Chapter 67 – Harvesting Diyang grass

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A breeze blew, bringing Ouyang Shaochen’s calm voice to all ears, “The peak has a lot of Diyang grass. Have you prepared your storage to store them all?”


“Don’t worry, I have long prepared my storage. Moreover, I have displaced many guards around it. Even if some villains were to breach the palace, they wouldn’t be able to destroy them……” Murong Xue smiled.


It didn’t matter if they had destroyed the Diyang grass, there was enough in Yu Mountain right now and even if he tried, Ye Yichen would never be able to destroy them completely. With Zhen Manor’s relations and wealth, she could find enough to prolong her life. It was not a problem.


Ye Yichen’s face turned dark. It was he who sent people to breach her palace and annihilate the fire lotus seeds. The ‘villains’ that she mentioned was secretly referring to him!


It had been many days since the incident. She was unhurt and alive. How could she still hate him?


Gazing at Murong Xue, she had reached the base and was looking at the peak.


Frowning, she said, “This peak is so high up and the road leading to it is very steep. If we follow it, will we not slip?”


To call it a road was honouring it. It was actually just a lightly-treaded pathway which was very narrow and smooth. There weren’t any branches or roots to hold onto. If one accidentally slipped on the way up, there would be nothing to hold onto, one would simply plunge all the way down ……


Looking at her worried face, Ouyang ShaoChen’s eyes held a tinge of humour, “Don’t worry, we won’t be walking up.”


“If not,” Murong Xue jolted, “then how would we get up there?”


Ouyang ShaoChen smirked and scooped her up in a one swoop, his white robe flapping as he did so. Murong Xue was stunned!


Murong Xue was held in his arms. Her light green dress robe flapped elegantly and her long, black hair swayed with the wind. The scene was complemented with the graceful fluttering of Ouyang ShaoChen’s white robe. It was a charming sight to behold!


Ye Yi Chen’s face turned livid. His gaze was fixed onto Ouyang ShaoChen and Murong Xue who was quickly disappearing. As he did so, his aura turned murderous. It left Ah Yi trembling and his eyelids jumping. Ah Yi’s eye caught sight of the corner of a purple robe and with an anxious voice he said, “Prince Jing, Princess Qin is getting worse!”


Ye Yichen jolted back to his senses. Looking back, he saw Qin Yuyuan’s face had flushed red and her breathing turned rapid. Underneath her thin clothes, he could sense her body temperature raising.


Qin Yuyuan’s sickness was indeed getting more serious. He couldn’t delay any longer. This time, he shall spare Ouyang ShaoChen. He could always come back to get even with him


Holding Qin Yuyuan tightly, Ye Yichen turned to take big steps. Without looking back, he issued his command, “Exit the mountain!”


Halfway up the peak, Ouyang ShaoChen glanced at him. He smirked.


Not long after that, he had reached the peak.


Murong Xue’s eyes swept nervously from side to side. She rolled out of his arms and tumbled on the ground. The ground she landed on was a golden landscape. Countless Diyang grass basked in the sun, swaying as the wind blew.


There were so many. She might not even be able to finish it in her lifetime. Even if her attacks came more often, she wouldn’t need to worry.


Murong Xue pulled out her dagger. Normally, herbs were harvested using specialised tools but she only had her dagger and nothing else. It was her only option.


Ouyang ShaoChen looked at her dagger and frowned, “There are at least a few thousand of them here. You wouldn’t be able to finish harvesting them even if you had 3 days!”


“Then what should I do?” Murong Xue looked at him.


Ouyang ShaoChen’s eyes filled with scorn: There was much simpler way and yet she couldn’t think of it! What an idiot!


With the snap of his fingers, a powerful energy flew out and crossed over the stems of the Diyang grass. At that moment, all the stems it passed over were cut and they fell neatly onto the ground.


Amazing! Murong Xue widened her eyes with shock: People who had mastered high level martial arts were indeed not the same! Not only could they go up and down mountain peaks with ease, they could also cut Diyang grass in a blink of an eye! They were even better than modern harvesting machines! Indeed, the rumours about Ouyang shizi weren’t false at all…


Looking down, she saw Xun Feng and Wu Heng carrying about 10 bamboo baskets. She hurried over to take one and happily filled the basket with the harvested Diyang grass.


Two hours later, all the Diyang grass had been harvested. Murong Xue, Ouyang ShaoChen, Xun Feng and Wu Heng descended the peak and exited the mountain with their yield!


At the base of the mountain, there were 3 transports waiting. One was the Zhen Manor’s horse carriage; the other two were horse carts.


Murong Xue commanded her workers to move the Diyang grass onto the horse carts and carefully tied them. After making sure that they were secured in place, Murong Xue sighed with relief: With all this Diyang grass, finally, she can secure her life!

The faint smell of tea encircled her nostrils. It was Ouyang ShaoChen drinking tea under a big tree.


Murong Xue blinked and walked over to him. Smiling, she said, “Thank you so much for your help, Ouyang shizi. How did you get to Yu Mountain?”


“Using my martial arts skills – Qing Gong!” Ouyang ShaoChen replied calmly. His eyes were partially hidden behind the steam of his tea and were unreadable.


Murong Xue jolted. It was no wonder that other than her own vehicles, she did not see a carriage or horse in sight. He didn’t use any of those to get here.


Ouyang ShaoChen had come to Yu Mountain from Jing City using his own ability and had accompanied her 2 days and a night. He had helped her immensely. He must have used up a lot of his stamina and strength. He also did not rest much during the trip, he must be very tired. It would be cruel to let him return to the city on his own.


“Heir Ouyang, if you don’t mind, you could sit with me in the horse carriage to return to Jing City. Regarding Xun Feng and Wu Heng, you could let them sit with the guards on the horse carts!”


“Alright!” Ouyang ShaoChen responded after pondering for a moment and nodded. He then put down his tea and walked towards the horse carriage. The corner of his mouth broke into a small smile.


Inside the carriage, it was laid out with expensive carpet. A faint fragrance filled his nostrils. It was emanating from Murong Xue.


Ouyang ShaoChen’s face became downcast when he saw Murong Xue’s exhausted face.


Frowning, he asked, “Are you very tired?”


Murong Xue nodded. She had spent 2 days and 2 nights without resting much, she was drained.


“Ouyang shizi, there are tea leaves, tea utensils, water, chess, books and more in the drawer. Please help yourself, I’m going to rest!”


Back in the modern era, it wasn’t a problem for her to stay up for 3 days and 3 nights. But her current body was too weak, it couldn’t be pushed for long. This was its limit.


“Alright.” Ouyang Shaochen nodded. He saw Murong Xue took out a pillow from the drawer and fell asleep. She didn’t even bother to cover herself with a blanket.


How can she be so uncaring of herself!


Again, Ouyang ShaoChen frowned. He was about to take a blanket out of the drawer when he saw her frowning in her sleep, it was as if she was having a bad dream.


He closed the drawer. Carefully, he eased Murong Xue into his arms………

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