder and interrupted my thoughts. I nodded my head and obediently went back home.


Grandfather was still drinking when I arrived at home. I sit in the living room and wait for grandma, but grandmother didn’t return for the whole night.

At dawn, I saw grandmother came back, her body was covered in blood. It’s not her own but rather a chicken blood, her hair was messy, her face has wounds and she was staggering when walking. I got scared and rush to help her.

“Grandma, are you all right?” I leaned on her, her eyes looks dull and she muttered to herself: “It’s not good.”

“Grandma, what’s not good? Are you hurt?” I help grandmother to sit in her rattan chair and I started checking grandmother’s body. But grandmother waved her hand.

She said that it was just a skin injury, but this time she failed, they really have to take a risk.

In fact, grandmother wants me to go with them in the tomb mountain to shout and call for Hei Wa’s soul. But grandmother was very worried for me, so she only went in the tomb mountain with Uncle Zhao Tiezhu.

“Grandma just tell me what to do and I’ll go now.” I saw that grandma was very tired and I feel bad for her.

Grandmother waved her hand and said: “Don’t rush yourself, the tomb mountain is really a dangerous place. I will give something to you before you can go in there.”

“What is it?” I got curious and look at grandmother.

Grandma struggled a bit and stood up, I leaned my body on her to help her walked toward the door and I found a broken red lantern on the ground.

“Repair this lantern tomorrow before you go up in the tomb mountain.” Grandma said and took the lantern near the door and put it in the backyard.

“Why?” I looked at grandmother and asked, why do I need to trouble myself so much before I enter the tomb mountain?

“This lantern is already broken so you need to fix this first. This will help you to avoid the strong evil miasma in the tomb mountain starting from the entrance.”

Grandma coughs a few times while she explains these things to me.

I can only act according to what grandmother had said. I grab a yarn and went to the backyard to fix the lantern, while grandmother pulled a chair and observe me.

“How do I fix this? I said and touched the lantern. Originally, I thought it was made out of red paper, so I got startled and the red lantern fell on the ground.

When I touch it, I felt that it’s wet.

“This red lantern was covered with a black dog’s blood. Black dog’s blood can push away the evil spirits so this lantern can protect you.” Grandma explained to me and pulled out a bundle of red string in her pocket. The red color of the string is also made from the black dog’s blood.

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