Chapter 57 – Beauty Saved by A Hero

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“Move!” Murong Ye pushed Murong Ye away and used her short blade to stab the snake once again. A loud “Chi” was heard, the knife-edge cuts straight into the body of the creature, the sun reflected the fresh red blood at the end of the sharp blade…

“Hiss… Hiss… Hiss!” The snake hissed in pain and it flung its sturdy tail towards her in full violence, a gust of strong wind blew across them and the leaves were overthrown by that gushing breeze.

Murong Xue held on her blade tightly around her hands and made a sudden turn; the snake vomited out a pool of blood and strike at her, shaking its tail non-stop like a crazy maniac.

Murong Ye could not escape in time and was hit very hard on his back, he collapsed on the floor and spat out blood from his mouth, he tried to get back on his feet but it was in vain.

“Brother!” Murong Xue stunned at that scene of his brother’s attack, she went forward to help her brother but just then, a swift figure flew down from nowhere and grabbed his brother by his arms, they both were caught up in the mid-air and evaded the snake’s attack.

Mu Rong Xue breathed out in relief. Suddenly, she smelled a taste of blood nearby and looked up, there in front of her were the snake’s fangs attacking towards her cheeks, she knew she could not escape this time…

Just when she was about to move away from it, a white figure came to her rescue. The person was in a white robe and the musky scent made her feel safe.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here!” a firm voice rang through her ears, and a few blows were released from his fingertips, soon enough she heard the snake moaned in agony and it turned into dust, disappeared into the thin air.

Murong Xue looked at her hero and dumbfounded, “Ouyang shizi, why are you here?”

“Yu Mountain is too dangerous, I’m worried when I know you’re here alone!” Ouyang Shaochen looked back at the warming eyes of hers.

“I thought you said that you have something else to do?” Murong Xue asked in confusion.

“You’ve already solved my problems!” Ouyang Shaochen’s mouth lifted up a bit, his eyes shone in delight.

Murong Xue stared at him, feeling puzzled, “You meant… The flood in Ling Nan!”

“Exactly!” Ouyang Shaochen exclaimed. The flood in Ling Nan was disastrous and was in desperate need of aid, since Murong Xue had already thought of a strategic proposal; he did not have to burst through his head thinking for a solution.

“Sister!” Murong Ye limped over towards them with Xun Feng’s help, his face was as white as snow and blood spots were staining the corner of his mouth.

“How do you feel?” Murong Xue asked in concern.

Murong Xue gave her his best comforting smile, “I’m alright…”

“He had internal bleeding but it’s not life-risking!” Xun Feng replied on his behalf, he gazed at the fainted Shuang Xi and Feng Tuo, “one of them is injured badly, another one was poisoned, and they could no longer go up this mountain…”

“Brother, please bring them back to Zhen Manor.” Murong Xue was saddened by the view of her servant; they all needed immediate medical attention at the moment.

Murong Ye was slightly disappointed. The fire lotus had been destroyed and now finally Murong Xue found the Di Yang grass; he wish to go up to the mountain with his sister so badly, but unfortunately, his fighting skill was just average and moreover, he was badly injured. He knew that if he continued on with Xue Er, he would be a burden to her.

“Sister, you must be careful!” Murong Ye emphasized to her, worrying about his sister. He took out a small packet from his waist and passed to Murong Xue, “This is the amulet which mum had prayed for me, you wear this now and you’ll be safe!”

Murong Xue took the packet from her brother and hung it around her waist, “Don’t worry brother, I will go home safely!”

After the assurance from his sister, Murong Xue looked up at Ouyang Shaochen, “ Ouyang shizi, please take good care of my sister.”

Ouyang Shaochen nodded slightly; His eyes reflected a sense of uncertainty.

Three guards from the Xiao Yao Manor came forward, one of them carried Murong Ye; the other one carried Shuang Xi and the third guard did a minor acupuncture on Feng Tuo’s temple to stop the poison from spreading throughout the body, he then picked him up and walked forward.

Murong Xue sighed loudly as she watched them strolling afar, they just came in for a few meters and three of them had damages, Yushan was dodgier than she imagined!

“It’s late, let’s go.” Ouyang Shaochen stated calmly. Di Yang grass was located at the mountain peak, which was far ahead from where they were.

“Alright!” Murong Xue moved forward speedily, it was a little after noon, she should get going faster; it would be too dark if she procrastinated again.

The mountain journey was very challenging, the more they climbed the steeper it was, they had to be extra careful and alert when going through the path. Soon, Murong Xue could feel the air and mist were getting thinner and thinner, she could see a cloud of fog floating around her.

Ouyang Shaochen walked in front and grabbed her small hand, “The air is getting heavier, we can’t afford to get lost from each other.”

“I know!” Murong Xue stated firmly, along the traveling, the chirpings of the birds were getting further, by now, it was completely muted, the only sound they could hear was their footsteps, the surrounding was getting stranger, as if a big threat was coming their way…

“Sss! Sss! Sss!” green vines curled on Xun Feng and Wu Heng unforgivingly.

Both of them stood back to back, they hurled their swords with might and chopped off all vines instantaneously.

However, the vines kept growing without stopping.

Suddenly, Wu Heng’s sword was seized by one of the vines and he was curled up into the vine as well. The vine strangled him tightly and soon enough, his face turned purple…

“Wu Heng!” Xun Feng saw what happened and swing his sword to chop of the vines.

Murong Xue stopped him, “This type of vine is very durable, it has a strong vitality too. If you use your sword to cut it, it will use the fastest way to strangle Wu Heng to death. To save him, you have to use fire…”

Murong Xue took out a match, lit it and threw over at the vines, true enough, when the vines sensed heat from the fire, it stretched back again…

Wu Heng escaped from the vines and expressed his gratitude, “Thank you so much for saving my life, Miss Murong!”

“You’re welcome!” Murong Xue smiled briefly. She was wondering how such vines appeared in Qing Yan when it could only be found in a tropical jungle?

Yu Mountain was getting trickier!

Di Yang grass was in this mountain and she needed it to save her life, no matter how dangerous it would be, she still had to climb up to the mountain peak.

“Help… Help me…” a soft feminine voice called from afar, Murong Xue raised her ears and

looked over…

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