Chapter 7.2

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I’m pretty sure i failed my math test today yolo, why do teachers give tests a week before exams???


Let me tell you a story of how I am the greatest procrastinator to walk the earth and unintentionally accidentally finished all of chestnuts other untranslated novels this week. whoops. now im going to fail all of my exams b/c of this.

I LOVE CHESTNUTS BOOKS THOUGH, but i hate myself to reading ahead since a lot of them are being picked up by translators.

Kiseki at radiant translations is doing a poll on which chestnut book she’ll pick up, go check it out! 





What was the most painful disease in the entire world? The sheer ignorance of people ah! In this era, even if what you say is true, no one would believe it!

Ah Yao looked on as the amount of people trampling on her footprints increased, she decided that she would hide in silence for a while, however a new reply suddenly appeared, successfully stopping Ah Yao from shutting down the computer.

[ “You guys are all a group of brain-damaged people, was it because you watched too much of brain-damaged Mo Zhen’s Dr. Gao Sen that killed your brain cells? All he has is his face, if his so-called acting skills could win so many awards, then I don’t know how many people could suddenly become the king of the acting industry! And also, who knows how many times that handsome face has gone under the knife!” ]

This post sent the forum into a strange and eerie silence for a moment, and then … …



An overwhelming response attacked the forum like a machine gun firing reply after reply, Ah Yao had to refresh the page multiple times to keep up. The page that had the attack on Mo Zhen was filled with a blazing fire, in the face of a thousand troops, a single soldier had no chance to fight back. Even Ah Yao couldn’t help but scold her too.

[ You have brain damage! Your whole family has brain damage! When someone wins awards it’s because of money, when someone’s good looking it’s because they’ve gone under the knife? Does the mental hospital know about your severe opinions on people? This time you’re using to go online should be used for calling an ambulance!” ]

Ah Yao’s comment would soon be swept away by the flurries of comments that bombarded the screen, but quite a few people had seen it.

[ “(⊙_ ⊙) Sadako had an unexpected burst of combat power ah.” ]

[ “Is Sadako supposed to be black or what? There are some things I can no longer understand… …” ]

[“Black powder. The surface is black, but the heart is filled with love for Mo Zhen 2333333333333” ]

(I searched it up! Black powder refers to someone who maliciously smears a famous person)

[“Seeing how much you love Mo Zhen, I won’t take revenge for stealing my 1000th floor anymore.” ]

Ah Yao: “…”

[“Sadako Sadako, Does our male god really have a poster in his room? A picture to reveal the truth ah.”]

[“” (→) → → But if you post a picture how can you confirm it’s Mo Zhen’s bedroom?]

Ah Yao: “…”

She silently quit the forum, and shut off computer.

The world was truly crazy, it would be better if she didn’t go on the internet frequently.

When the sun began to rise, Mo Zhen’s biological clock woke him up on time. His long curled lashes were like butterfly wings, Mo Zhen’s eyes opened a slight crack.

“Good morning, Mr. Landlord. Today, we must work hard!” Ah Yao stood in the window of Mo Zhen’s bedroom, bowed and smiled.

Mo Zhen: “… …”

Hey, this Li Gouhai, you didn’t stand here all night right?!

Thinking about how it was totally possible, Mo Zhen could not help but have goosebumps.

The phone rang and Tang Qiang’s name popped onto the screen, “Good morning, Emperor Mo! Today, we must work hard!”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

Was Tang Qiang being possessed right now?

“Emperor Mo, I have some good news to tell you, you have an assistant! Today they will come to report!”

Mo Zhen’s raised his eyebrow, and sat up from the bed, “What kind of person are they?”

“A lovely sister, you will like it!”

“… …” strange.

After he had hung up the phone, Mo Zhen saw Ah Yao staring at him with her big eyes, and he followed her line of sight.

His loose pajamas hung slanted on his shoulders, the two buttons that had opened when he was asleep exposed his collarbone and left shoulder.

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows as he rebuttoned his collar; grabbing the pillow behind him, he yelled, “Get out ah, goat!”

The pillow flew through Ah Yao’s body unaffected, Ah Yao laughed twice, turned and floated out of Mo Zhen’s bedroom.

When Mo Zhen finished dressing and went downstairs, Ah Yao was taking the bread out of the toaster, she put the two slices of bread down on the plate, and floated to Mo Zhen’s side, Mo Zhen rubbed his head and took a deep breath. “We’re not filming “The Ring”,” he said. “Could we not do these special effects?”

Ah Yao: “…”

The plate in front of Mo Zhen turned a full circle, and floated back to the living room table.

Mo Zhen walked to the front of the kitchen to take a piece of bread, and as always, took a piece of a lemon to bite on.

When the Bentley was driven out of the garage, it was just half past six. Ah Yao was once again sitting in the front passenger seat; she was in a good mood today and hummed a tune along the ride.

Mo Zhen glanced at her and asked: “Have you remember who you are?”

“……not yet.”

“Then why are you in a good mood today?”

Ah Yao: “… …” Hmph, she did not want to tell him that she had spent all last night smearing his reputation black on the internet.

The studio was the same as yesterday- surrounded by reporters and various cars of all shapes and sizes. Mo Zhen’s car, in all of its grace and beauty, drove into the parking a lot and stopped beside his “nanny’s car”

“Mo Zhen, I’ll introduce you, this is the Xiao Xi, your new assistant.”

Mo Zhen had just come out the car and saw Tang Qiang coming over with a woman. The young woman looked to be around 23-24 years old, she wore a white t-shirt with jeans and had shoulder-length black hair that was combed into a sleek ponytail at the back. She only had a pair of black-rimmed glasses on her face, and did not appear to have makeup on, nevertheless, her entire appearance looked very clean and fresh.

When Xiao Xi saw Mo Zhen, her face flushed with excitement, “You, Hello! I am Mo Zhen! No, no, I am a Xiao Xi, very pleased to be your assistant, Emperor Mo!”



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  1. pwip

    Unintentionally accidentally finished ALL OF THEM?? LOL that’s some next level procrastination. Thanks for the chapter!! Good luck “studying” 😉

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      I have the bad habit of cackling maniacally at my laptop whenever I read so guess who’s been dubbed extremely strange by my classmates? 😉 no regrets though mwahahaha

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      search the chinese name of the novel into google, to find the chinese name, go on novel updates and look at the “alternative name” section of the page for the book

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    I almost posted a math-importance related pic here, though I hesitated because I saw how most people really hate math. Since Sadako’s experiences here has been an eye-opener on what would happen when you go against the majority, I’ll just silently give condolences to Pythagoras and others. Probably it’s really better to be unknown than to be popularly hated. Lol, thanks for the chapter.


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