Chapter 55 – Warning

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Murong Xue turned to look. She saw Qin Yuyuan gracefully walked into the palace. She was wearing a green dress robe which was embroidered with begonia flowers. A cord was tied around her waist, making her look irresistible and very beautiful.

“Yuyuan, why are you here?” Ye Yichen spoke gently, his ruthless face suddenly softened.

“It was getting dark and I was afraid there would be a storm so I brought you your cloak!” Qin Yuyuan smiled. She then draped a purple cloak around Ye Yichen.

The cloak was splendidly made, its wave and cloud pattern was embroidered with golden thread. It amplified Ye Yichen’s elegance and ruthlessness. But the way he looked at Qin Yuyuan was gentle: “Thank you.”

Qin Yuyuan eyes flashed with pleasure, “It is what I should do…..”

“Prince Jing, Princess Qin, if you want to display your affection please return to the Qingyan Palace, you can do all you like there.” Murong Xue calmly said, her eyes displayed annoyance, “This is my palace, I still have many things to attend to and I am not free to see your mushy gestures. The entrance is right in front!”

Ye Yichen’s face turned downcast. Calmly, he looked at Murong Xue. But he did not speak.

Qin Yuyuan’s smile disappeared. Beneath her sleeve, she had curled her hand into a fist: Even with Yichen by her side, Murong Xue still had the guts to ridicule her. If Murong Xue had a death wish, she shall grant it:

“Are you jealous, Miss Murong? Yichen is a kind person, he is so compassionate that he doesn’t want to abandon you, after you’re engaged to him as his concubine, we will be a family……”

Murong Xue’s gaze turned icy, her hand flung out with fury, a sword sharp as an arrow was hurtled towards Qin Yuyuan. It was flung with such an impeccable speed that no one could’ve dodged it.

Only the sound ”TING!” was heard and it left a deep gash in the wall above Qin Yuyuan’s head. The force caused the sword handle to wobble lightly above her head.

“Qin Yuyuan, let me repeat myself the last time. Even if I die, I will never be married to Ye Yi Chen as a concubine. If I ever hear you using that title on me one more time, the next thing my sword will slit will be your throat!”

The icy warning that was issued bored into the ears of all and penetrated the heart of Qin Yuyuan. She was trembling. Slowly, she came around her senses.

At that moment, she really hated Murong Xue. She gazed pitifully at her lover, Ye Yichen, her eyes were filled with tears, “Yichen!” Her voice was gagged with pity, it was as if she had been humiliated out in the public.

Ye Yichen did not heed to her pleads, instead, he gazed deeply at MuRong Xue: When she had flung her sword, he had studied her angle and knew that it would not hurt Qin Yuyuan. Which was why he did not interfere to stop it.

Yuyuan had merely just mentioned about her being his concubine and she had reacted heavily. It seems that, she must really hate being his concubine!

“Get out of here! I do not welcome you!” Murong Xue stared icily at Ye Yichen and Qin Yuyuan.

Qin Yuyuan was indignant, how dare she chase them off like that! She will soon let Murong Xue know what regret felt like!

“Yi Chen!” Qin Yuyuan pleaded in dismal, her eyes shone with tears. She looked so miserable that it made people want to wrap their arms around her to protect her.

Ye Yichen turned to look at her, his eyes held a shade of impenetrable darkness. He extended his arm to hold her wrist and turned to step out: “Let’s go.”

Qin Yuyuan was stunned; her eyes were wide with surprise. Murong Xue had insulted her, shouldn’t Ye Yichen punish her gravely as to avenge for her? Why then, did he not even try to lecture her and that he had just turned around to leave just like that?

Ye Yichen followed the emerald path. In his mind’s eye, he kept picturing Murong Xue’s beautiful face. The first time when he heard about the flood management plan which was approved by the King, he was full of doubt and sarcasm. Murong Xue was merely just a daughter of a rich man, how could she, alone, could have thought of such a brilliant plan when none of the ministers or wise men in the royal palace had? She had to be working with another person who was extremely intelligent!

The true purpose of him coming to the Zhen Manor was to find out who was behind the brilliant plan and to make him/her one of his own for his advantage.

But when he had arrived at the entrance of the palace, he had seen Murong Xue arguing with Du. The way she was as if she was very confident. At that moment, he believed that she, herself had solely been the one responsible for flood management plan.

The time when Murong Yue was still present in the Zhen Manor, she was very powerful and intelligent. Not many could stand a chance against her. Sheng, who also belonged to the Zhen Manor was also a brilliant woman. Naturally, the daughters of both were also smart.

A while ago, he didn’t really like Murong Xue all that much and did not bother to make contact with her. Because of that, he never knew how intelligent she was and did not care if she was.

But after returning victorious from his last war, he had met her many times. Slowly, he began to realized that she was indeed a very clever woman. Every time when they met, she would always bring out some sort of ‘surprise’ that he did not expect……

With her by his side, he will never have mundane days!

Ye Yi Chen’s mouth curled into a smile.

A long shadow was approaching. This person had an attractive face and a warm smile. It was the  Fourth Prince.

Ye Yichen’s eyes gleamed, “Tian Qi!” What was he doing here?

“Yichen, Princess Qin, it seems that you’re here too! I’m here looking Miss Murong.” Ye Tian Qi smiled. His presence was like the breeze during spring. He politely walked past Ye Yichen and Qin Yuyuan.

“My father and the ministers have heard about your flood management plan. Well done Miss Murong, you are indeed clever!”

“Thank you Fourth Prince!” Murong Xue smiled humbly.

“When I was going out, I met the prime minister and the duke, they had asked me to enquire whether if you were going to hold a banquet.”

“A banquet?” Murong Xue jolted.

She realised that during this era, when the rich had encountered a fortunate and joyous event, they would organise a banquet in their homes. However, in her palace, the host’s mother, Murong Yue had passed on early, Murong Jian, the host’s uncle, was working far away and Murong Rou, the host’s aunt, had already been engaged to someone else long ago. Only Madam Du, the host’s step grandmother, Murong Ye and herself remained in this palace. Which was why, other than Madam Du’s birthday banquet, the Zhen manor normally remained quiet and banquets were a rare thing.

“I fear that it would be inappropriate to hold a banquet..”

Normally when a banquet was held, adults from rich and noble families would be invited. But her brother and herself weren’t even nearly the same age as them, which made it hard to share a common topic or interest with the guests….

Ye Tian Qi saw Murong Xue’s face became downcast and thought that she was thinking about how her parents had passed on early. He then deliberately coughed to make things less awkward.

“Holding a large banquet is indeed inappropriate. However, you could hold a small dinner and invite the young princes and other young rich people to celebrate!”

The guests he mentioned were closer in age to Murong Xue and Murong Ye, thus, they might have some common interests.

Murong Xue blinked, “I’m afraid I might have to postpone the dinner, I’m going out of the city to attend to some errands…”

Yu Mountain’s Di Yang grass had already ripened and she needed to hurry to harvest them.

“Never to worry, the people in the prime minister’s and the duke’s homes aren’t in a hurry. You can hold the dinner whenever you are free. And it’s alright if you don’t wish to hold one even! However, whenever the prime minister or the duke sends an invitation, be sure to attend it………”

Ye Tian Qi’s gentle suggestion bore into the ears of all in the scene. Madam Du’s eyelids started to tremble, an uncomfortable feeling started to boil inside of her….

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