Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

As a young girl who was quite ‘dirty-minded’ even before joining the crew, Jian Wei also had a…vivid… imagination. For example, she’d claimed that the purpose of this trip with Lai Xiao Shuang was to sleep with the Male God. The folks back home could bear witness; she had sworn that she would definitely climb into Jiang Yi’s bed.

Unfortunately, she only dared to enthusiastically talk about it; she never thought to put her talks into practice. Of course, she did not expect that, on her first day joining the crew……she would directly confront Male God’s crotch!

The scene before her eyes was too shocking! Jian Wei’s mind resembled the fireworks during Chinese New Year: completely blown up!

She…she…in the end, what did she just see?

She was blind!

Jiang Yi stared blankly at the girl’s face that was becoming more and more red. She accidentally met his eyes, and as if her hair was on fire, she frantically looked away. Ultimately, she buried her face on the cat’s back, as if she this method was an effective way to hide herself.

He was also aware that this position was quite strange. A young and pretty girl, kneeling at his feet with a red face, facing his…

Jiang Yi let out a soft sigh and turned his body sideways, not revealing any trace of discomfort. He glanced up indifferently, just to see the door opening and someone coming in.

Jian Wei couldn’t see a thing.She only heard footsteps getting closer. Her heart was in her throat. She regretted being too impulsive, going so far as to hide under the desk.. If she were to be found, she didn’t know how she would explain the situation!

She was somewhat curious about the person who just entered the room. If it was Jiang Yi’s staff, maybe she didn’t need to hide…

“Jiang Yi, why are you hiding here?” Zhou Peipei’s voice sounded just like cold springs, penetrating the desk, drilling straight into Jian Wei’s ears.

Why, oh why was it her? Jian Wei hopelessly closed her eyes.

Jiang Yi did not immediately answer. Zhou Peipei found that he was looking at her face for a while before he suddenly smiled, like he suddenly remembered something funny.

He leaned back in his chair as he asked lightly: “Shouldn’t I ask you that question? What are you doing here instead of shooting?”

“Today is Jiang laoshi’s first day joining the group. I just remembered that I haven’t welcomed you yet.”

Zhou Peipei speaking like this felt really peculiar to Jian Wei. Perhaps Jiang Yi also felt the same because he didn’t give a response.

Zhou Peipei paused before she asked: “Zhu Jing, she didn’t accompany you?”

Zhu Jing? Why did she mention her?

Jian Wei frowned. If she remembered correctly, Zhu Jing was not only Jiang Yi’s agent; she was also Zhou Peipei’s as they both were signed to the same company. Therefore, although this was the first time they’d cooperated in a drama as a couple, there had been cp powder  about the pair on the internet for ages , yy-ing along the  ‘brother and sister from the same master marrying each other’ storyline.

“Jing jie has something to do in Hong Kong. I don’t need her to accompany me when I am just joining the crew.”

“So it is like that. I thought she didn’t dare to see my face, that’s why she didn’t come,” Zhou Peipei coldly said.

She didn’t close the door; behind her back was the empty corridor. Jiang Yi put his leg on the table againand laughed, “If you have anything else to say, say it. Otherwise, don’t disturb my sleep.”

“You are so impatient. Going along with Zhu Jing’s scheming against me, yet you still have this attitude? Take a look at this, don’t you think you owe me an explanation?!” She asked as she threw something on the table. It was her cell phone, opened to a webpage showing a news article. Jiang Yi’s eyes fell on the title.

<< Zhou Peipei’s love exposure! Together with singer Jiang Yi late at night at the airport, leaving in the same car! >>

Below the headline were a few pictures. One of them showed the congested airport lane and the girl’s blurry face as the crowds surrounding her as she squeezed inside the car. Afterwards, someone was able to shoot a picture of Jiang Yi’s nanny car from the back.

He looked at  the article for a full three seconds before he finally raised his hand to hold his forehead, looking like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After a moment, he let out a sigh and said: “It was a misunderstanding.”

Zhou Peipei’s arms were folded across her chest, her expressions becoming more and more daunting.

Jiang Yi’s eyes inadvertently cast a glance under the table where the girl was doing her best to shrink under it.

She once again raised her head, her pair of big eyes gazing into his, apparently wanting to know the situation outside. Her small face was full of tension. Her hand was covering the cat’s mouth. Jiang Yi was really worried that she would smother the cat to death.

He looked up and swallowed his intended arguments as he said: “I can see why you are suspicious. But Peipei, this time you really are thinking too much.”

Zhou Peipei’s face slightly changed. Jiang Yi’s expression looked ordinary, just as it always had in the past. She was silent for a long time. Her tone was gentle when she eventually said: “This is not the first time. She was afraid that I would terminate my contract, so she used every means to show goodwill towards me. On the other hand,  she’s afraid that I really will terminate the contract, so perhaps to cut her losses she used me to help you and perhaps a few of the others to promote. This kind of double dealing, we didn’t discuss it in advance so it really makes me feel disgusted.”

Zhou Peipei loudly laughed, “Anyway, she never thought that I would become quite so popular. Surely, the person she hoped to continue the success of <Dahan Feiyan> was you. She’s probably mad at herself for not kicking me out sooner.

Listening to her words, Jian Wei could relate to why she was upset..

Zhou Peipei’s anger was not directed at Jiang Yi, but at their agent, Zhu Jing. As far as Jian Wei knew, of the , 5 artists under Zhu Jing, only Zhou Peipei had experienced a smooth success, so she thought that Zhou Peipei would be given the most attention. Now it appeared that that was not the case?

Before she could think clearly, Zhou Peipei went on to add: “I know that you two are from the same hometown. Jiang Yi, this thing…if you admit it, it’s fine. If you don’t, well, that’s fine too. I just want to give you a heads up. Commiting to acting in  this drama with you is already me showing *benevolence. After this, don’t accuse me of not remembering the friendship between **us.”

*仁至义尽 rén zhì yì jìn (idiom) – help in every way humanly possible

**同門 tóngmén – the fellow disciples; disciples studying under the same master.


This was simply a threat.

Jian Wei’s heart ferociously jumped and she couldn’t help gasp. The sound was so clear in the quiet room.

Zhou Peipei’s expression changed. She looked around in disbelief, barking, “Who’s there?!”

She stepped forward, wanting to examine the room, however, Jiang Yi heedlessly reached out his hand to stop her.

Zhou Peipei was furious, “Jiang Yi, what are you doing? Let go!”

“Allowing you to enter the room was my benevolence towards you. If you go forward, then don’t blame me for not remembering the friendship between us,” Jiang Yi said with a smile.

Zhou Peipei was stunned. For a split second, she was under the impression that he was answering her back sarcastically, but he looked very relaxed. He really didn’t resemble someone who was angered by her words.

She tried to struggle, but there was too much difference between the strength of man and a woman. He only used one hand,  but she was still unable to move.

Zhou Peipei cursed: “Who are you hiding here? What kind of tricks are you playing? You think I can’t do anything to you?!”

Jian Wei was aware that she once again had foolishly caused trouble for him. Although she very reluctant to meet Zhou Peipei, the thought that Jiang Yi had offended the one female that possessed a big influence within the crew for her sake caused her to make up her mind. She steeled herself to come out to explain clearly.

As for her face being seen, well afterwards it was would indeed be quite troublesome, but whatever….

“Go back!”

Just moved forward a little, and then she was scared senseless by that voice. Jiang Yi’s head wasn’t even tilted down, but she clearly felt that each word he’d said was meant for her ears alone.

She bit her lips, once again moving to come out. Jiang Yi said: “Do not let me say it for a second time.”

Before the desk, the handsome man was standing straight; his face was showing a rarely seen seriousness.

Jian Wei, holding the cat, pitifully went back inside.

Jiang Yi then spoke: “Zhou Peipei, how you and Jing jie want to fight is your matter. It has nothing to do with me, and in the future I also don’t want to be involved in it. This news …Let’s just say that I owe you one. How you want me to repay it is up to you. But you have to promise me, do not involve a third person.”

Zhou Peipei looked at the man in front of her, slowly calming down.

Just now, she was too excited. Thinking about it, Jiang Yi didn’t know that she was coming to see him beforehand. It was not necessary for him to hide someone to scheme against her. On the contrary, it should be her sudden appearance that had disturbed his *happy occasion.

[TN: Zhou Peipei is saying that Jiang Yi was having a ‘good time’ with someone before she came in and disturbed them.]

Her eyes swept past the desktop before falling on his half-opened collar and slightly messy clothes. Her tone seemed to ridicule him, “I thought when Zhu Jing made a huge effort to promote people, their thoughts would be entirely focused on filming. Didn’t expect that just one day into filming, Jiang laoshi would be incapable of enduring loneliness.”

Jiang Yi didn’t make a sound.

Zhou Peipei contemptuously glanced at him, “You’d better behave.” She turned around and stepped out of the room.

Jiang Yi watched her leave, got up, and closed the door. He sat back in the chair and said, “You can come out.”

A few seconds later, a head came out, followed by half of a body. The girl was half kneeling on the floor, climbing out little by little.

She looked like she had suffered; her mouth was pursed up into a straight line. He sat down, feeling unmoved, but a moment later he stretched out a hand, “Feeling numb?”

With the support from his arm, Jian Wei was eventually able to stand up, “Numb…” Squatting for so long, her legs felt like they were not her own legs!

“So next time, do not choose such a stupid place to hide,” said Jiang Yi.

The teaching from Male God, Jian Wei could only modestly receive it. Yuan Gulu was still lying in her arms. Just now, during the entire course of events, it surprisingly didn’t make a sound. Jiang Yi, focusing on the round meatball, said: “Your cat has more sense compared to you.”

Woo…has been criticized. Jian Wei bowed in shame, immediately wishing that she could write a five thousand word reflection to give to Male God.

For a short while there wasn’t a word spoken inside the room. Thinking about the what happened just now, she didn’t hold back and asked, “That news just now, what is it?”

Jiang Yi’s fingertips were on the armrest, “It’s nothing.”

Jian Wei paused, “Zhou laoshi seems to be very angry. You’ve offended her. Will there be any trouble?”

“If I said it would trouble me, would you protect me?” He suddenly raised his eyebrows, faintly smiling.

Jian Wei was surprised by the turn of the events  Both of her cheeks became red once again as she feeble-mindedly stared at him.

The man’s eyes were dark, flecked with distinctly twinkling light, as if he were waiting for her answer. She felt bewitched. Her lips moved to answer when he shook his head and smirked, “Take care of yourself first.”

Jian Wei’s words were lost in her throat. Feeling a sense of loss, she disappointedly lowered her head.

After a long while, she whispered: “I did not come to bother you. You guys needed a cat, so I came with my cat to shoot. I also thought about how to deal with Zhou Peipei. I have a mask, it’s  simply that I accidently lost it just now…”

Her fingers were combing the cat’s fur, as if she was combing her own messy mood.

Jiang Yi looked at the girl as she avoided his line of sight. The image of her nibbling her lips fell into his line of sight.  It seemed as if she was feeling a little wronged.

He had taken care of her to the extent that he will lose sleep over what he did to cover for her, yet she actually felt wronged?

Jiang Yi felt a little headache. Sure enough, in this world, the most difficult problem was to serve the girl that liked you. You couldn’t even speak a little harsh word, otherwise she will immediately cry in front of you.

He got up and walked around the cupboard. Jian Wei waited for a moment before he turned around with something in his hand.

It was a new mask. The haze in Beijing was serious, so it was quite normal to have this kind of thing around.

Jiang Yi’s slender fingers were pulling on both sides of the bands, stooping down to put it on her ears. The girl’s ears were white, but because of his movement, they were covered with traces of pink. A few strand of hair tangled around but he patiently pushed it aside with his hand. Afterwards, he stepped back to take a look; more than half of her face was covered, only exposing a pair of clear eyes.

He gave her a faint smile, “Zhou Peipei and I have been  having a conflict for a while now. Even if it wasn’t today, sooner or later she will give me trouble.”

Jian Wei blinked. Is he comforting her? Letting her knew that it didn’t have anything to do with it?

Jiang Yi’s line of sight fell on her name tag. Today, she wore a white shirt, and the chest area was a bit stretched. The blue ribbons were moving up and down in accordance to her breathing pace.

He kept his eyes lowered as he gently whispered, “Turns out you are called Jian Wei.”

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