Chapter 64 – Killing Ninjas In Brown

By | January 26, 2017

Qin Yuyuan had spies behind her, this was shocking to Murong Xue, those ninjas were skilled in their moves and their martial art were of high level as well, but it was not so easy to get her killed!


Murong Xue drew out her swords from her waist as well and ran forward to them without fear.


At that exact moment, leaves were rolling and flying around them, their shadows were swift and actions were as fast as lightning!


Murong Xue gripped on her sword tightly, the aura of the enemy’s threat vanished instantly with her killer instinct.


The brown ninjas’ eyes darkened as they ran forward with their swords pointing in front, they attacked Murong Xue who was in the centre from all four corners!


Murong Xue ducked from three swords quickly, another sword won its way and cut through her hair at her side forehead, her hair fell gently from her head to the ground…


Murong Xue squinted her eyes, these ninjas dressed themselves oddly and their skills were deadly. She was sure herself that they were not from Qing Yan, they were probably the spies sent to Qin Yuyuan from her father; they were all experienced in their fighting, she was not as trained as them, moreover, she was all by herself here, she knew that she would not win if she continued fighting! She had to think of a plan to get rid of these ninjas.


Murong Xue smiled to herself, with a light tip-toed jump, her slender figure disappeared into the midst of forest. Forest was her territory, those ninjas could only show their skills outside. Once they went into the forest, they would no longer be the dominant ones!


The ninjas in brown quickly followed her into the forest, but all they could see were bushes and trees, there was no Murong Xue in sight.


The leader among them ordered, “We shall find her separately!”


“Yes!” the rest of them went to their separate ways; they ran to all east, west, south and north directions to search for Murong Xue.


The forest was filled with unorganized branches and weeds, it was chaotic inside. The ninjas went on their way with care, their eyes scanned through the surroundings despite the unkempt environment.


Suddenly, there was a ruffling sound from behind, one of the ninjas swung his swords towards the directions and the sword cut through a tree trunk. However, there was no one there, he breathed out in relief, knowing it was just the windswept sound of leaves.


A beautiful face emerged in front of the ninja out of the sudden, he was overwhelmed and with that, he stood there frozen as a sword sliced through his throat in one second.  Blood was spilled out of his throat; he gripped his sliced throat firmly when he realized what was going on. Slowly, the ninja fell at his feet with his hands still around his bleeding throat, his eyes were opened wide and they were filled with perplexing and staggered.


Murong Xue looked down expressionless at the body, she then took out a piece of silk handkerchief and proceeded to wipe off the blood stains on her sword. She was the twenty-first century lady of the Murong’s family, she had undergone strict training since young which included fighting skills, weapon knowledge, guns, hunting methods and medicines.


Her household members recruited numerous deadly killer trainers when she was eighteen years old, they were supposed to train her skills. She would kill those psychopaths in the mountains when they surrounded her and tried to hunt her down, these few unknown ninjas were absolutely nothing to her!


All she had been doing since she arrived at Qing Yan was quarrelling with the mother and daughter of Du’s house, she did not manage to brush up her fighting skills since then, and now that those ninjas in brown showed up just like that, it was a good practice for her!


Murong Xue threw her blood-stained handkerchief into the air, and smirked coldly as she walked towards a direction. Now, the game had changed, she promised herself that she would kill all of the other ninjas…


The bushy forest was extraordinarily quiet, the ninjas did not dare to move a single hair, however, they walked steadily step-by-step with swords in their hands, their eyes were gazing around and ears were listening carefully for any unusual movements.


Murong Xue’s slim figure was hanging downwards on a tree branch, her forehead was right in front of them and with ease, she sliced her swords across one of their throats, just like the one before, his blood oozed out and it gradually became a huge pile of blood pool, the ninja’s body went stiffed and he fell down on the ground, dead…


Poor man, he would never know when did Murong Xue went up to his head…


“An San!” Murong Xue dashed forward to the voice, she hurried in front of the ninja who yelled and pierced her sword into his heart directly, blood spilled out from the attack and filled the glowing evening skies…


Murong Xue pulled out her sword from his heart and walked towards the last ninja, with blood dripping from her sword, onto the green grass at her feet…


The last ninja was the most powerful one, he strolled carefully around her with his long mighty sword.


Murong Xue leaped to him from bushes of trees, her sword in her hand exploded through his forehead and blood could be seen seeping from the blow…


The ninja stunned in his feet and after a moment, he fell hardly on the ground…


Murong Xue won this battle, the four ninjas in brown were all dead, now it was her time to get revenge from their master!


The clouds in the sky and mist in the surroundings evacuated gradually, the golden sunbeams shone across the airy green land.


Qin Yuyuan sat beneath a big tree with torn clothes on her, she was holding on to the medicines gave to her by a ninja, she wiped some of the medicine on her wounds and cringed when she felt the sizzling pain. Murong Xue had wounded her badly, she would not still be contented even if Murong Xue was killed!


A ninja in brown walked out from the forest, Qin Yuyuan looked at him and stated coldly, “Is she dead?”


“My apology, Princess Qin, I’m not dead yet, sorry to disappoint you!” A laugh came from the woods, Qin Yuyuan froze on her spot, she turned to the voice slowly and saw Murong Xue’s pretty little face as she pushed the ninja aside, she stuttered, “how… how could that be…”


“Your spies were useless, I killed them all and walked here myself!” Murong Xue retorted teasingly.


“How could that be?” Qin Yuyuan was practically shouting, those incredible spies were gifts from her father, they were the most powerful and skilled fighters in Mo Bei, they could even defeat the strongest warrior on earth, how could Murong Xue have killed all of them so easily…


“It’s up to you to believe it, they’re all dead, and no one could stand in between my revenge!” Murong Xue grinned evilly, and she strode slowly towards Qin Yuyuan, each footsteps she made sounded as if Reaper was revealing herself…

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