Chapter 52 – Dislike Physical Intimacy

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Shizi: son of a person who is related to the royal family


“Brother, what are you doing?” Murong Xue asked in confusion.

Murong Ye looked up with his swollen blood-red eyes, his captivating eyes were filled with tears. He was trembling as he took Murong Xue into his arms, “Sister… I thought they were all kind and sincere to me…”

But what was the truth? His close relationship with his cousin was for the advantage of someone else to set him up and lead him astray. For his so-called caring aunt, to spend manpower, material and financial resources, all just to make sure he grows up a waste and thus destroying his future. These past two years, his entire path and life had been determined by someone else’s calculations.

The warms tears flowed down Murong Ye’s cheek and dropped on Murong Xue’s neck. Murong Xue was stunned for a moment, she patted his back gently. Murong Xue didn’t like to have physical contact with males. But he was hurt, like an injured little pet, making people unable to have the heart to push him away.

Murong Ye was only fourteen years old, his parents died when he was young. He was longing for friendship and family love, that was why he was deceived by Song Qing Yan and Murong Rou.

“Don’t be sad, it’s not your fault. You just have to be more cautious next time, you’ll meet loyal and sincere friends in future. These people don’t worth your tears.” said Murong Xue.

Murong Ye was choked with sobs, “Why are they scheming against me? I don’t understand…”

“It’s all because they’re selfish and greedy. Your existence is blocking their way to succeed their evil plan.” Murong Xue knew, they were trying to turn Murong Ye into a useless man for someone’s good. “We are not a direct descendent of their family, even though you’re trying to be kind to them, they will still think of a way to ruin you and knock you down.”

Murong Ye knew about all these schemes and intrigues, but he thought all of these were strategies used to defend himself from enemies. He never thought that his “family members” would treat him in such a way.

His parents died when he was young. The only one who was helping him wholeheartedly is his sister, it was very lucky for him to have her as sister…

Murong Xue saw a white shirt flashing across the corner of her eye, and she felt the grip around her waist. She was carried away almost three meters far, Murong Ye was left alone.

She smelt the familiar nice scent, she raised her head and found herself looking at Ouyang Shaochen’s poetic and handsome face, she frowned, “Ouyang Shaochen, what are you doing?”

“There shouldn’t be any physical contact between you and other males.” Ouyang Shaochen said word by word, his voice did not sound like he was happy.

“He is my brother.” said Murong Xue.

“Your brother is a man, women and men should not have any physical contact; or have you forgotten that your brother is already fourteen years of age?” Ouyang Shaochen raised one of his brow and looked at Murong Xue as if she is stupid.

“…” Murong Xue was speechless, he always had his reason.

“My brother was tricked by the others, he’s not feeling well, I’m comforting him.”

“There are many ways to comfort someone, you’re using the most stupid, the most useless one.” Ouyang Shaochen casted a glance at her, he didn’t say anything, but his face showed his dissatisfaction.

“Ouyang Shaochen!” Murong Xue’s beautiful face immediately darkened as she gritted her teeth. Every time she saw him he made her speechless, Ouyang Shaochen definitely had a poisonous mouth and a black belly.

Murong Ye was rooted to the ground, he looked at their interactions blankly. They were bickering right in front of him as if they were the only ones around, they seemed to be very close. Tears were stuck between his long eyelashes; his sister and Ouyang shizi… What was happening?

Aware of his gaze, Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes fell onto Murong Ye. His piercing hawk-like eyes made Murong Ye feel like they could see through his eyes and into his heart. Murong Ye hurriedly lowered his head, his eyes flashing incoherently as he gabbled in a panicky way, “Sister, shizi, you guys take your time, please excuse me… I’m going back now.”

“Hold on, I’m going back with you!” Murong Xue had come here to rescue Murong Ye, now that everything had been resolved, it was naturally time for them to go back. She did not want to stay any longer at this birthday banquet.

Seeing Murong Ye turn to leave, Murong Xue forcibly pushed away the hand that was around her waist. But when she tried to move, she couldn’t, Ouyang Shaochen had stretched his long arm and pulled her small waist back into his embrace, “I have something to ask of you”

“What is it?” Murong Xue was not interested in that at all. She turned around to see Murong Ye, wanting for him to wait for her. But that did not happen, Murong Ye’s footsteps quickened as he ran quickly out of the small courtyard- disappearing out of sight.

Murong Xue was silent, ‘Murong Ye can you at least slow down a bit?’

“When are you going to Yu Mountain?” A clear voice traveled to her ears, bring Murong Xue back to her senses.

“The earliest I leave would be in a couple days, I’ve already packed the majority of the climbing equipment. I’m just waiting for the special items at the shop to be complete, and then I’m ready to go. Why are you asking this?”

Ouyang ShaoChen pondered for a moment and said in a disappointed tone, “I have some things to take care in the upcoming days, I don’t think I can accompany you to Yu Mountain.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as you tell me the exact location of the Diyang Cao on Yu Mountain then it’s fine.” Murong Xue smiled cheerfully. She was planning to get the Diyang Cao herself at the first place, she did not have the slightest intention of letting Ouyang Shaochen accompany her.

Looking at her bright smile, Ouyang ShaoChen thought gloomily to himself : She seemed to be very happy when she heard that he cannot go with her.

“Ouyang shizi!” a soft girly voice called out. Murong Xue looked toward the direction of the sound, she saw Shu Nan Xiang was standing at the front of the courtyard. Shu Nan Xiang was wearing a plum red colored long dress, both of her shoulders were exposed- revealing soft and creamy pale skin. The exquisite diamonds adorned her dress and shined brightly under the sunlight.

Her eyebrows rose in surprise as she saw her most beloved person, her bright beaded earrings gently shook. She was so excited to see Ouyang Shaochen, but was also uneasy at the same time.

“Yes?” said Ouyang Shaochen, indifferently. He tightened his arms and Murong Xue’s slim physique gracefully came out his arms. Shu Nan Xiang dropped her jaw and her entire body shook, she had almost fallen down from shock, but she had grabbed onto the door frame for support as her little face turned pale instantly.

She thought since Ouyang Shaochen did not like places that are too crowded, he would come here. But  She would’ve never expected that he was here to have a rendezvous with Murong Xue!

Murong Xue, why is it Murong Xue again!

Shu Nan Xiang clenched her hands under her sleeves and looked at Murong Xue with cold and piercing eyes…

Murong Xue blinked her eyes, Shu Nan Xiang actually, hated her?

“Nan Xiang, I’ve been looking for you a long time, I never would’ve thought you would be here!” A voice filled with warm laughter called, a slender figure walked toward their direction.



Does anyone else want to tell all the insane females, who will go insane to get the attention of the male character, to get a life? Contribute to the world? Do something other than getting jealous of the female protagonist?

*sighs and remembers all the insane psychopathic characters you know* (cough cough DKC)

*Slowly raises hand*


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