Chapter 7: Lost Soul (Part 1)

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“Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi.”

I could vaguely hear that Hei Wa was calling me.

“Don’t leave me, Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi!”

His voice sounds so anxious and has full of fear. I desperately want to turn back, but there is no way around me. The last thing I could do is to cry until I woke up.

I opened my eyes and found myself lying on my own bed.

“Grandma, grandma.” I cried and shouted, thinking back my dream just now Hei Wa called me with his mournful voice. I felt so worried, I want grandmother to bring people to the tomb mountain and find Hei Wa.

But when I called grandfather came in, instead of grandmother. Grandfather was single-handedly carrying a bottle of alcohol and his other hand was pointing at me, he unhappily said: “This girl, what are you yelling for? Your grandmother is not here. Seriously, every girl in this family is very annoying.”

“Where did Grandma go?” I don’t care about what he said. I put on my shoes, I want to go out and find grandma because I am afraid to go in the tomb mountain alone.

“In your Uncle Zhao Tiezhu’s house, why?” My grandfather hiccups, I didn’t wait for him to finish and rushed out.

Uncle Zhao Tiezhu is Hei Wa’s father, grandma is now in their house. Thinking about something bad really happened to Hei Wa my footsteps become more and more fast.

I haven’t arrived at their house yet, but I could already see a lot of people are standing outside Hei Wa’s house.

Certainly, there must be an accident. My heart beats faster, I run quickly and directly squeeze myself through the crowd.

“Oh, this is not good. Hei Wa is dying, even Mother Mei can’t save him completely.” I can hear everyone’s words.

I got squeezed back into the yard and saw grandmother killed a big rooster. The chicken’s blood drops in the bucket.

Hei Wa’s father was also carrying a bamboo basket, a lot of sacrificial food and wine are placed inside. And they put a red paper on top of it.

“Mother Mei, how is it?” Uncle Zhao Tiezhu respectfully asked grandmother.

Grandma shake her head and her eyes glimpse at me: “Xiao Xi,  go back home now.”

“I’m not going back. Hei Wa, did he came back?” I looked at the grandmother and asked.

And because I have no memory of how did I came down in the tomb mountain, I also don’t know if Hei Wa got home.

Grandmother’s cloudy eyes look on the left side of the hall and glance at Hei Wa’s mother who was crying just like her:”Hei Wa’s body is back, but lost his soul!”

Grandmother sobbed, Uncle Zhao Tiezhu impatiently waved his hand and said: “Stop crying, we know crying won’t save Hei Wa. This child’s soul will return and everything will be okay.”

Uncle Zhao Tiezhu’s mouth said so, but we can see in his eyes that his heart was also in pain.

I ignored grandmother’s words and didn’ went back home. I pushed their front door to see Hei Wa’s body.

But when I opened the door, I smell a strange scent, the smell is fishy and is very unpleasant.

“Hei Wa?” I tried calling him as I went in his room. After a few seconds, I heard grandmother’s footsteps.

Hei Wa was lying in his bed, his eyes are tightly closed, his face complexion was black, his face and hands have scars. I tried calling him a few times more but he doesn’t have any slight reaction.

“It won’t help to call him here. If Hei Wa’s soul didn’t return  within seven days, then his flesh will be useless.” Grandma sighed and said to me.

“How can that be? Hei Wa cannot die, he cannot die grandma.” I run toward grandmother and yelled.

She reached out and touched my head,  and said: “Tonight, your Uncle Zhao Tiezhu and I will go to the tomb mountain. We will try to call back Hei Wa’s soul, but it is still hard to say that he will come back.”

When Grandma finished her words, she coughs hard a few times.

Ever since the day Lili attacked her and cough a mouthful blood, grandmother’s body becomes weak and often coughs, her face got more and more pale too. I felt worried, but I can only blame myself because I didn’t listen to her words and still went in Zhao Long’s funeral so she got injured.

“Xiao Xi, this time please be obedient and stay at home. Grandmother will do her best to call back Hei Wa’s soul.” Grandma touches my hair and softly made a promise.

“What the hell are you all talking about? You are old now but still ignorant, if the child is unconscious you should quickly send him to the hospital.”

Grandma and I are still in Hei Wa’s room when we heard a rough low voice from the outside.

Grandma quickly pulled me out the house and we saw the village party’s secretary Ji Kang and his son  Ji Chuan Cheng.

A year ago, his father inherits a house in our village and he transferred to our school. He is my classmate this year and because he has an excellent grade he became our teacher’s favorite student.

“Secretary Ji, this child’s disease is not ordinary. The village health doctor has already seen him, but didn’t found anything wrong in his health because the real problem is he lost his soul.” Uncle Zhao Tiezhu explained patiently to Ji Kang.

When Ji Kang heard him, he said: “If the village health doctor can’t find anything wrong with him then send him to the hospital in town.”

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