Chapter 52: This Kind of Pain….

By | May 18, 2017

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Chapter 52: This Kind of Pain, He Will Bear It

When this seed of thought sprouted in Gu Yanhao’s mind, the parchedness in his throat became more urgent. His body heat shot through the car roof at once.

His gaze scorching hot gaze gave rise to goose bumps all over Song Wuyou’s nape.

Carefully leaning back her body flat against the car’s door, she tried to put some distance away from him even though she knew very well she was already trapped between him and the seat. There was nowhere to run!

Her escape attempt succeeded in challenging the burning passion inside Gu Yanhao.

Desire elevated, making him feel increasingly restless.

His eyes stared at Song Wuyou’s ruddy red lips like a prey.

On top of it all, the mild fragrant emitted from Song Wuyou’s body enticed him to the brink of insanity.

“You drive!” Gu Yanhao forced himself back, trying his best to suppress the burning passion coiling like a tight spring around his navel.

His physical reaction screamed one truth ––– he was drugged!

Wrong, it was Song Wuyou that was supposed to get drugged, but he just had to dive head first, bottoming up the glass of liquor in one gulp.

And now, this kind of pain, he was the one to bear it –––

“I….. I…..” Song Wuyou stared blankly at the steering wheel.

It struck her at this very moment that she only knew how to ride a horse, but not how to drive a car…..

“Drive!” his thinned patience was about to snap, and Gu Yanhao ended up yelling at Song Wuyou. He turned around to look the other way in hope of a distraction.

Worse come to worse, he had no problem to make use of her as the drug’s solution. After all, she was his wife.

But it also crossed his mind that her body was not up for it, having just suffered a miscarriage. Under the circumstance and the violent influence of the drug, her body would probably break.

Fortunately, he had not lost his last shred of reason and reduced to pure animalistic instinct.

“I don’t know how to drive.” a victim of his angry roar, Song Wuyou blurted out the honest words unconsciously.

Gu Yanhao’s head turned around at lightening speed hearing her confession, bloodshot eyes stared at her, looking scary.

Sternly staring at Song Wuyou, his low sounding voice was laced with undisguisable wrath,“Song Wuyou, are you taking me for a three-year-old kid?”

She doesn’t know how to drive?

All those expensive sports cars in the villa, had she not driven them for countless of times already?

Even though she did wreck one the most expensive limited edition car, but that did not even come close to garner the words ‘don’t-know-how-to-drive.’

Colliding with his bloodshot eyes, Song Wuyou inexplicably shrunk a little warily.

Frightened, her mind went blank and ended up simply staring dazedly at the steering wheel.

“Song Wuyou, are you pretending that you don’t know how to drive because you want me to eat you up here in the car?” Gu Yanhao suddenly pinched her chin, a dangerous atmosphere broke out from him.

“Then you ‘eat’ ah, I am here!” being pinched so hard, the pain triggered Song Wuyou’s anger, waking her up from her state of blankness.

“Damn woman!” cursing right under his breath, Gu Yanhao’s furious voice reverberated in the confined space.

Couldn’t she act a little cuter?

Did she pretend not to know how to drive so he would sleep her here?

Doesn’t she understand her body could not stand this kind of rigorous activity!

His harsh tone made Song Wuyou’s heart sank.

She smiled wryly as the sudden swirling sadness that pricked her heart, “Gu Yanhao, you were drugged with aphrodisiac yet, even at times like this you are unwilling to be with your wife?”

Was he disgusted by her to that extent?

“You’re really faking you can’t drive, do you wish for me to push you down now?” hearing her words, another tide of anger broke out.

Anger combined with evil heat, he was even more irked and annoyed. So uncomfortable!

What he wanted most now was to kill someone!

“I really don’t know how to drive!” Song Wuyou raised her chin at him, stating defiantly.

“I’m saying this for the last time, drive! Send me home immediately!”

“You can call your bodyguard here!” Song Wuyou glared back at him, her voice sounded so nonchalant.

She was someone who knew how to love herself, she would not so easily offer herself up as a solution.

It was just that the original host’s love for him was too deep thus it was hard to ignore or get rid of in a short period of time.

That was the main reason she felt upset when she saw how unwilling he was to touch her even in this dire situation.



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