Chapter 53.1

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here’s a chapter from the mentally exhausted, sick, physically exhausted and ready to drop out of school and questions why she has karate 4x a week xixi. I’m gonna go stare at my AP bio textbook and go cry now.

someone pray for me

ps. BTS is an art innovator, who the hell thought of making their pose in the shape of a DNA double helix, BTS combining music and biology, an inspiration, an inventor, a genius

Chapter 53.1

Ten o’clock at night, “Ghost School” studio.

  It was an excellent night of strong winds, ideal for ghosts to make trouble.

  Li Yan walked alone down the gloomy school corridor and unconsciously wrapped her jacket more tightly around her. She really hated to shoot at night, especially since the play was a ghost-based drama!

The wind blew from a broken glass window into the building and had the peculiar chill of a late night. Li Yan shivered as she heard the high-pitched call of a crow in the night sky.

  Ga – Ga –

  The incandescent lights above her flickered with a zapping sound. Li Yan looked at the strange shadow beneath her feet and finally frantically flew down the corridor in a rush.

Help! It wasn’t even her filming a ghost drama! How could anyone find this entire horror thing so interesting?! This year, even going to the toilet was risking her life! Li Yan jumped out of the washroom as quick as lightning. She decided that starting tomorrow, she would stop drinking water after dark.

  ”Step, Step.” The sound of footsteps echoed from the other end of the corridor. Li Yan quivered as she gazed down the hallway. The light revealed a tall figure. As the footsteps got closer and closer… Mo Zhen came out from the corner.

  ”Boss! You also came to the washroom ah!” Li Yan was delighted as she rushed to him, “I knew you would have to come, so I waited for you!”

  Mo: “…”

  He had heard that girls liked to go together to the washroom, but … did people of different genders go to the washroom together?

  ”I came specifically to find you,” he said, his mouth twitching. He didn’t know how the crew had discovered this school; he had heard from Master that it was really a cemetery before.

  In fact, he has felt uncomfortable since the first day he arrived on the set. This place’s chi was too heavy. but even if he told anyone, no one would believe him. Fortunately, he has not seen any wandering ghosts so far.

  ”Let’s go ahead then,” Li Yan said, pulling Mo Zhen. All she wanted to do was to return to the more populated staff lounge – at least there would be a lot of male staff there, so the yang would be heavier.

  ”Uh, you wait here. I’ll go to the washroom since I’m already here,” Mo Zhen said and turned into the male washroom on the side.

  Only the washroom on this floor was functional in the entire school, so all of the crew members had to come here to solve their physiological needs. Although it didn’t feel like anything was wrong during the day, at night, Li Yan didn’t even dare to look in the mirror when she washed her hands in the washroom.

  Da, Da, Da

  The sound of a ball being bounced echoed down the hall. Although the sound was very weak, it was the same as loud pounding to Li Yan’s mind; the shock made her heart beat loudly like a drum. Li Yan swallowed her saliva and looked at the staircase in front of her. The sound seemed to coming from above the staircase.

  Li Yan subconsciously looked in the direction of the male washroom. There was no movement. It seemed Mo Zhen wouldn’t be coming out soon.

  The sound of the ball being bounced continued on as each bounce had a more and more abnormal rhythm.

  Li Yan rubbed the goosebumps rising on her arms and slowly moved in the direction of the male washroom.

  Wen Xiaoxiao’s was wearing makeup, and a minute had already passed since she started bouncing the ball.

  That woman was still standing there?

  When she saw Li Yan leave to go to the washroom, Wen Xiaoxiao also pretended to go to the washroom. She grabbed a rubber head from the props room and had intended to scare her with it, but she did not think that the woman’s courage would be this small. She’d already stood here for more than a minute bouncing the ball and the woman still hadn’t come over?

  Alright, if she won’t come, then she will personally go.

  Wen Xiaoxiao walked down the stairs as she continued to bounce the ball, looking forward to the scream of fear she would hear when she turned the corner.

  Her lips hooked as she put on her most sinister expression, which the director had greatly appreciated, and came out from the stairs.


  The expected screams pierced the quiet night sky, but this screaming wasn’t from Li Yan; instead it was from Wen Xiaoxiao’s mouth.

  What did she see?





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