Chapter 65 – Deeply Wounded Qin Yuyuan

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Qin Yuyuan’s face was filled with terror. She screamed and tried to run but instead staggered.


Murong Xue’s mouth curled into a smirk. She was in front of Qin Yuyuan in mere seconds, blocking her way. She then kicked her and sent her rolling……


Murong Xue caught up slowly. Wherever Qin Yuyuan stopped, she would send another vicious kick. It was as if Qin Yuyuan was a rubber ball, each kick sent her rolling…..


How dare you dragged me down in this!


How dare you plot against me!


How dare you use me!


“Ahh….ahh…ahh!” Qin Yuyuan, who was sent rolling around in the silent valley, screamed. Her hair was in a mess and her hair pins were scattered all around. Her dress robe had been torn by rocks in many areas and her delicate skin had been scarred countlessly. Qin Yuyuan was in such a miserable state. Gritting her teeth she wailed, “Murong Xue, come kill me, if you dare!”


“Killing you straightaway would be mercy! I want to torture you slowly!” Murong Xue’s chilling answer bore into her ears.


Qin Yuyuan’s eyes were ablaze with anger, “Murong Xue, you vicious woman!”


“Me? Vicious? Qin Yuyuan, you commanded your henchmen to have me chopped up to pieces, isn’t that torturing me? Now that I’m doing this, it is only because I have learnt this tactic from you!”


Murong Xue smiled and again, kicked her. The skirt of her dress robe tore open and a piece of paper made from goat-skin fluttered out from it!


Murong Xue blinked and bent down to pick it up. The goat-skin paper was yellowed with age and black letters were written on it. There were also black strokes of vertical, horizontal lines and circles. Now that she looked at it, it looked like a map……


Murong Xue squinted, she was about to take a closer look at the letterings when Qin Yuyuan who was deeply wounded charged at her, “Give it back to me!”


“Get lost!” Murong Xue dodged her and kicked her. Unfortunately, the blow had landed on Qin Yuyuan’s face. With a cracking sound, Qin Yu Yuan spat out two of her teeth and fresh blood……


Murong Xue ignored all that, peered at her and proudly said, “This belongs to me now. Seeing that it’s mine now, I’ll let you die more comfortably. Tell me, how do you want to die?”


She didn’t know what was written on the goat-skin paper and wasn’t very interested in it. However, Qin Yuyuan obviously treasured it very much. That was why she wanted to claim it for her own, to anger Qin Yu Yuan!


“Murong Xue, I’ll kill you!”  Qin Yu Yuan cried and charged towards her with a sharp golden hair pin in her hand. Her eyes were ablaze with revenge!


Kill her?! She obviously didn’t know what she was capable of!


Murong Xue casually lifted her leg and kicked her again. This time the impact sent her flying 3,4 meters away. Murong Xue came towards her again, her dagger angled at her heart, she was about to stab her: Since she wanted to die so much, she shall grant her wish!


Seeing that the sharp dagger was about to pierce through Qin Yuyuan, a hand extended and grabbed Murong Xue’s wrist. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t bring it closer to Qin Yuyuan.


Murong Xue frowned and looked up. She found herself face-to-face with Ye Yichen’s handsome face.


He was gazing coldly at her, “Murong Xue, you are too vicious…….”


No wonder they’re a match for each other, they even described her in the same way!


Murong Xue’s mouth curled into an icy smile and pried loose of his grip.


“I learnt it from your lover!”


Ye Yichen’s sharp eyes swept across from Qin Yuyuan who had fainted to Murong Xue, “I have known Yuyuan for 3 years and I clearly know what kind of person she is – she is smart, beautiful and  kind. She is not vicious like you. Murong Xue, don’t you slander her or else don’t blame me for being unkind to you….”


The moment the words left his mouth, Ah Yi and Ah Er drew their swords and pointed them at Murong Xue.


Murong Xue ignored them, the cold smile still curled on her face. Qin Yuyuan, kind? This was the funniest joke she’s ever heard!


She then quickly lifted the brown-shirt man’s body and threw it in front of Ye Yichen: “This is Qin Yuyuan’s guard. An hour before, she commanded them to chop me to pieces……..She even thought of what way to kill me. This is your Princess Qin, kind indeed………..”


Ye Yichen turned a deaf ear towards Murong Xue’s sarcasm. His eyes were fixed onto the corpse of the brown-shirt man, suddenly, his eyes had a gleam of shock……….


It was only for a brief moment but Murong Xue had seen it: “Jing wang, why are so you surprised? Is it because you didn’t think that Qin Yuyuan would have her guards kill me or because you did not expect her to have her own guards…..?”


Just as she was mentioning that, she suddenly realised that when Ye Yichen and Qin Yuyuan met the carnivorous flower and the vampire bats, her guards were nowhere to be seen. That means that even Ye Yichen didn’t know that she had her own guards!


“The fact that Princess Qin had her own guards was such an important matter, did she not tell you? Isn’t she madly in love with you? Why would she keep this from you……”


Murong Xue had some feigned surprise in her voice but it was obvious that she was gloating over their misery: It was surprising how Qin Yuyuan and Ye Yichen were so similar in some ways……


It was such a sudden fact thrown out in the open that it made Ye Yichen terribly upset and confused.


Angrily he responded, “Murong Xue, you need not do that just to ruin my relationship with her….”


“Ye Yichen, the state of your relationship with her has been clearly displayed, why would I still need to ruin it? I was here to harvest herbs, not to be chased by carnivorous flowers or vampire bats. You two had dragged me into this, and one of you even pushed me off the cliff, endangering my life. It’s fine if you don’t apologize but instead, you accused me of ruining your relationship with her…… The way the mind of the Prince of War works is indeed wonderful!”


Murong Xue stared at Ye Yichen with contempt and walked away without turning back.


Looking at her slim silhouette, Ye Yichen squinted and coldly said, “Where are you going?”


“My business is none of yours, you take care of Princess Qin. I forgot to tell you but Qin Yuyuan has been hurt very badly, you better take her to a doctor quickly. If you’re too late, she might just become a corpse. By then, don’t say it was because I was jealous, it was all because you were too late……” Murong Xue said without slowing her pace.


Ye Yichen was here so she couldn’t kill Qin Yu Yuan. That made Diyang grass her first priority now. She would settle things with Qin Yuyuan another day.


Ye Yichen turned to Ah Yi and Ah Er and gave a knowing look.


Ah Yi and Ah Er understood immediately and went to block Murong Xue’s way………



when ur upset that qin yuyuan + ye yichen didn’t die because thats all you want right now.

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