Chapter 66 – Battle

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“What are you doing?” Murong Xue raised her brow and gazed coldly at Ah Yi and Ah Er.

“The mountain is unsafe, it will be dangerous if you head out alone. Prince Jing would like to invite Miss Murong to travel with us!” Ah Yi’s sword lowered, even though his voice was calm, it had a sense of command.

“What if I say no?” Murong Xue raised her brow: Travel together? It sounded tactful but they could either be taking her as hostage or keeping her until Qin Yuyuan awakens then avenging for her. She would never believe their lies.

“Then please excuse us!” Ah Yi pointed his sharp sword at Murong Xue’s neck.

Murong Xue’s lips curled into an icy smile. Her hand made a sudden swing across Ah Yi and Ah Er’s wrist. It left a long, thin cut. Blood was spilling from the wound.

“THUNK!” their swords dropped. They couldn’t lift it any longer………

Murong Xue returned her blade to its sheath. Stunned, Ah Yi and Ah Er could only look as she arrogantly stepped over them: Threaten her? They obviously don’t know where they belong! A split tendon for both so they can’t lift their swords any longer, let’s see how they try to stop her!

How could well-trained Qing Yan guards be unable to stop a weak girl like her! What a bunch of idiots!

Ye Yichen’s expression darkened. He moved quickly and was in front of Murong Xue in a second. He extended his arm to grab her shoulders.

Murong Xue frowned, he was everywhere, she couldn’t seem to stop encountering him!

She turned sideways and avoided his grip. She then extended her hand and was about to slap him!

Ye Yichen’s mouth curled into a smirk and dodged it. Instead, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him………

Murong Xue did not expect it and was frowning as she saw that she was fast-approaching Ye Yichen’s chest. As she was almost in his arms, a hand slapped Ye Yichen’s hand.

An arm grabbed her shoulder and pulled her into a warm hug. A faint smell of bamboo ink encircled her nose, it was such a comforting smell! She looked up and saw a familiar handsome face.

“Are you okay?” Ouyang ShaoChen said peering down at her, his eyes full of concern.

Murong Xue nodded and her face broke into a small smile, “I’m fine, you came just in time!”

Ouyang Shaochen’s mouth curled into a small smile. After he had jumped down from the cliff, he did not see Murong Xue’s silhouette. He then used the fastest speed he can manage to find her but he was still a step behind Ye Yichen……

Slowly, he raised his head up to look at the culprit. He had an icy gleam in his eyes, “Ye Yichen, as I’ve mentioned, don’t you dare touch Xue again!”

His hand clenched and unclenched, a strong wind emerged from his sleeve and surrounded Ye Yichen from all sides, attacking him.

Was Ouyang Shaochen ready to humiliate himself?

The last time when they were on the cliff, he had underestimated him and that made him careless. Because of that, Ouyang Shaochen had beat him and that was how he ended in the mountain stream. This time, he will be careful in dealing with him, Ouyang Shaochen will never beat him again!

Ye Yichen squinted, his hand under his sleeve started to clench and unclench too. A powerful energy surged and rushed towards OuYang ShaoChen’s wind of attack……

“PING PING PING!” the two powerful forces were at battle with each other in mid-air. Each crash made a frightful sound.

Murong Xue, who as standing beside the two, couldn’t see how they summoned their energy. She could only see OuYang ShaoChen’s white dress robe flapping in the wind which was produced by the aftermath of each crash. His dress robe was like a blooming white lotus, compelling energy came propelling out from each petal, aiming its forces at Ye Yichen……..

Ye Yichen’s expression was hostile, he was also propelling forces mercilessly at OuYang ShaoChen!

Both were competent fighters who had proficient martial arts skills. The battle raged on… For the moment, it was hard to decide who the winner would be!

Suddenly, a worrying news came: “Prince Jing, Princess Qin…’s no good…..”

When Ye Yichen heard the news, his hand trembled slightly, his propelled energy was momentarily disrupted.

At that moment, OuYang ShaoChen’s energy breached his defensive barrier and hit his shoulder. The sound “SWOOSH!” was heard and 3,4 deep cuts were formed on his shoulder. Blood spilled from his wounded shoulder……..

Ye Yichen sighed and frowned. His energy had scattered. He glanced at OuYang ShaoChen who remained unhurt and his expression turned downcast. Slowly, he receded his propelling energy and turned to walk towards Qin Yuyuan:

He will have plenty of chances to fight with OuYang ShaoChen again but Qin Yuyuan had only one life. If she didn’t survive, he wouldn’t be able to continue fighting………

OuYang ShaoChen saw Ye Yichen’s turning silhouette and stopped. His white sleeve cascaded down his handsome, long figure.

Murong Xue raised her brow and looked at Qin Yuyuan. She was a curled ball of pain in Ye Yiyhen’s arms – her lips had gone very pale, her face was swollen red, her eyes were shut and her lips were quivering, “….cold….it’s so cold…….”.

Her skin had been raked by tree branches and rocks and many cuts had been formed. If those cuts were not treated properly, they would be infected and she would get a fever!

Ye Yichen bent down to touch her forehead. From his hand, he felt an abnormally high heat raising and frowned. He then picked her up and paced quickly forward, “Exit the mountain, return to Jing City!”

Qin Yuyuan was hurt very badly and needed medical help, fast.

“Yes sir!” Ah Yi and Ah Er obeyed and picked up their fallen swords on the ground. They quickly followed Ye Yichen from behind.

Xun Feng and Wu Heng were seen running from the opposite direction. They peered at Qin Yuyuan who was muttering in Ye Yichen’s arms: Is that Qin Yuyuan? Her face looks so swollen. There’s even blood at the corner of her mouth.. If she weren’t in Ye Yichen’s arms, they would have never recognised her.

Qin Yuyuan had fallen off the cliff with Miss Murong. The condition she’s in must have been caused by Miss Murong!

At that moment, both of them were overcome with the feeling of admiration for Murong Xue. She was the first person who dared to hurt the princess of MoBei to that degree!

“OuYang shizi, Miss Murong!” both bowed in respect.

Ouyang ShaoChen nodded and said nothing.

“Ouyang shizi, we have found the DiYang grass, it’s at that mountain peak!” Wu Heng smiled as he said, pointing at the mountain in front: After they had descended from the cliff, they went to find everyone everywhere, but who knew they had stumbled upon the Diyang Cao.

“Really?!” Murong Xue was looking at the direction he had pointed. She saw medicinal herbs swaying with the wind. She looked closely and found that she was indeed looking at Diyang grass!

“Let’s go! Let’s be off to harvest them!” Murong Xue exclaimed, her eyes were filled with joy and she was running towards the mountain, pulling OuYang ShaoChen along.

Xun Feng and Wu Heng looked at each other then slowly followed them from behind.

Ye Yichen jolted to a stop, his eyes filled with mysterious shades of enigma: So the true purpose of her coming to Yu Mountain was to harvest the Diyang grass!

Diyang grass was a medicinal herb with Yang properties, its effect was far milder than the fire lotus seeds, she must have known that. And yet, she still chose to acquire it. Was she trying to break all relations with him?

The truth was that, he didn’t want her to die. He just wanted her to apologize and followed his conditions to be his concubine, then he would give her a lifetime supply of fire lotus seeds. But why was she so stubborn? She’d rather suffer than to compromise to him!

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