Chapter 56 – Danger Ahead Of Yushan

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Over the years, the Manor of the Prime Minister and Zhen Manor have maintained a close relationship. However, since the death of Murong Yue, the transferal of Jian er and the death of two elders in Hou Manor, they started to interact less and less with the other manors and only showed respect and friendliness by exchanging presents during festive season.

Madam Du had rarely organized any open banquets for the past ten years as she did not want Murong Ye to grow close to them. To her dismay, this time they initiated the proposal for Murong Xue to arrange a dinner in the Zhen Manor; they even sent out an invitation card to invite her to the Prime Minister’s and Duke’s Manor.

Were they trying to regain the relationship?

The Prime Minister’s family and the Duke’s family were the pillar of strength in Qing Yan, it was a right move for her to pull back in their relationship, but this was not the right time to do so…

“Miss Murong, what’s your brother’s plan after this?” Ye Tian Qi’s voice came from behind once again, while Madam Du lifted her ears and listened.

“This… I’m not so sure myself too…” Murong Xue mumbled, Murong Ye did not like academic and martial arts, not to mentioned other miscellaneous things too, if he were to become a general in the government, he would surely have messed up everything, might as well stayed at home and continued to be Hou’s Master for the rest of his life!

Ye Tian Qi thought silently, and continued, “If he wants to be a general, he could start off with the right hand man of Chong Wen Men…”

Chong Wen Men was a crafty general, but he was the one who could manipulate the other generals and he was well-known with his skills in cultivating new people. The motive of Ye Tian Qi is obvious: To develop Murong Ye……

Murong Xue stared at Ye Tian Qi and saw him smiling, “This is the will of the Emperor.”

Murong Rou’s immoral plotting of Murong Ye was known by everyone in the city, including the Emperor. His deeds for the past fourteen years were recorded down and presented to the Emperor, it was apparent that Murong Ye had been manipulated.

Murong Ye and Murong Xue were the twins of Murong Yue. Seems Murong Xue was so intelligent and bright, her brother shouldn’t be too bad himself. If he were to gather himself back into the correct path again, he would grow into an excellent person, even if he would never be as vigorous as Murong Yue in serving the country, he might still at least lighten the burden of the country…

“About this… I have to ask my brother first.” Murong Xue explained further, “You should have known, he’s the precious one in the house, if he were to start his life in this position, he wouldn’t get used to it, and it will be a shame if he messed things up again…”

Ye Tian Qi nodded in agreement, “I understand this, your brother is still of young age, he may be roguish a little, just like you’ve said: he wouldn’t get used to the mature working life, it all depends on him now…”

The conversation kept going on. Madam Du could no longer listen to what they were saying, her brows were scrunched tightly, and her eyes were filled with frenzy: Murong Xue simply suggested a plan yet she received praises and honors by the Emperor and the Emperor had even take notice of Murong Ye. Her strategy must be undeniably significant…

No wonder the Manor of Prime Minister and the Duke wanted to regain their friendship with Zhen Manor all of the sudden.

The Prime Minister, Duke Cheng and Murong Yue were childhood best friends since they were small; but they hadn’t remained in contact since Murong Yue’s own children were too young.

Now, Murong Xue had solved the problems of the nation and the Emperor with her brilliant strategy, this was more than enough to prove that the daughter of Murong Yue had grown up. Therefore, they were ready to involve Zhen Manor in their upcoming movement and to improve Murong Ye as well!

Madam Du’s thought in her mind:

Now that Murong Yue had passed away, they decided to take up the responsibilities of taking care of his children? It was confirmed that even if Murong Ye was incompetent or incapable of doing anything, they would still make sure Murong Ye’s position in the manor and he would maintained comfortable life for the rest of his life.

No, no, no, how could this be? Murong Yue had long gone from this world, Jian Er should be in his position in the house, Murong Hua was useless in his life, and was just a toy in her hands, how could he possibly be the heir of Zhen Manor?

She had to come up with an idea to bring back Jian Er into the city, if he were here, he could still stand a chance in taking over this crucial seat in Zhen Manor.

Undoubtly, she had to plan accordingly without flaws before Jian Er was back, she could not allow Murong Xue meeting up with the Prime Minister and Duke Cheng

“I have something to do tomorrow; I’m bringing my brother out for a getaway…” Murong Xue stated indifferently. Her orders from store had arrived, and she had to start her journey to Yu Mountain.

Ye Tian Qi nodded, “He is so young and with all of the things he had faced, he should really go out and clear off his mind more…”

Madam Du’s eyes lighted up instantly, she looked at Murong Xue and smirked coldly. She was just about to set Murong Xue up with her plan, and now Murong Xue fell into her trap herself, even the gods were helping her!

Murong Xue, just you wait and see!

Ye Yichen was standing nearby and saw Du watched over Murong Xue, he stared for a moment and suspected something…

Yu Mountain was very far from the city; Murong Xue had already picked the best horse she could find in the city. After several hours of journey since midnight, she finally arrived at the foot of Yu Mountain at noon.

Yu Mountain was as tall as she could ever imagine, it was surrounded by mountain mist even after the warm sunshine shone upon it!

Murong Xue stood in front of her horse and raised her eyebrows at the sight of the massive mountain. It would definitely be difficult to find Di Yang grass in here, Ouyang shizi had only tell her that the grass could be found in mountain peak, she had to climb all the way up there to find it.

“Sister, we are ready!” Murong Ye stepped forward. He carried a black bag behind his back, Shuang Xi and Feng Tuo who followed him had the same bag carrying behind them as well, inside the bag were equipment that Murong Xue had prepared and some food.

“Let’s go in!” Murong Xue mumbled and stepped into Yushan.

The sun brightened the leaves, the birds sang cheerfully, and the whistles of the wind accompanied those on their hike up the mountain.

“Ah… Snake…” Feng Tuo’s moans could be heard from behind. Murong Xue turned around only to face the sight of a green, five-meter-long snake sinking its fang deep into Feng Tuo skin; his blood turned black in a second when it soaked into his shirt.

“This snake is poisonous!” Murong Xue squinted her eyes, turned her body towards the venomous snake swiftly and stabbed it using her short blade from her sleeve.

The poisonous creature seemed to have sense danger around it, loosened its grip on his shoulder and crawled away as fast as it could, hitting Murong Ye and Shuang Xi in the process of escaping.

Shuang Xi did not expect such strong hit and was thrown on a bush five meters away, her eyes were shut tightly and her body was not moving, her face was a pale as paper, fortunately, her chest was moving up and down which indicated she was still breathing…

Murong Ye dodged the snake’s attack and jumped in front of Murong Xue, “Sister, we’re in trouble now!”

“Certainly, we are!” Murong Xue knew that it was extremely dangerous in the mountain and that was why she was well-prepared for the trials, but what she could not imagine was that Yu Mountain was beyond treacherous than she anticipated, they had only travelled a few meters and one was down with poison and the other collapsed…

She looked up at the monstrous snake; it opened its mouth widely and dashed forward to the both…

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