Chapter 60 – Roasted Fish

By | January 18, 2017

Ouyang Shaochen walked toward the pile of firewood and grabbed a fish that has been roasted until yellow golden in color. He passed it to Murong Xue, “Taste it.”


Murong Xue answered him briefly and was about to take the fish. Ouyang ShaoChen went straight across her hand and placed the fish right in front of her mouth.


Murong Xue scowled a little and glared at him. She bit the fish unwillingly. For a moment she can taste the freshness and the warmth of the meat was undeniably delicious. She was delighted, and she nodded her head profusely in admiration, “That’s great. It’s crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The meat is very fresh, this is definitely one of the best cuisines. However, I have a way to make it taste even better!”


“What’s the way?” Ouyang Shaochen was interested to listen to her : The method used by Xun Feng to roast fish was taught by some master chef, his kills were even better than the best chef in the palace.


“It’s a secret that cannot be leaked.” Murong Xue smirked mysteriously and looked at Ouyang Shaochen proudly: You don’t tell me your secret, I won’t tell you mine either.


“I can tell that you don’t have any brilliant method, you’re just bragging…” Ouyang Shaochen glanced at her carelessly, the look on his face was telling as if he knew that she will answer like that.


Murong Xue’s face was darkened, “I’m not bragging, I can show you the method right now. It’s just that I need an extraordinary spice, and in Yu Shan… Oh… That’s the spice!”


Murong Xue’s eyes were brightened. She sprinted toward the bush and plucked a lot of green leaves. She cleaned them at the riverside and handed it to Ouyang Shaochen. “Crumble them all, please.” said Murong Xue.

“Alright!” Ouyang Shaochen nodded, he squeezed them gently with his long finger. The green leaves had transformed into powdered form.


Murong Xue sprinkled them evenly on the fish and started to roast the fish. Instantly, their surroundings was filled with the aroma of the fish.


Ye Yichen, Qin Yuyuan and the soldiers from the house of Prince Jing smelt the enticing smell. Ye Yichen and Qin Yuyuan did not pay much attention, but the soldiers were licking their lips as they stared at the roasting fish.


Murong Xue took a fish that had been cooked and put it in front of Ouyang Shaochen’s mouth proudly, “Ouyang shizi, go ahead and taste it.”


“Alright!” Ouyang Shaochen nodded and took a bite from Murong Xue’s hand. He tasted it gracefully and said reluctantly, “It can still be considered not bad, I guess.”


Murong Xue’s face was suddenly clouded: Can still be considered not bad? She used the green leaves as seasoning, it would absolutely be better compared to the one Ouyang Shaochen made. There must be something wrong with Ouyang Shaochen’s taste buds!


Murong Xue took the fish and gave it a fierce bite. She was truly impressed when the intense aroma of the meat suffused her mouth. She almost bit her tongue!


The fish was unquestionably way better than the other one, how dare Ouyang Shaochen say it was bad… Wait a minute, this fish was… the one that Ouyang Shaochen ate just now.


Staring at the other side of the fish, it was obviously not her bite mark, Murong Xue was stunned. She looked dazed and confused, Ouyang Shaochen snickered as he saw her expression, “You bit the meat yourself, it has nothing to do with me.”

”Why didn’t you remind me?” Murong Xue glared at Ouyang ShaoChen, her eyes were filled with anger.

“I wanted to remind you actually, but you bit it too quickly.” Ouyang Shaochen was feeling particularly good, his eyes were shining bright like a black diamond.


“…” Murong Xue was left speechless.

If it were not Ouyang Shaochen that had given such a neutral comment on her fish, she would certainly not bite it in her fury. It was Ouyang Shaochen’s fault that she had eaten the wrong fish.


This evil-minded guy, was he actually scheming against her…


Ye Yichen was sitting not far away, his injured arm had been bandaged. He was staring in the direction of Murong Xue and Ouyang Shaochen, not sure what he was planning in his mind.


Qin Yuyuan was sitting beside Ye Yichen, and she was looking at Murong Xue furiously and jealously : Ouyang Shaochen spoke bluntly to any girls he encountered, but now he was talking to Murong Xue with a kind and pleasant countenance. It shouldn’t be that way, it shouldn’t be that way…


The soldiers of Prince Jing were roasting their fishes, they suddenly lost their appetites as they smelled the strong aroma of the fish Murong Xue was roasting…


Looking in the direction where the nice scent was from, Wu Hen was holding some fruits and strolling toward Ouyang Shaochen. He spoke in a polite manner, “Prince, I’ve brought you some fruits!”


Ouyang ShaoChen glanced at the fruits, they were round in shape and vivid red in color. There were beads of moisture on the fruits, it can be told from the appearance that the fruits were crunchy and thirst-quenching. “Where are these from?”


“Shizi, I got them from there!” Wu Hen pointed in the direction of the woods not far away and handed the fruits to Ouyang ShaoChen. He took one out of his sleeve and was about to put inside his mouth.


Murong Xue took a look at them and was frightened. She pushed away Wu Hen’s hand abruptly and said, “These fruits are poisonous and inedible…”


As she finished her words, they heard a frantic scream and a soldier from the house of Prince Jing fell on the ground. He held his belly and rolled on the ground. His skin turned its color into strange black rapidly. Later, he lied silently on the ground and a half bitten red fruit dropped out from his body.


Ye YiChen, Qin Yuyuan and the soldiers from the house of Prince Jing stared at the body quietly. They were standing beside the firewood in dead silence.

Wu Hen was taken aback as well. He showed great gratitude to Murong Xue when he recovered from his surprise, “Thanks Ms. Murong for saving my life again! How do you know that the fruits are poisonous?” He had tested the fruits with needle before he plucked them, the needle did not turn black…


Murong Xue looked at him seriously, “The poison of these fruits cannot be tested by using a needle. Once you’ve eaten the fruits, the poison will flow through your vein instantly, and you’ll die in the twinkle of an eye.” It was really a truth to be told that in the jungle, the more beautiful was the fruits, the more poisonous they were.


Wu Hen nodded and looked at Murong Xue with admiration: She is just a dainty lady who stays in the house for most of the time, but she is much knowledgeable than him, even though he was the one who stood by Ouyang Shizi’s side for almost eight years. She was certainly an incredible lady, no wonder Ouyang shizi would fall for her…


The enticing smell engulfed the surroundings, Murong Xue felt thirsty. She strolled toward her black bag and took out a few porcelain cups. These cups were custom made, the cap and the cup were held together tightly. When she opened the cap, it can be seen that the cup was filled with white liquid…
“What’s that?” Ouyang ShaoChen walked toward her and asked in confusion.

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