Chapter 68 – Assasins

By | February 13, 2017

Murong Xue was exhausted. The slight shifting of places didn’t make her open her eyes. Instead, she merely switched her position to find a comfortable spot in Ouyang ShaoChen’s arms. Having found it, she buried her head in it and continued to sleep soundlessly.


It was as if she didn’t have any bones. She was soft and her faint fragrance encircled the carriage. It caused the calm aura of Ouyang ShaoChen to ripple.


Peering down at her, he saw that she was breathing lightly, her long eyelashes casted shadows beneath them and her pink lips were pursed together lightly. It was as if they were waiting for someone to kiss them.


Slowly, Ouyang ShaoChen reached down and lightly placed his lips on hers. Her lips felt soft and sweet. However, his light kiss had intruded her constant breathing…..


Murong Xue had felt some discomfort in her sleep. Her eyebrows knitted together lightly. She then buried her face deeper into his arms, avoiding the chance of another kiss.


Gazing at her half buried face in his arms, Ouyang ShaoChen lightly grimaced: Did she just reject him…? Or was it because she didn’t like people to disturb her while she was sleeping?


Ouyang ShaoChen slowly straightened his back. He looked at her quietly, his eyes held shades of an enigma.


Suddenly, his expression darkened. He then opened the hatch above the carriage, carried Murong Xue and flew out.


While he was in halfway in the air, a loud “BANG” was heard. The luxurious horse carriage was blown to smithereens, its wooden structure ricocheted away and smoke rose from it.


Murong Xue awakened at the sound of the explosion and looked at the blown apart carriage. She immediately knew what had happened. Her face darkened to a murderous shade: The horse carriage had the Zhen Manor’s logo on it. The person who buried the bomb beneath it was obviously aiming for her!


Ouyang ShaoChen slowly set Murong Xue down safely on the ground. All of a sudden, they heard something aerial heading towards them.


Murong Xue turned to look and saw countless black-feathered arrows heading towards them from all directions. The sky was dense with them.


“Assassins! Protect Miss Murong and Heir Ouyang!” someone exclaimed. Wu Heng, Xun Feng and the Zhen Manor’s guards assembled around Murong Xue and Heir Ouyang, forming a protective circle. They used their blades to stop the impending arrows.


Only the sound of repelling the arrows were heard. Having being repelled, the arrows dropped on the ground. But a few guards got hit too.


Ouyang ShaoChen held Murong Xue lightly and saw the direction where the arrows were coming from. It was as if he was already used to being ambushed.


The arrows were raining hard on them but the swords were also fast to repel them. Xun Feng and Wu Heng’s swords were waving around so much that even wind couldn’t penetrate their swings. For now, the rain of arrows couldn’t hurt Murong Xue and Ouyang ShaoChen.


In another place, the black-shirt aggressors saw that the arrows had no effect. They lightly waved their hands and the others stopped shooting their arrows. Instead, they unsheathed their long swords and attacked.


Xun Feng, Wu Heng and the palace’s guards also did the same and met the aggressors head on. At that moment, the air was filled with the battle’s rage……..


More than 10 people were in the fight, one couldn’t see much but they could see Xun Feng and Wu Heng’s swords as fast as the wind. Wherever they had swung their swords, black-shirt aggressors would fall on the ground…….


“Xun Feng and Wu Heng’s martial arts skills are quite decent!”  Murong Xue praised: Ouyang ShaoChen had trained them and indeed, they had stood out.


“They are the best among my guards. Even though the black-shirt aggressors are many but they are not their opponents…….” Ouyang ShaoChen replied calmly.


Suddenly, they heard another aerial attack. It was an arrow and it was aiming for Murong Xue….


Ouyang ShaoChen released an energy from within and aimed for the fast-approaching arrow.




The arrow exploded in mid-air.


The dense smell of explosives filled the air. Ouyang ShaoChen’s eyes filled with a dangerous gleam: They had actually tried to plot against their own, disgusting!


Beneath his sleeve, he clenched and unclenched his fist. A powerful energy surged out and hit the black-shirt aggressors, which caused them to spit out blood!


About 10 of them vomited blood and fell dead. The battlefield was filled with the thick scent of spilled blood!


Ouyang ShaoChen stopped. His expression was icy and his robe flapped in the wind, undamaged.


Most of the black-shirt aggressors lied defeated on the ground. Their corpses stained the yellow earth with fresh blood.


Murong Xue blinked. They had only fought for a while but now, all of the assassins were dead. Ouyang ShaoChen’s martial arts were incredible, however: “Ouyang shizi, you didn’t leave anyone alive?”


“There’s someone still alive over there.” Ouyang ShaoChen pointed as a black-shirt man rose out from the pile of corpses. He fell in front of at Murong Xue. His entire body and face were covered with blood and his eyes were rolling in his head.


Murong Xue pulled away his black mask. She pulled his collar and threatened him, “Who sent you to kill me?”


Still, the man’s eyes were rolling.


“You better tell the truth, don’t make up someone to deceive me. There are only a few who hate me and want me dead, even I can make a guess. I just need to confirm who it is with you. If you lie, I will make you wish you were dead!”


Murong Xue smiled, which was refreshing, but her eyes were filled with malice. It made the man catch his breath.


The man returned to his senses. It was then his eyes were filled with fear.


“It was your step grandmother, Du, who sent us…….she gave us 10 thousand silver pieces….to take your life….she had told us you would use this road back……”


“Ahh so it was that old hag, thank you very much!” Murong Xue smiled and lacerated his throat.


The man widened his eyes and fell heavily to the ground. Fresh blood was pouring from the cut and stained the ground red……..


Wu Heng raised his brow, puzzled he said, “Miss Murong, why did you not keep him alive as evidence and take him back to your step grandmother?”


Ambushing the rich and the noble was a serious crime. If proven, Madam Du would definitely be sent to prison.


“Madam Du is very clever. She wouldn’t leave any traces of her deal with them. With just the testimony of this man, it wouldn’t be enough to prove that she was involved. Moreover, she would most probably turn around and accuse me of false allegations!”


“Then, what are you going to do?” Wu Heng’s face was filled with curiosity: Letting Madam Du off the hook? This wasn’t what Murong Xue would do!


“Madam Du had sent me an unexpected gift. Of course it would be polite to send one back to her!” Murong Xue smiled coyly, her eyes were filled with hostility……….

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