Chapter 54 – Reward according to her merit

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“Miss Murong, that’s a great idea.” said Ye Tian Qi when he heard the idea that could resolve the disaster.


“Thanks for the compliment, Fourth Prince.” said Murong Xue, with a sweet smile on her face.


Shu Nan Xiang lowered down her head. She was enraged and clenched her fist tightly under her sleeves: Though she didn’t believe it herself, she couldn’t deny that Murong Xue had proposed a brilliant idea. Murong Xue’s idea could solve the root of the problem, which was definitely more mature and effective than her idea…


“I’ll go back to the palace right now and tell my father, the emperor, about Ms. Murong’s idea. He’ll definitely reward you according to your merit!” Ye Tian Qi glanced at Murong Xue with admiration and walked out swiftly.


Shu Nan Xiang recovered from her thoughts as she smelt the Long Yan scent on Ye Tian Qi, and she raised her head, “Such a brilliant idea… Was that really your idea, Miss Murong?”


“Or else what do you think? Miss Shu.” Murong Xue lifted the corner of her mouth.


“How did you come up with such an idea?” Shu Nan Xiang contemplated at Murong Xue with full attention, she wanted to scrutinize her reaction.


“When I was young, I saw the gardener create a small ditch to let the excess water flow into the pond beside the garden. That’s how I came up with the idea.” Murong Xue simply told her a reason. That was the solution for flood in twenty first century; it would certainly be useful in the ancient time.


“Is that true?” Shu Nan Xiang did not trust her completely.


“It’s up to you whether you believe or not. It’s late and I’ll going back now, please excuse me, Miss Shu.” Murong Xue was too lazy to argue with Shu Nan Xiang, she pushed Shu Nan Xiang away and walked out.


Shu Nan Xiang almost fell down and stepped back two steps clumsily. She saw a white figure moving forward; it was Ouyang Shaochen walking behind Murong Xue. He was undeniably elegant and handsome. Sadly, he did not look at her, not even once.

Shu Nan Xiang’s face was darkened, she glared at Murong Xue’s back from a distance, her eyes were filled with anger: It was pure luck for her to think of this brilliant idea, nothing to be proud of. Hopefully The Emperor will find the flaw in her idea and execute her immediately.


After 2 hours, an eunuch came to the Zhen Manor with an imperial edict.


“The Emperor has proclaimed that- Murong Xue, the first daughter of the Zhen Manor, who is indeed smart, has resolved the worries of the Royal Palace’s ministers and of common folk by submitting a brilliant flood management plan. She is therefore rewarded and her effort is very much appreciated!”


“Long live the Emperor!” Murong Xue exclaimed and went over to accept the imperial edict.


Eunuch Zhao handed over the imperial edict to Murong Xue. He then smiled and pointed behind him, “Congratulations Miss Murong, these are the rewards the Emperor has awarded you with.”


Murong Xue looked towards the direction which he had pointed. She saw over 10 maids aligned in a straight line holding huge trays filled with gold, gems, silk, satin and many more. It was an impressive sight.


There were so many, the Emperor was indeed a generous man: “Much thanks to the Emperor!”


Eunuch Zhao, please take a seat and have some tea!” Murong Xue offered, smiling politely while giving him a red packet. She then asked her servants to acquire the rewards from the maids’ hands.


Eunuch Zhao gently squeezed the thick red packet and the smile on his face became broader, “Thank you for your kindness Miss Murong but we have to return to the palace. Without further delay, please let me excuse myself.”


“Have a safe trip back, Eunuch Zhao!”


Seeing that Eunuch Zhao and the maids had left, Murong Xue smiled happily as she looked at the gift list: She wasn’t short of money but no one had ever complained that they had too much…….


Looking at the lengthy gift list and all the rewards that took up half the space of the courtyard, Madam Du’s face turned pale. It was merely just a suggestion. Who knew it had carried such a huge reward! Murong Xue’s luck was really something. She just couldn’t let her take all of it.


The Emperor has given the Zhen Manor these reward, we must store it in the vault. Servant, take all these to the Yu Tang Court!”


Madam Du, who was always the greedy person, wouldn’t even let go of the rewards in which the Emperor had awarded to Murong Xue. She really was avaricious.


Murong Xue raised a challenging brow towards Madam Du, as if she were ridiculing her actions: “Step grandmother, it’s written very clearing on the imperial edict that The Emperor had awarded me these rewards, not to Zhen Manor. You are partially deaf and am not able to hear clearly. But that is fine, the edict is right here, you can have a closer look at it!”


Murong Xue opened the golden scroll and held it in front of Madam Du: “You aren’t blind, surely you can understand the writings on it.”


Madam Du’s wrinkled face suddenly flushed red, her lips quivered for a long time, looking for the right words to argue with. Her gaze fell upon the tea on the table and she brightened: “Murong Xue, why did you not tell me you had the flood management plan?”


Her son, Murong Jian had been working in Jing Zhou for 10 years and couldn’t return to Jing City. Someone had told her that it was because there were many displaced workers and Jian didn’t have any impressive skills. If he were to submit this flood management plan, it would have been a big merit to him, and then maybe he could be transferred to Jing City………


Murong Xue looked at her, “Why should I hand over the flood management plan to you? You are not a court official.”


Du replied, “I could help you look through it to find out if there are any flaws in it…..”


“Oh really?” Murong Xue looked at her, “I thought you were going to tell Uncle Jian about this plan and let him claimed it as his own to get promoted….”


Having her thoughts deciphered, Madam Du’s face once again flushed bright red, her eyes nervously swept from side to side, “I am not a despicable person, don’t you use that perspective to view a righteous woman like me!”


“What you have claimed better be true. There isn’t a wall in this world that cannot be penetrated. Similarly, The Emperor is an intelligent man, if someone detestable were to claim other people’s work as their own, he would surely find out. Till then, that person would surely face severe consequences….” Murong Xue laughed lightly, but what she had said had penetrated deeply into Madam Du’s heart.


Looking at the contemptuous stare of Murong Xue, she was suddenly filled with rage. She was her grandmother. Not only did she not respect her, she had also ridiculed and mocked her. It was both humiliating and enraging! If she did not use her identity as an elder in this family to punish her, maybe she would even forget her own family name!


Madam Du’s eyes flashed an icy look. Just when she was about to open her mouth to lecture her, she saw a long shadow approaching and jolted: “Prince Jing!”


MuRong Xue followed her stare and saw a man with a purple robe standing at the entrance. His young handsome face wore a harsh, brutal expression, it really was Ye Yichen.


“Is there anything you want, Prince Jing?”


“No.” Ye Yi Chen looked at Murong Xue, his eyes flashed a shade of enigma.


If he hadn’t any business here, then why had he come?


She was getting ready to break off the engagement with him. Before the Old Jing Wang reaches Jing City, she intended to minimise her contact with him.
Murong Xue raised her brow, she was about to announce that he wasn’t welcomed here when a gentle female’s voice bore into the scene, “Yi Chen

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