Chapter 7 – Helps His Methods

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In this way, Yi Ti with lunch in hand and a variety of nutritional drugs she picked up in the pharmacy went back home.  To her disappointment, the drugs turned out to be useless.

  Cecil then fell asleep on the couch, and she watched the floating pills in his body move back and forth.  In her heart, she was very worried.  What other ways could there be to help him?

  With such thoughts, she opened the lids of the lunch boxes and found her in addition to the two items she ordered, he had thrown in an order of  hot and sour potatoes. She had to say, the taste of this shop food was really quite good. It’s popularity was absolutely justified. It was her first time eating their food and it quickly disappeared.

  Even more rare is that even the rice was delicious.  She wondered if it was a special kind of rice…and if she could plant it in her space…

  The chopsticks in Yi Ti’s hands suddenly fell on the table.

  Because she suddenly remembered one thing.

  Maybe …


  She immediately got up and ran back to Cecil’s side, and then very decisively went into the cave and dug up two herbs and quickly went out. Almost at the same time, the jelly, who looked more like melted ice cream, suddenly moved and quickly opened opened his eyes.

  ”You disappeared again,” he said.

  ”Do not worry about that. First,” Yi Ti waved the herb around him, “Cecil, do you think this can be used?”

  ”This … …” Cecil stretched out two tentacles, wrapped them around her hands and the herbs, and carefully studied them for a moment.  Then he said, “It does contain a type of mysterious energy. Unfortunately, it is not applicable to me.”

  ”Why is it like this……?”

  Yi Ti’s spirit dropped.

  In fact, it wasn’t incomprehensible.  Earth’s aura and alien energy are two different things, right? However, going from no hope, to having hope, to having that hope dashed, it was difficult to adapt to.

  ”Here,” she said, taking a few bottles of the old elixirs from her cave. “This one?”

  ”You’re were gone again.”

  ”… …” In the end, how long was he going to be involved with her ah?

  Yi Ti decided to explain a little bit of the current situation.

  ”Cave space?”


  ”The information I’ve looked at does have something about such a thing, but it’s classified as a fantasy item on Earth.”

  ”Is there such a thing in the universe?”

  ”Yes and no.  If it were a space-storage item,I have one.” Cecil replied. “It can also be tied to an owner in some way. But, the owner can not enter it, and it only has a storage function. “

  ”Oh?” So, her space, even in the universe, is a very special thing. She continued, “You also have one? Where is it?” She had not seen it since they had been together.

  ”The binding mark can’t be seen by other people,” the Jelly Star lowered his head,” and opening and closing it all consume energy.” His body revealed a sense of dejected despair,” Besides, when I left home, in accordance with the rules, I had to remove most things from the space…including energy-replenishment items.

  Yi: “… …” This was really a sad story.

  ”You understand that this item is very special. If possible, please do not easily tell other life forms.  It would be very dangerous. According to my planet’s information, in nearly three thousand years, there are seven hundred and fifty-two planets that were invaded or destroyed because of a rare object.”

  ”… …” So did that mean she accidentally could be responsible for the destruction of Earth?!?  No pressure there!.  Yi Ti decided to re-focus on the elixirs, “So can you use these?”

  Cecil checked and replied, “They still don’t apply.”


  ”But,” he continued, staring at the action note on the bottle, “it might really help me gain energy.”

  ”Oh?” Compared to the earlier lost feeling, this new feeling of hope was much better. “Really?”

  ”Definitely,” Cecil replied with certainty.

  Yi Ti was still puzzled and asked: “This is really useful to you?” He wouldn’t just be trying to make her feel better would he? It doesn’t apply to him but he can use it to gain energy?

  ”It does not work for me, but it helps me to exchange for what I need.”

  ”This is really good!” The good news undoubtedly makes Yi Ti happy, but the amount of space in the cave is limited. Before she became a spiritual division master, she was afraid it would quickly become empty. Besides, it just said… “Exchange? Who do you exchange with?” Were there more aliens around she didn’t know about?

  Cecil then said something strange: “Not me, but you.”

  ”Me?” Yi Ti pointed to herself in surprise.  She can do such a thing?

  ”But before that, you need to have enough energy in your body.”

  Meaning she needed to train to become at least a primary spiritual master ah.  Well, she had already to train anyway so there was no problem.

  A few tentacles softly wrapped around her wrist, which now seems to understand the Earth’s jelly star so said: “Earth people have a famous saying – Even if you must eat a thousand, it is better to eat.”

  ”… …” Was this to remind her to eat breakfast? However, “Pfft! What is this ‘famous’ saying ah?”

  ”… …” Cecil stared her down, and then said, “Iron Rice is good for you! If you do not eat, all you can do is starve to death.”

  Yi Ti listened to his solemn tone of voice and it made her simply overjoyed: “Ha ha ha ha ha … … another one, there are others?”


  While listening to an alien repeat “food slogans” about filling stomachs, Yi Ti began to start a variety of preparatory work.

  The old man had been quite clear in his letter about this sort of thing.

  The reason why she did not read the entire letter left by the old man immediately after she found it was because her “heart is not calm enough”. Also, the timing was not right. In short, the state of mind and time is very important. So the first time to do the breathing exercises should also be the most appropriate time, that is – early in the morning.

  The sun will be out at that time. It is said that morning time is when there is the most abundant Aura.

  Of course, Aura can only be gathered in the cave. So perhaps the most important thing is that at that particular point in time feeling the sun rise with a clean body and a completely calm and quiet mind so a new day can begin the process of “change”.

  However, her luck is better than the old man. According to him, drinking the water inside the space (Lingquan) would improve the physical body. When she thought of the “painfulness of cleansing the marrow” described in the novels, Yi Ti felt that it was the right choice to eat first. Otherwise, suffering hunger while being in pain was really double abuse.

  After dinner she couldn’t take a bath immediately so she made sure the plan she came up with wouldn’t break any rules.  Re-reading the letter, she estimated that it would be best to improve her body the night before so that she had the clean body needed to cultivate.

  She carefully read and re-read the cleansing instructions to remember every word, and make sure she didn’t miss anything.  Yi Ti told Cecil what she would be doing and then went into the bathroom.  She filled the tub with lukewarm water and took out a bottle of elixir the old man had left for her.  She poured it into the bath water.  After finishing all of this, instead of getting into the tub, she went again into the space, took a deep breath, and drank the water in the Lingquan.

  Because it’s effects will not transfer to the outside, it can only be taken there.

  After drinking a few mouthfuls continuously, Yi Ti stopped. After waiting for a while, she only felt a bit drowsy. She knew this was probably the spring water coming into effect. So she went out of the space, took off her clothes and laid in the bathtub. Subsequently, Yi Ti didn’t feel any pain, just a whirling off to sleep.

  When she woke up, it appeared that two hours had passed and the water in the bathtub had turned completely black and was smelly.

  Yi Ti deeply felt that it was a miracle that she had not drowned. Otherwise, when the police report came out, what would it say? Although she did not know it, but a magazine would have reported  – “Young woman alone found drowned in ditch water.  Was it for money? Is it the folk legend of the Tai Sui?” That would have been really terrible!

  She thought that while standing under the shower to rinse off the foul black water.  Then, she cleaned the tub, refilled it, and added more medicine.

  Then back into the space … …

  Yi Ti repeated this several times before dawn.  The water in the bathtub was no longer black, and was exactly the same as before she laid down.  This indicated that the “marrow cleansing” was successful.

  She rinsed off her body for the last time, dried off and put on clothes.  It was easy to reach the mirror and wipe away the condensation that settled on it.  Yi Ti carefully looked in the mirror and saw none of the exaggerated changes like the novels described. She did notice that her skin was a little whiter, her subtle freckles and minor acne had disappeared, and she might be a little skinnier.  But it was nothing too obvious.

  Anyway, that made sense, right?

  Cleansing the marrow is not cosmetic!

  Later, Yi Ti went into the basement.

  In the normal sense, underground, of course, you wouldn’t see the sunrise. However, this carefully built old basement had its own special place.

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