Chapter 6 – Resist The Anger

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It was in the morning and crack. There was a little crack sound of another spirit stone dissolved and turned into dust. Yun-Ye breathed the aura into him and flowing around inside his veins.

“Brother Ye, hurry up.”

Suddenly, a very tender voice lingered in his ears.

A thin and weak shadow appeared and wandered in his courtyard.

“Mo-Chen, why are you here?” Yun-Ye asked him, but he knew that something might have happened.

Mo-Chen was sweating while displaying his panicking face and hardly took his breath, “Yu…Yu-Liu came.”

“Finally, he came.”

Yun-Ye did not show a slight panic. He even laughed after hearing that.

If Yu-Liu had came from a few days ago, Yun-Ye planned to escape quickly from him but the time has come. These few days already gave him enough time for training. He had a solid training and even could absorb six pieces of the spirit stone. With the help of the black and white, bright rays, he was sure that his strength could surpass Yu-Liu. A big difference in strength and combat skills. Yun-Ye might try to commence a fight with him.

“Brother Yun-Ye?”. He stunned when he saw Yun-Ye’s face full of joy.


“Can you step away later, so you will not get hurt.”

Yun-Ye looked at his sentimental face and smile. He went straight to the outside of the yard.

“Yun-Ye, great. You are here.”

A shadow of one’s body was far away to be seen. The voice has reached first.

Dao Lie-Liu’s voice was delivered from far and slowly he approached.

There were some of his disciples came along with him and another one was a young man wearing a white robe, wide forehead, his eyebrows that were sharp like a sword and eyes shining like a star. He was a very handsome man, but his glare was really cold that looked like he underestimated all people.

“Senior Dao Lie-Liu, another long time no see.” Yun-Ye knew that man was the Yu-Liu from Tian Zhu but he did not shock at all. He was looking at Dao Lie-Liu sweating.

“Yun-Ye, you robbed me spirit stone. That was against the rule and today no one can save you.”

Dao Lie-Liu slowly close his eyes and laughed so hard. He turned around to that young man: “Brother, this is the man.”

This young man was really Yu-Liu. He saw Yun-Ye’s face and said: “Give us back the spirit stones. Chop both of your arms and I can forgive you.”

“Good, this is great.”

Yun-Ye was really angry, but he could still laugh.

Yu-Liu was a backing for Dao Lie-Liu and did not know how much evil things had been done. Although it was the first time met him, but Yun-Ye felt so much hatred flaming into his mind.

ssttt” was heard. He slightly moved his body and appeared in front of Dao Lie-Liu.


Dao Lie-Liu cried out and thrown out. Blood gushed from his mouth and was like floating in the air.


Dao Lie-Liu’s disciples were shocked and screamed.

They could not even see clearly into Yun-Ye’s movement. Yun-Ye was stronger and what was shocking to them was that time, he was standing behind Yu-Liu.

Unexpectedly, Yun-Ye dared to face Yu-Liu.

Mo-Chen that was standing from the side had stunned. Yun-Ye even dared to face him was already broken the rules. He was really seeking death.

“Why is it always me?”

Dao Lie-Liu was crying out on the floor was depressed and hard to describe in words. Yun-Ye supposed to fight Yu-Liu, but why he was thrown out first.

“You… You really want to die!?”

Yu-Liu’s eyes were cold. His white robe moved by its own without the wind.

Yun-Ye looked at him coldly and did not even speak.

Yu-Liu startled.

His face was covered by a layer of frost.

“Die, you must die!”

“I lost my interest to let you come to the beast tower!”

There was a majestic power from his fist and he seemed to go to float up in the air.

There were differences in immortals’ aura with the disciples’. Yun-Ye was only trained into the fifth stage, but he already had so much power. He was really different from the others.

Yun Ye felt that killing intent for real that time. Although he did not harm them directly, he felt a little pressure. It seemed that the spiritual power was somewhat suppressed.

A pressure came from the sky and slowly enveloped their surroundings, protecting Mo-Chen.

Mo-Chen trembled. He was unable to afford that pressure.

Yu-Liu watched Yun-Ye changes and laughed: “You were all low people even dared to oppose me?”

“Yun-Ye, you will die!”. Hardly stand up Dao Lie-Liu was flashed by frost light.

Below him was Yu-Liu let out a powerful energy which made Yun-Ye hardly to defend it.

Their disciples were watching them from afar. No one dared to stand near them.

Yun-Ye was staring at them very cold while Yu-Liu let out his energy.

At that time, the black white light inside his body was clearly glowing. Yu-Liu’s killing intent was gone.

“What are you exactly?”

Yun-Ye took a deep breath. He turned around to see Mo-Chen slowly tapped his shoulder. The energy flowed from his palm and shot to Mo-Chen.

“You have to stay a little far away, you could be hurt.” Mo-Chen felt the energy in his body.

His eyes were shocked and looked into Yun-Ye’s eye were flashing a warm light.


Yu-Liu startled. He felt a slight danger.

“Destroyer palm!”

He shouted and shot the beam from his palm directly into Yun-Ye.

“Old ox top horn!”

This could not be counted as combat skills This was just an easy skill that all disciples could do. These were daily training they always did, the more they practice, the more they get into it. They all know the old ox top horn strength, but the time Yun-Ye unleashed it, they were all changed their face.

Shocked, a face displayed unbelievable on theirs.

Yun-Ye was disappearing, but they saw an old yet strong ox with sharp horn. It was running fiercely towards Yu-Liu.

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