Chapter 7 – The Emperor’s Poisoned Flower, No virtue!

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As soon as the girl dressed in green opened her mouth, the guys said one after the other, “Yes, Teacher Shao!”

Wow, Jiuche had just realized how terrifying the girl was. They were all so scared that they had forgot to answer!

Shao Qingrou, besides having unparalleled beauty and grace, was also a Sky Emissary. At only twenty years old, she had secretly received a treasure. Now she was 25 and was an internal disciple of Tiantai school.

Tiantai school is not exactly an ordinary institute. It was a second level school. People could only admire such a high school.

For this reason, Shao Qingrou with her beauty and her genius had become the girl of dreams of many and was called “Flower of the Empire.” Young people fondly called her “Shao teacher”.

She turned to Jiuche and smiled slightly. It was as if her face, beautiful as a lotus flower, emanated delicate and fascinating rays.

“Miss Jiuche, you do not have to get angry with them. They are just worried that you have not rested enough. If you have nothing to do now, then let’s go home, okay? Afterwards, we will prepare tomorrow’s test together. The teacher will help you. ”

Shao Qingrou smiled and among the boys spread a murmur while waiting for Jiuche reaction.

It had been a while and Jiuche had not even considered Shao Qingrou, who was embarrassed a bit. All this made the boys even more infuriated.

This good for nothing had the goddess’s interest and was not even considering it?

She’s playing with fire!

“Jiuche, teacher Shao is in charge of accompanying us to the trial. She is our guardian…How dare you not even look at her? And if do not talk or do not move, then do not complain about losing the opportunity to join entrance examination at Tiantai School!”.

“Right! Right now you are acting like this, but you secretly love her … Did you ever look at yourself in a mirror?!? ”

“A toad that wants to eat swine meat!”


Although the schools that will recruit disciples tomorrow are not few, all of the citizens of Qingyan lands looked only at Tiantai school. This is because of her high position and also because Shao Qingrou had many supporters inside. So with her help, entering the Tiantai school has become quite simple.

To get Shao Qingrou’s benevolence, the people of the population were willing to do everything. They always had a bad expression on their face and often used harsh words.

“Stay calm… Do not do that…” Shao Qingrou scolded the boys and later glared Jiuche with her gaze.

Jiuche, looking at that funny scene in front of her eyes, began to laugh. Her face still covered in that black substance and with an extraordinary brightness in her eyes.

She could not be wrong. In Shao Qingrou’s malicious eyes, she read a certain murderous intenton her.


If the original owner was really so stupid, then she would not even react. That’s why Jiuche was beginning to understand why those people were so upset and wanted to hurt her!

It is because of this “Shao Qingrou” girl!

Shao Qingrou had a sincere appreciation for Emperor Liu and Emperor Liu and had a great protection instinct towards the original owner.

Although it was solely for the agreement that Emperor Liu had with her family, this had become a condemnation to Jiuche.

Once tired of watching this pathetic scene, Jiuche shrugged and said with disdain, “Shao Qingrou? She does not have so many virtues!”

The boys were petrified in front of such an affront.

What did Jiuche say?

Teacher Shao does not have so many virtues? Is her brain still functioning?

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