Chapter 69: She Said….

By | June 4, 2017

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Chapter 69: She Said, She Doesn’t Like Him Anymore

Song Wuyou was surprised, “He was in my room last night?”

Xu Jing nearly bloomed, feeling triumphant, “Not only was he there, he even turned off the lights before he left.”

“………..” No wonder. She remembered she fell asleep with the lights on, but when she woke up, the lights were switched off.

“Miss, in fact, Young Master Gu treats you quite well.” Xu Jing said as she brought in a tray of sliced fruits.

Song Wuyou pondered that as she looked at the tray of fruits that held a colorful variety of dragon fruit, apples, and kiwi…

“I thought you hadn’t gone to bed yet, so I warmed a glass of milk for you, thus bumping into Young Master. He even reminded me not to disturb your sleep.”

“…………” Her long lashes fluttered slightly. Gu Yanhao’s sudden kindness made her feel awkward.

Seeing her Miss lost in thought, Xu Jing asked curiously, “Miss, what are you thinking about?”

Song Wuyou raised her head and looked straight at Xu Jing, “Xu Jing, did you like how I was in the past?”

Xu Jing was stunned for a moment, “Miss, why are you asking this?”

“Answer me.”

“You want an honest answer?”

“Of course.”

Xu Jing smiled awkwardly, “Frankly, I was afraid of the Miss before the car accident.”


“In the past, you would throw tantrums at me. Always aiming to please Young Master Gu, your dressing was also….”

“…………..” Therefore, Gu Yanhao likes her now because she is different.

“But, the you now is excellent!” Xu Jing praised courageously. It was all thanks to the car accident that Miss became so calm, elegant, and has that otherworldly aura around her.

Song Wuyou gave a faint smile, “I also don’t like the past me.”

If even she herself doesn’t like the original Song Wuyou, how could someone as arrogant and proud as Gu Yanhao like the original host?

“Now, even Young Master Gu is paying attention attention to Miss,” Xu Jing was truly pleased for Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou swallowed a spoonful of porridge, “Pity. I don’t like him anymore.”

Xu Jing didn’t believe her, “Really? You really don’t like him anymore, not even a tiny bit?”

Recalling the scene when Gu Yanhao hugged Song Jiuyue, Song Wuyou felt uncomfortable inside.  She nodded, “Yes, I don’t like him anymore.”

Xu Jing wanted to say something more but from the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of a black shadow walking into the hall.  Xu Jing nearly jumped out of her skin as she quickly greeted respectfully, “Young Master Gu!”

Gu Yanhao was in his sports attire, dressed in black from head to toe with a few drops of sweat hanging from the tips of his hair, so luscious and sexy.

Xu Jing’s greeting was treated as air. His gloomy attention was on Song Wuyou instead.

Song Wuyou’s body froze for an instant upon hearing Xu Jing’s greeting before she recovered her calm, her actions poised as she elegantly scooped porridge into her mouth.

Gu Yanhao came to the seat opposite hers, pulled the chair out, and sat down.

Xu Jing swiftly brought his breakfast and hurried out from the dining hall.

His breakfast consisted of oatmeal porridge, bacon, and fresh fruits.

Light and simple, what he requested.  Song Wuyou swept a quick look over his breakfast, looked down and continued minding her own.

Gu Yanhao sat opposite her but he did not start eating. He just sat there looking at her, staring at her.  Song Wuyou’s head might be cast down, but she could feel the strong, penetrating gaze directed her way.

From the moment he walked in until now, Song Wuyou did not spare him a single glance. This made Gu Yanhao unhappy.  What made it even worse was her definitive tone when she said she didn’t like him anymore.

“Is your body better?” he asked.  The moment the words passed his lips, he wished he could smack himself.  She already said that she doesn’t like him, so why should he be concerned about her?

Song Wuyou thought he was asking how her body was recovering from the car accident, so she put on a fake smile, “I’m fine now.”

“You’re going out again today?”


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