Chapter 7 – Face Punch

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 After the two forces strongly collided against each other, a ray of white light was seen in the sky. Yu-Liu muscular frame stood rooted on the spot; not a single hair moved. Moreover, Yun-Ye who was transformed into an old cow, also stood frozen on his spot, his shirt was ruffling, and he too had no intention of backing off.

It was a tie!

The two people were too stubborn, with neither party wanting to surrender, nor could they bear any minute longer with each other.

 How could that be?

 He should know Yu-Liu was the official disciple of Tian Zhu valley, even if Tian Zhu valley was leading their most powerful warrior; its worst skill would have still overpowered the self-cultivation mind skill!

 In the last few thousands of years, even the most skilled disciple would not be able to compete with Tian Zhu valley’s disciple, let alone to have an equal match.

 Dao Lie-Liu’s eyes sunk, he could feel his heart convulsing in pain. He rubbed his eyes furiously, thinking that it was all just his imagination. However, he realized that this was a reality, and not just a dream. The reality hit him like a wave washed off the shore, except this wave hit him hard on his chest.

 The other disciples were looking around anxiously; shock written on every face.

 “It is only a sample,” said Yun-Ye and smirked as his confidence grew inside, he had not even put in much effort on that punch.

 Yu-Liu felt a cold shudder run through his back when he heard this. The strength of the punch on his palm was still buzzing in pain. That power and strength of that punch could not have been the power of the disciples.

 Even if he had not punched him hard enough before, that strength could have only been gained through multiple tests and trials.“You hid it deep,” said Yu-Liu as he emotionlessly looked at Yun-Ye. “But if you think you can defeat me just because your skills are more powerful, then you’re too innocent,” he uttered.

 “Really?” Yun-Ye smirked at him and squinted his eyes. Yu-Liu slowly raised his arms and a faint red tone was visible on his palm. From far, it looked as if there was blood reflecting the sunlight.

“What you’ve learnt so far was only merely the basic, it is only the normal fighting skill, but to us, the disciples of Tian Jian Zong, we learn to the highest gods’ level!” Gods’ level is rated from one to nine, one being the highest and nine being the lowest. Although I’m in the ninth level, it is more than enough for you peasants.”

“Your skills were indeed good, I could’ve encountered this, but it was too hard-edged, I will never get to learn this Gods’ level skills.” Under the reflection of blood, Yu-Liu’s palm turned into pale white, his veins and arteries were clearly visible as well. He stared at that unique transition, indulgently.

 As the scent of blood spread across the air, it stirred up the annoyance in the heart when you smelt it. Dao-Liu’s face changed and he was frustrated with the nauseous scent of blood. The disciples who were standing a couple of hundred meters away could not smell the blood at this distance but could feel the frustration.

Was this the Gods level? Apparently, it was the lowest class of ninth level skills, with this power, it was indeed, as Yu-Liu had said, and not even the disciples could bear it.

Yun-Ye stood still amid the fight, his expression reflecting neither annoyance nor anxiety.

However, only his eyebrows squinted swiftly and he looked surprised as if the blood had stirred up his emotion, disturbing his meditation.

Yu-Liu did not fight back, instead he waited long enough for the blood to wrap around Yun-Ye and said, “I want to break off your concentration, and your soul to be devoured completely. That way I will be able to get my vengeance.”

 He stared deeply at Yun-Ye, his eyes pierced at him like a sinister snake. As the scent of blood travelled to his body, it was clearly visible from Yun-Ye’s pale face and scrunched brows, it affected him deeply.

“This is just the beginning!” said Yu-Liu. Yun-Ye’s eyebrows tightened even more, undeniably, the blood had disturbed him intensely, after all he was the disciple of the mighty, he knew he did not stand a chance when it came to this disciple. Therefore, he felt an unwavering frustration in his body when the scent hit him.

But, when the blood scent entered his body, a bright light hit his chest hard and gushed to his brain. At that moment, he saw it again. A troop of golden shield soldiers moving forward like a wave. The land was filled with infinite fiery assassination sense; he wanted to kill every single disciple of Tian Zhu valley.

 All of that because this vibe was too strong.

The golden light rolled over them, the slaughter atmosphere intensified.

 A black and white light traveled from far, and a brawny man in black stood there proud like a lion. A woman in white stood beside him, looking elegant and graceful. However, no matter how hard Yun-Ye tried, he could not see their faces clearly, he could only figure out the invisible shadow around the woman in white. This scene kept flashing in his mind, Yun-Ye felt his blood rushing through his veins and bones, traveling across his whole body.

All of the sudden, the blood scent was wiped off instantly, not even a single scent left in his frame. The pressure around them vanished promptly; it had no longer affected him.

A powerful force gushed onto him.

Yun-Ye’s face darkened and his face went paler than before, it was as if he could collapse anytime soon because of the blood scent.

Yu-Liu saw this and could not hide his evil smirk, he walked forward to Yun-Ye with his blood palm shining on him, and he wanted him to feel his mighty force and the hopelessness.

What would make him suffer more?

Waiting to die!

He would be unable to die immediately even if he knew death was coming for him, he could only wait until it was his turn and he could do nothing about it. This negative force would devour him, even if he were determined and strong-willed.

Yu-Liu walked over to him with a smirk on his face, he showed off his blood palm once again on his body, as if he was caressing his face. “How does it feel?” Yu-Liu laughed in satisfaction, his sarcasm filled the air.

Yun-Ye looked up at him squinting.

Yu-Liu felt a sudden pang abruptly when he saw Yun-Ye smiling back at him. At that moment, Yun-Ye raised his fist and punched on his face, followed by another punch before he could realize what was happening.

The first punch was hard enough to make his feet shudder, it hit on his blood palm, and the pain was so intense that Yu-Liu let out a scream, his palm was destroyed, and he felt a jolt.


He saw another punch coming closer to him and hit him on his face. Yu-Liu cried out in pain and blood was spilling out from his mouth, he flew away with that punch.

Yun-Ye did not stop, he moved towards him like a lightning and kicked intensely on his right leg. Yu-Liu flew off again and he tried to get back on his feet.

“Are you the real disciple of Tian Zhu valley?” Yun-Ye forced out an answer from him, he walked to his side and grabbed his long hair, and then he threw Yu-Liu beside Dao Lie-Liu.

In the chaotic screaming, Dao Lie-Liu felt a heavy burden beside him, he could no longer think straight.

“I will not kill you, but I will not let you live.”

 Yun-Ye took a deep breath as he tried to suppress his intention to kill this man in front of him, he walked towards Yu-Liu slowly and kicked hard on his face.

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