Chapter 53 – Brilliant Idea

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That person was wearing a green long robe, the sleeves and collar was embellished with fine silver embroidery, a tourmaline belt was at his waist. He wore a ring on his right hand of exquisite green jade. He was truly outstanding and extraordinarily handsome. He was the fourth Prince, Ye Tian Qi.

“Greetings to the Fourth Prince!” Shu Nan Xiang greeted politely, her plum red dress looking like petals spread onto the ground, her beauty was mesmerizing. Ye Tian Qi face showed a trace of admiration as he smiled broadly as he saw Shu Nan Xiang, “Everyone is having a meal in the dining hall, why are you here?”

“It was suffocating in the dining hall, so I decided to walk around. I met with two friends.” Shu Nan Xiang said gently. She was truly beautiful, she had never fallen for any other men, but only this man right in front of her can give her butterflies in her stomach…

Ye Tian Qi looked in the direction of her gaze, he saw Ouyang Shaochen standing gracefully in the courtyard- his handsome face was as outstanding as always. Standing beside him wearing a long skirt was Murong Xue, her pretty small face was both bright and beautiful, but her clear black pupils were cold. The warm sunlight shined on them, they looked like a beautiful deities drawn out of a painting!

Ye Tian Qi was stunned for a moment and recovered from his surprise immediately. He smiled, “Shaochen, Miss Murong, both of you come to join the party as well?”

“No, I just passed by, not here for the party.” Murong Xue said softly, she was not very close with Ye Tian Qi. She did not plan to talk much with him too.

“Prince Fourth came to Wu An’s house also don’t plane to join the meal, am I right?” asked Ouyang ShaoChen.

“Yeah, I’m here to look for Nan Xiang. Is Shu Lao feeling better now? When is he available to give me some advice?” Ye Tian Qi grinned.

Shu Lao was his master. He had known Shu Nan Xiang since he was very young, they were quite close. Master Shu was being well thought of by the emperor. He was over exhausted in his career, now that he was old and sick. He can only stay home and get rest, he seldom met with guests anymore.

“You’re here for the issue regarding flood in Ling Nan?” asked Ouyang Shaochen.

“Yes!” Ye Tian Qi nodded. He was looking worried, “It’s been raining heavily in Ling Nan for the past half month. Almost half of Ling Nan was flooded, the citizens lost their houses. If this situation continues, not only Ling Nan, Jiang Nan will also suffer from the same problem…”

Jiang Nan was the richest place of the country, thirty percent of the country’s income is from Jiang Nan. If Jiang Nan was flooded, the country’s income will reduce tremendously, and the cost to rebuild Jiang Nan will leave the citizens with no home to stay in…

During these few days, the emperor had been discussing this issue with the vassals. However, there was no ideal solution to resolve the problem yet.

Shu Nan Xiang was delighted, “Grandpa is weak, I don’t think he has the energy to give you any advice. However, I have an idea, do you want to listen?”

“Go ahead.” said Ye Tian Qi.

Shu Nan Xiang smiled gently, “Ling Nan always rains heavily. To avoid the flood, the only way is to build a new dam as a bulwark against future floods.”

Build a new dam? Ye Tian Qi frowned and acted like he was listening to her words seriously, “As long as a new dam is built, it can keep back millions of gallons of water…”

“That’s right.” Ye Tian Qi nodded but he was still scowling, “However, the rain in this year is much more than the previous year. I’m afraid the dam must be built very high…” That means it will be costly.

“There are soldiers guarding at Ling Nan, I think you can order them to build the dam now, priority comes first.” Shu Nan Xiang smiled cheerfully : The soldiers are all muscular and strong, they can surely work swiftly. The progress will definitely speed up with their help.

“Then, we can appeal to the public to donate money and necessary needs to help the citizens in Ling Nan…”

“This idea… is not bad!” Ye Tian Qi praised her, but he was still anxious : Donate money? The rich men must be disgusted with this idea.

“Thanks for Fourth Prince’s compliment!” Shu Nan Xiang smiled humbly. She took a look at Ye Tian Qi, he was looking down, not sure what he was thinking, but he was not happy at all.

She stole a glance at Ouyang Shaochen, he acted as if he did not listen to what she said just now.

Is there something wrong with her idea? Shu Nan Xiang looked at Murong Xue confusedly, “Ms. Murong, what do you think about my idea?”

Murong Xue said reluctantly, “It’s barely passes!”

The idea can only solve the problem temporarily, but not resolving the root of the problem, it was too costly as well. Ouyang Shaochen and Ye Tian Qi did not agree with her because they knew it.

Shu Nan Xiang was enraged, “You sound like you don’t actually agree with me. You must have something great in your mind. Why don’t you share with us? That way I can learn from you.”

Ouyang ShaoChen and Ye Tian Qi had a lot of experience, it was fine if they are not satisfied with her idea, but Murong Xue was only an ordinary lady, how dared she look down upon her idea. It was time to teach her a lesson.

Murong Xue’s face was darkened. Shu Nan Xiang’s idea was not accepted by Ye Tian Qi because it was something wrong with the idea, there was nothing to do with her. Shu Nan Xiang did not think of a better way but was looking for trouble now. Alright, since she wanted to listen to a better plan, then I’ll tell her my plan.

“Raining heavily, flash flood, it’s not necessary to build a new dam. However, canals can be built. There are many mountains in Ling Nan, the irrigation ditch can turn the millions of gallons of water into a natural lake. The flood problem in Ling Nan can be resolved in that way…” said Murong Xue.

She continued, “The citizens in Ling Nan stay near to the mountain, most of the men know the skill to create canals. The government can hire them to work on it and pay them some money and food daily. For women, children and old people, food should be provided to them so that we don’t need to force the stingy rich men to donate their money.”

“Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!” Ye Tian Qi clapped his hand impressively as he gazed at Murong Xue with admiration.

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