Chapter 6: Ghost’s wall (Part 2)

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“No! I’ve been here twice already.” Hei Wa denied my statement and pointed his finger up front. He said that it will only take a few more steps and we will be able to see the grave.

“Forget it, let’s go back now. It’s already dark and grandmother must be waiting for me to have dinner.” I turned my head and look towards the road behind him.

But I got surprised because the place behind him looks very familiar.

Hei Wa also looks back and his body got stiff, he also realized that there were something wrong.

Hei Wa swallows a mouthful saliva, he walked near the edge of the bushes and picked up a stone from the ground. The stone has some blood, surely it was the same stone he had thrown to 3rd grandfather.

“How did this happen? We already walk for so long, so why are we still in this place?” Hei Wa obviously felt scared and his face got paled.

I often heard something like this to grandmother.

Grandma said that if you always end up in the same place and it seems you can’t go out, then you have entered the “Ghost’s wall”. I didn’t think that today I will really experience this.

“Hei Wa, don’t panic, ok? You just need to urinate to break this ghost’s wall.” I tried to look calm.

Grandma told me about this thing before, she said a boy’s urine can break the spell of ghost’s wall. But at that time, I didn’t listen much to it.

Hei Wa got stunned and looked at me. After thinking about it, he finally touches the zipper of his pants but hasn’t done the next step.

“You don’t believe me?” I was standing behind him so I can see that he is not convinced.

Hei Wa immediately shook his head and said: “No, it’s because you stand near me.”

When I saw his anxious face, I finally understood what he meant and quickly turned around: “I won’t look, so just quickly give it a try. Tell me when you’re done.”

Hei Wa didn’t reply back. But I heard his footsteps, it seems he tried to move several steps forward. I guess he is shy, so he goes a little further away.

I stayed behind and wait for Hei Wa to finish, but after five or six minutes I finally couldn’t wait anymore.

“Hei Wa, did your pee come out?” I didn’t turn around and just shamelessly asked.

Hei Wa just whistled and didn’t answer me, but suddenly the wind blows up again, so I couldn’t help but shrink back my neck.

It will be winter season soon that’s why it’s very cold outside, so I impatiently shouted: “Hei Wa, did you really try?”

“Rattled” sounds could be heard.

Hei Wa didn’t respond to me, but I heard footsteps behind me. The footsteps that are approaching near me seems don’t belong to a child.

Ominous premonition immediately came in my mind, I looked back this time but didn’t see anyone.

“Hei Wa! Hei Wa? Don’t hide from me.” I got scared, this is the tomb mountain and I don’t know how to get back.

The quietness around me let my heart felt tight.

“Hei Wa, Hei Wa! Come out now.” I shouted loudly but didn’t hear a response. I want to hear his voice.

“Shhh Shh, Shhh Shh.”

I got surprised, It seems something was hiding in the bushes. I tightly pursed my lips and convinced myself that Hei Wa only dare to scare me.

I slowly pick up a branch on the ground and gently move it toward the bushes. I wanted to make an opening through that tall grasses.

I got shocked when I saw Hei Wa was lying unconscious inside and his face was pale. I immediately dropped the branch, I squat my legs and shake Hei Wa’s body a few times.

But Hei Wa didn’t wake up and I heard the footsteps behind me once again.

I got so scared, my body couldn’t stop from shaking. I regret it, we really shouldn’t have come here.

“Ha ha ha, I really don’t know where to start. But I didn’t expect you will actually come to this place on your own.”

A woman’s sharp voice went into my ears. I looked up and got panic when I saw a woman was standing on my right side. I squint my eyes and look at the woman who hides in the darkness. I felt that she is somewhat similar to Teacher Chen.

But, I am not really sure if it’s her because it’s so dark.

“After waiting for many years, I finally found someone like you. So today I will eat you whole.” After she finished her words something wraps around my whole body, so  I wasn’t able to see her face.

Although I struggled hard, it doesn’t have a slight effect.

What is this thing? It feels like a large snake.

The serpent’s saliva drops when it opens her mouth to bite my head.

“Aaahhh grandma, help me!” I hysterically shouted.

“Evil creature release her at once!”

In the darkness, a thick voice resounded. The serpent didn’t let me go but instead tightened more her grip. My bones made a crackling sound like it was being pinched off.

But this time, my ears heard a chanting sound. This chanting sound was mixed with the sound of bells.

The serpent who was originally tightening her grip around me suddenly stop. Her body got covered with ice when she heard the chanting sound.

I saw its tail was twitching to reject the spell, but still, her body got smashed when it fell on the ground and then I lost consciousness.

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