Chapter 6 – The Emperor’s Poisoned Flower, No virtue!

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Lu Jiuche was sure that it was a flock of ferocious flying monsters. She could clearly imagine the unsatisfied expression on the face of those who had sent those beasts.

This visual power was really out of the ordinary. It was surely something that a human does not normally possess in nature. What was happening to her eyes?

The flock of flying creatures was approaching, but Lu Jiuche did not hide. She had recognized a totem drawn on the bodies of the people who led those creatures, which was the symbol of Emperor Qingyan, her emperor.

As the last representative of the loyal Lu’s aristocratic family, no matter what she did, the Emperor Qingyan still remained her “save-face” project.

It was to appease popular sentiment and to show that the emperor cares about common people as if they were his children. The magnanimous Emperor Qingyan surely wanted Lu Jiuche to continue living.

If it had not been for him,Lu Jiuche would already have died at least a thousand times. Not by chance, she had earned the reputation of “useless meteor”.

“Lu Jiuche!”

Suddenly, it echoed an impetuous roar, which shook Lu Jiuche deeply.

She tried to contain her emotion and murmured, “Is this the power of the spirit of the stars of Tianshan mainland?”

Although she was so far away, she could still perceive that vigorous power.

She wondered if, after being purified by that silver flame, the xiulian would have brought her the power of the spirit of the stars.

She remembered the book she had been given by the King of Demons, her heart began to beat faster. If that book had been given to her by the bosses’ boss, she should not go so far away from that power, right?

Another roar.

The flock of majestic flying creatures stopped alongside Lu Jiuche. The wind gusts rising from their wings almost made her to go belly-up.

However, not only did no one sympathize with this girl so tiny and fragile, but also a loud laughter rose.

“Lu Jiuche, are you out of your mind? Tomorrow, there is the entrance exam of each school, and are you still here hiding yourself? You are becoming a burden for all of us! ”

“Lu Jiuche, a waste like you will never go to any school. You have to be as good as us to go!”

“It’s really like killing a person!”


An army of boys and girls talked loudly over each other. From their arrogant eyes, you could see how pleased they were to say certain things.

They were the children of the aristocratic families of the Qingyan Empire that were filled with arrogance. As for the Empire, they represented those with the greatest hopes of becoming disciples of some school.

In Tianchen mainland, to practice xiulian regularly, people usually do not have the support of books, potions, or stones of immortality. Most of them can only barely touch the thresholds of the power of the spirit of the stars.

But to become a master spirit of stars, you had to go into a school.

For many people, entering a school was a unique opportunity. Because once admitted, no matter whether you are a disciple internally or externally, you will be able to perform an infinity of professions.

Lu Jiuche was willing to renounce even before the trials started that she was not be suitable.

However, none of them could be certain of the reason of how could Lu Jiuche arrived there without falling in a bottomless pit.

It was them who had used a stratagem to bring the original owner so far by saying that Prince Liu was waiting.

But after having to wait for Lu Jiuche to arrive, not only they did not recognize the heroine they had imagined in their minds, but also they felt like they were cheated.

Did these criminals still have the courage to appear like that out of nowhere and laugh with all the guts? It was really …

Lu Jiuche looked down at all those young faces and tried to memorize them one by one.

Her gaze was too cold and made some of them to shiver.

At that moment, the girl dressed in green and driving the winged monster in the front line that didn’t say a word opened her mouth, “Just hold the enthusiasm guys. Let me invite Miss Lu Jiuche.”
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