Chapter 63 – Beat Up Qin Yuyuan

By | January 23, 2017

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Murong Xue saw Qin Yuyuan smirking from the corner of her eyes, and she knew what happened exactly on that moment. She grabbed the corner of her outfit furiously, leading her fell off the cliff along with Qin Yuyuan…


“Xue Er!” Ouyang pulled out his hands to grab Murong Xue, but his soft fingertips touched across her apple green dress, he could not manage to grab her in time…


Her slim figure and Qin Yuyuan fell into the limitless deep dark pit…


Ouyang went into a panic attack; he jumped down the cliff and followed Murong Xue. The white robe that he was wearing was particularly visible in the dark surroundings…


Shi Zi!” Xun Feng and Wu Heng screamed in fear and jumped along with Ouyang, they were his bodyguards, and it was their jobs to protect their masters and followed him wherever he went…


Ye Yichen was filled with mixed feelings, nevertheless, he spread out his arms like a bat and jumped off the cliff as well…


Wang Ye!” The bodyguard from house of Jing Wang, Ah Yi was astonished, what did just happen? Why everyone was jumping off the cliff?


“Ah Yi, let’s jump down too!” Ah Er yelled as he waived around his swords trying to kill those monstrous bats.


Ah Yi’s eyes twitched at the thought of the deep pit, wasn’t he trying to kill himself if he jumped down from here?


Groups of black bats flew across them from below the pit, the red eyes of the bats could be clearly seen in the mid-air, Ah Yi’s eyes twitched again; there were only both of them left, if they stayed one second longer, they would surely become those bats’ dinner. “Let’s jump now, leave everything to our destinies!”


“Alright!” Ah Er nodded his head and jumped off to the deep pit with Ah Yi.


Soft wind blew on their faces as they jumped. The cliff was filled with countless bats and they could see them flying blindly around in front of their eyes…


The wind below the cliff was very strong. It pierced their faces sharply as if they were cut by shrill knives. The pit was incredibly deep; Murong Xue opened her eyes and held tightly on Qin Yuyuan’s collar.


Deep down inside her, she knew that she could not survive such high fall from the cliff, she would be dead by the time her body hit the ground below, but before her life ended, she wanted to get revenge for herself.


“Pak!” Strokes of slapping were placed across Qin Yuyuan’s cheeks; she turned her face around and continued slapping her cheeks one side by one side.


Qin Yuyuan woke up from the hard slaps and went panic, she regained her consciousness and stared angrily at Murong Xue: “Murong Xue, how dare you slapped me!”


“Not only I dare to slap you, I’d even dare to kick you!” Murong Xue cried in fury, then she kicked Qin Yuyuan at her side with might.


A sharp piercing sensation came from her chest, Qin Yuyuan face was pale and white, beads of sweats were dropping from her forehead. She glared at Murong Xue, waiting to defend herself, Mu Rong Xue’s mighty kick hauled forward at her.


The pain spread throughout her tiny body, she almost fainted at the throbbing kicks, but Murong Xue did not stop. “Murong Xue, be remindful that I’m Mo Bei Prince – …”


“Pak!” Murong Xue slapped hardly at her face once again, Qin Yuyuan did not even get to finish her sentence. She was half dead and there she went, boasting around about her princess status in Mo Bei, how ridiculous!


Qin Yuyuan spat out a mouthful of blood, and scowled at her, “Murong Xue, who are you to beat me up like that?”


“You brought the cannibal flower, which affected my journey to find the medicine, and you brought the monstrous blood-sucking bats which made me almost lost my life, and you were so evil-hearted that you pushed me over the cliff without thinking twice…”


Murong Xue screamed angrily at her, but all Qin Yuyuan could hear was the buzzing sound in her ears, her mind was completely blank. She thought no one knew what she had planned behind, but who would have ever thought that Murong Xue was smart enough to see through all her tricks…  


But who cared? Murong Xue was dying very soon, she would have to bring this secret with her into the grave, and nobody else knew about her plans except herself!


Qin Yu Yan laughed to herself and clutched firmly of Murong Xue’s shoulders!


Murong Xue startled at her action, she looked down to see pile of tree branches below, and she quickly understood Qin Yu Yan’s intention. Qin Yu Yan was on top of her and with her under the evil princess, she would become the scapegoat when they both fell below!


Murong Xue grinned to herself, when she felt the touch of branches behind her. She turned around rapidly and changed her position to be on top of Qin Yuyuan…


Qin Yuyuan was horrified at this, she wanted to do something but it was too late, the tree branches went through her back and blood slowly oozed out from the wounds, Qin Yuyuan felt the pressure and screamed in pain, “ahh!”


“Thud!” Qin Yuyuan fell right at her back, the piercing pain went through her body, her screaming stopped and her face went pale instantly. She opened her mouth widely trying to catch some breath, she looked like a dying fish grasping for air.


She did not die yet!


Murong Xue raised her eyebrows and stood up slowly; she scanned through her surroundings and saw the trees around her were firm and tall. The tree branches acted as a pillow when they both fell, the grass on the ground was soft and intact, that was why Qin Yuyuan did not die from the fall!


“Murong Xue, you tried to kill me, I will never let you go!” Qin Yuyuan gave her a deadly frown, as if she wanted to burn Murong Xue alive with her fury eyes!


“Shut up!” Murong Xue kicked her again and said, “You are the one who tried to kill me, that was why I pulled you down with me, you got what you deserve!”


Qin Yuyuan moaned in pain from the unexpected kicks, her dress was torn by the tree branches and strikes of wounds could be seen on her bare skin, the aching increased as her skin moved on the soft grass!


She hitched a breath, she was beyond furious, to think that she was the Princess of Mo Bei, the precious daughter of Mo Bei King and Queen. Everyone put their highest respect to her, and nobody dared to even touch her finger!


Now, Murong Xue had beaten her up, kicked her and scowled at her, she would let her get away with this!


Qin Yuyuan leaned on her side despite the pain and yelled, “Steward!”


With the calling, four ninjas in brown mask appeared in front of them out of nowhere.


They gave out dangerous killer vibes, their eyes were as cold as ice, and they bowed in respect, “Princess!”


Qin Yuyuan glared at Murong Xue and ordered, “Kill her and chop her into pieces!”


“Yes!” The ninjas replied resolutely, they drew out long shrill swords from their belt and dashed forward to Murong Xue…

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