Chapter 6: Ghost’s wall (Part 1)

By | December 25, 2016

I look at the wall clock and it’s already passed three in the afternoon. The teachers have a meeting, so they told us that we can go home after the self-study class. Hei Wa said that we should go to the tomb mountain now before it gets dark.

I was hesitating for a moment but still nodded my head to Hei Wa.

Hei Wa immediately helps me to pack my things and then dragged me outside the classroom. The two of us ran to the foot of the tomb mountain.

But, I felt that this tomb mountain have an extreme yin energy, I can also vaguely heard the voice of crows, we call them funeral crows. The old men in our village said that when you encounter this funeral crows, bad things will happen.

“Don’t be scared, you have me.” Hei Wa said and pull over my hand, he then led me toward the tomb mountain.

This is the first time that I’ve been here to this tomb mountain. The more we walk the more the road becomes steep and the more the voice of the funeral crows becomes clear, so I felt nervous.

Looking back toward the bottom of the tomb mountain, I found out that I already can’t see it.

“Hei Wa, do you know how to get back?” I got worried that we can’t go back to the village.

Hei Wa nodded: “Don’t worry, my parents and I always visit my grandmother’s grave every year. So, I am very familiar with the road.”

Hearing Hei Wa’s words, I tried calming my heart a little. But as we walked further, I tried to look back at him from time to time.

I don’t know why, but I felt that someone was following us.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that I frequently look back at him, Hei Wa got curious and asked me.

“Hei Wa, I think that someone is following us.” I looked behind those bushes and trees because my heart felt uneasy.

Hei Wa walks toward the grass and quietly bent down, he picked up a stone on the ground and throw it toward the bushes.


When we heard a loud scream near the bushes, I got scared and immediately grabbed Hei Wa’s clothes. My heart thought that maybe my luck got run out and will meet “Death”.

Grandma said before that the tomb mountain was a dangerous place and wouldn’t even let me get close.

“Ouch! Ohhh! the pain is killing me.” A shadow bolted out from the tall grass, I tried looking closer. Isn’t he the crazy old man in our village?

He is part of our grandparent’s generation, so even if he is crazy, we don’t dare to bully him. Actually, he has some connection to Hei Wa’s Family. Hei Wa always calls him 3rd grandfather. And now that he hit his head and it’s bleeding a bit. He immediately apologized and felt guilty.

“This child! You can’t go up the mountain, don’t go up the mountain!” He said and grabbed Hei Wa’s arm. It seems that he’s very anxious, his gray beard keeps shaking and his eyes slightly got red.

“3rd grandfather, we will go back soon.” Hei Wa wants to pull his hand from him.

“3rd grandfather, we are going up the mountain to see Lili for a short time and then we will go back soon.” I also learn how to call him 3rd grandfather.

He angrily stared at me and said: “Don’t go together with this wretched girl! If you want to go up to the mountain, go on your own.”

3rd grandfather unusually spoke clearly today, unlike his usual self. His spirit seems normal too.

“3rd grandfather, I will go with Xiao Xi for a while and we will come back soon. If you don’t believe us, then stay here and wait for us for a while.” Hei Wa said and smiled at him.

3rd grandfather doesn’t want to give up, he looks back at Hei Wa and yells: “Someone is guarding the tomb mountains, don’t you know that?”

His words haven’t finished yet when a strong gust of wind blow towards us. 3rd grandpa who was tightly clutching Hei Wa’s hands immediately loosened his grip and flew away.

When their hands got separated, he shouted: “Ghost! Ghost! Run away quickly, run!”

He keeps shouting and staggering as he moves forward, Hei Wa who was standing in the same place look at me. Both of us felt at lost.

“Let’s go now, you know 3rd grandfather always acts like a child, right?” Hei Wa said and pulled my wrist. And, we continue on our way.

The two of us nearly walked for about two hours. But we can no longer see the road in front so I began to panic.

After all, this place is the tomb mountain. If grandmother will know that I got late because I went here despite her protests, she will be angry.

“Hei Wa, are we there yet?” I stopped from walking.

Hei Wa sighs and shakes his head, his mouth quietly muttered: “What’s going on?Usually, when we visit here before, we will only walk for an hour and we can already see the grave. So how come we haven’t seen it when we already walk for a long time?”

“Ah! So we got lost?” I looked at him and nervously asked.

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