Chapter 6 Unqualified

By | November 12, 2016

Lu Jiuque is sure this is a team of flying dragons. She could even see that mad faces of the dragon riders.

Her eyesight is 10 times better than before. What’s going on here?

As the flying dragons come near her she didn’t hide away. Because she recognized the tattoo on the guys riding the dragons. That tattoo belongs to the Kingdom of Qingyan which she was a part of.

The King of Qingyan pays a lot of attention to Lu Jiuque because she’s the last successor of the Lu Family, which is one of the famous families that contributed a lot to the kingdom.

In order not to irritate his people and show the people how loving and kind of a king he is, the King of Qingyan decides to let her live.

Otherwise she probably would’ve died 100 times.

“Lu Jiuque!”

The yelling caught Lu Jiuque off guard.

She struggled to calm herself down and murmured, “Was that the Power of Spiritual Starts I’ve heard of?”

Even the long distance couldn’t cover up the power behind.

Can she practice the Power of Spiritual Stars now that she has been transformed by the silver flame?

Come on. The Demon even gave her the famous Spirituals. She must be pretty badass right now.




The wind brought by the dragons almost blew her away. But no one felt sorry for her being so helpless.

“What the hell is wrong with you Lu Jiuque! The entrance test is tomorrow and now your playing hide and seek with us or something? ”

“Of course you won’t pass the test because your useless but we are different ok?”

“Get over yourself!”


The crowd of young men and women kept running their mouth, making fun of her.

They are the sons and daughters of the Royal Families in the Nation of Qingyan.

Their identity is to be taken pride of. They are the people with the highest chance of success.

On the Land of Tianchen, no matter how hard you practice you wouldn’t have much success unless you have the Scripture, the Elixir, and the Spirit Stone.

But in order to become a truly badass witch, entering the family is a must.

For many people being part of the family is a good opportunity to jumpstart their success because once the family lets you in you are guaranteed to be successful.

Therefore it is inappropriate for Lu Jiuque to leave right before the test.

But nobody know better than them why Lu Jiuque is here and “accidentally” fell off the clip and died.

They lied to the original owner of the body and tricked her here, telling her the 6th Prince is waiting.

It’s just that once Lu Jiuque gets here, not only did she not get to see her hero, she also got stabbed in the back and fell off the clip.

And these killers still showed up here and laughing? So mean.

Lu Jiuque fixed her gaze on these young faces memorizing all of them.

Her cold-blooded glance scared them quite a bit.

The dragon riding blue dressed lady opened her mouth.” Alright people. Quiet down. Let me welcome Ms Lu up here.

After she’s done talking the crowd stopped and said, “Yes, Ms Shao.”

Damn, Lu Jiuque looked so scary they almost forgot how to talk.

From her memories Lu Jiuque knows that this girl standing in front of her is Shao Qingrou, and she is one of the few geniuses of the Kingdom of Qingyan.

Shao qingrou is not only beautiful, she’s one of those lucky kids. At the young age of 20, she acquired treasure from the mysterious land, and now she’s 25 years old and has already joined the Tianyan Sect.

The Tianyan Sect is not just some random sect out there. It is ranked 2nd of all, and gets admired by millions of people around the Kingdom.
Therefore, Shao Qingrou had both beauty and talent, which got her countless followers. People call her the Rose of Kingdom.

Shao Qingrou turned around and smiled at Lu Jiuque.

“Ms Lu, please don’t be pissed by us. We are just worried that you are not getting enough rest. We’re glad you are ok. Now go home, would you? Study for the test tomorrow and get some more rest. I will help you.”

Her beautiful smile was to die for.
But the way Lu Jiuque ignored Shao made her embarrassed, which made the crowd even angrier.

Damn bastard Lu Jiuque. Shao is being so nice to her and she’s just gonna ignore her like that?

“Lu Jiuque. Ms Shao accompanied us here for the test. She’s our guardian. You don’t ignore her like that. If you go out again without telling her she will cancel your spot for the test!”
“Exactly! Don’t be so rude!”

“You bastard!”

Although there are many different sects recruiting students tomorrow, most of the people in the Kingdom Of Tianyan focus exclusively on the Tianyan Sect. That’s because the Tianyan Sect is some of the highest ranking sects, and also Shao Qingrou is one of the most popular girls in that sect. With her companion it’s much easier to get into the Tianyan Sect.

The crowd cursed at Lu Jiuque, in an effort to please Shao.

“You guys calm down…It’s ok.”

Lu Jiuque find the scene extremely funny. She laughed.

What she didn’t fail to notice is the slight hatred toward her reflecting off of Shao’s glaze upon her.
The owner of the body was probably too slow to figure it out but Lu Jiuque for sure knows why people dislike her.

It must be because of this Shao Qingrou.

Shao had an affection towards the Prince, and yet the Prince loved Lu. At least he loved the original owner of Lu’s body.

It’s in fact ironic how the original owner of the body got killed just because of the Prince’s promise to the Lu Family.

Tired of all this, Lu Jiuque shrugged and said, “Shao Qingrou? She’s not qualified.”

People’s eyes and mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise.

What did she say?

Did she just say Shao is not qualified? Is she out of her mind?

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