Chapter 7.1

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Oh my lord trying to translate the comments of Mo Zhen’s fans is extremely hard, to be quite honest the majority of it does not make any sense to me. So I’m very sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense, I tried really hard to find out what it means, but unfortunately I’ve lived in Canada for the majority of my life so I’m not exactly updated on Chinese social media. So please, if anyone has an inkling of what the fans are trying to say, please speak up, and if anyone is interested in becoming an editor or a translator checker for this novel, please! please! please! contact us!

I will be going on a 2 week hiatus from now till the beginning of February, yesterday I realized how screwed I was for exams and how close the dates were! So yeah, time to cram yay!

Wish me luck and see you in February!



Mo Zhen pressed the answer key, he heard a greeting from the other side of the phone.

“Mo Zhen … …”

For a moment, Mo Zhen was a little surprised, Xiang Yunze’s voice sounded very tired, but it also had a trace of faint uneasiness. Although Mo Zhen had known him for almost his entire life, he had only heard this tone of voice twice.

The first was because of his parents’ divorce, and the second time was when he decided to go abroad.

“What’s wrong, Yunze?” Mo Zhen subconsciously sat up straight, even his tone had become more serious.

“The Li family had a problem… …” Xiang Yunze at this point had recovered his voice and spoke normally, “I am now at the Central Hospital.”

Mo Zhen frowned, Xiang Yunze had once accidently mentioned it, the little girl he has been hiding this entire time also had the last name Li.

“What’s wrong with your little girlfriend?” In addition to what happened to her, Mo Zhen could not think of any reason that would make Xiang Yunze be in this distressed state.

The other side of the phone was quiet for a while, Xiang Yunze finally spoke, “She fell from the stairs, and now unconscious.”

Mo Zhen was silent for a moment and quietly said: “Do not worry, medicine has become very advanced these days; I’m sure she will be okay.”

Yunze mockingly laughed and said: “If I knew this was going to happen I would’ve studied medicine.”

When Xiang Yunze went to America for college, he majored in the subject that Mo Zhen hated the most- physics. Mo Zhen did not think Yunze would actually pursue a PhD in it, even becoming a visiting professor at a university.

Mo Zhen had always felt that a playboy prince like Xiang Yunze, would only go to college to have fun and play.

Mo Zhen sighed and said to the Xiang Yunze at the other end of the phone: “Don’t think too much, go home, take a bath and have a good sleep, maybe she will wake up tomorrow morning.”

“I won’t bother you any longer, big superstar, go sleep your beauty sleep.”

The corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth were slightly raised, “Someone like me, a natural beauty, will still need beauty sleep?”

Ah Yao: “…”

She did not know how the person on the other side of the phone responded, but in short, she was successfully disgusted by Mo Zhen’s sentence. After she listened the two talk about nonsense for a moment, she saw Mo Zhen hang up the phone, Ah Yao could not help but curiously ask, “Did your friend get into an accident?”

Mo Zhen glanced at Ah Yao, his hand held his cell phone as he walked to go upstairs, “You’re dead, why do you still have such a strong sense of curiosity?”

Ah Yao pouted and followed Mo Zhen to float upstairs.

Mo Zhen stopped and stared back at Ah Yao, “I’m going to the gym on the third floor, then I’ll take a bath and go to bed; do not follow me, if you want to play, stay on your side.”

Ah Yao: “…”

She felt that Mo Zhen was always treating her like a pet dog.

Since she was warned to stay only in the living room, Ah Yao obediently drifted to the sofa to sit down. Mo Zhen did exactly as he said; exercised in the gym for an hour and then went to go to bed.

Ah Yao watched as the lights in Mo Zhen’s room on the second floor dimmed, she floated in the living room for a while and then turned on the TV once again.

This evening, God Forbidden Zone 2 was being broadcasted on TV, and Dr. Gao Sen had continued his research on “Resurrection” in his laboratory. The spread of the virus was causing more and more deaths in the human population, it had even led to people who were trapped in harsh conditions to start killing each other as a way to survive.

Ah Yao finished watching the movie, and on a whim she decided to open the laptop that was sitting on the living room table. The laptop that had been left in the living room did not have a password, allowing Ah Yao to enter the system very smoothly.

After the computer had rebooted, the mouse appeared to move up and opened the desktop browser. The sound of the keyboard was very unusual in the dark and quiet living room.

Ah Yao typed “Mo Zhen” into the search bar, soon, the browser had instantly found out more than 10 million results. Ah Yao’s eyes swept web page after web page and finally a gossip forum called the Cape caught her interest.

The forum had many pages, Ah Yao clicked the one that said entertainment gossip and found that the first post was a discussion on Mo Zhen.

[ “This morning I ate a hazelnut, I feel as if I am re-energized!”

O (* ^ @ ^ *) o”]

Ah Yao blinked a few times. There were a variety of Mo Zhen’s photos- photos of stills from the God Forbidden Zone series and photos from magazine shoots; Ah Yao found them all very dazzling. It wasn’t just the owner of the forum adding the photos, from time to time, other fans came in and added even more photos, fans would come in everyday full of spirit, and added even more material to the photo collection.

Ah Yao looked at all of the overflowing love fans had given to Mo Zhen and then remembered Mo Zhen’s various misdeeds towards her, and with great indignation she created her own ID, named Sadako, and decided to expose him to his fans.

[Your male god is a rude and arrogant guy! Your male god has an extremely petty character! Your male god actually likes to eat fruit pudding! Your male god even has a poster of himself hung up in his bedroom, this you should know!]

The keyboard clattered as Ah Yao angrily typed, she pressed the enter key after a long breath and finally felt very accomplished.

There soon was another reply after hers.


[ “Does Male god really like to eat fruit pudding? Or am I just daydreaming? (* / Ω * *)” ]

[ Look at her ID, then you will know that she has evil intentions towards Mo Zhen.”]

(probably referring to her ID as Sadako?)

[ “FML, she even robbed me of the 1000th floor! To the one called Sadako, do not run away when school ends, meet me on the rooftop!”]  (Okay for anyone who has read shoujo manga, do you know the plot where the “mean gang of girls” call the protagonist to the rooftop to square up? Well I’m pretty sure it’s referring to that.)

[ “Am I the only one who is curious on how she knows that Mo Zhen has a poster of himself in his bedroom?” ]

“Upstairs SB, do you believe in the words of an evil spirit?” (again, no idea who Upstairs SB is, but that’s literally what the raws say)

“I have reported that Sadako, no need to thank me.”

Ah Yao: “…”



And if anyone knows what the 1000th floor is referring to, please tell me! b/c that’s legitimately what the raws said and now I’m questioning chinese social media.

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