Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

There was complete silence on the scene for 3 seconds.

The air conditioner was blowing cold winds and sunshine penetrated through the window, the light reflecting on the floor. Finally, there was a reaction from one of the girls; she choked out a sentence, “Dang, is it real or fake?!”

“You’ve already invited it? So fast!”

As everyone approached them, Lai Xiao Shuang smiled and said, “Of course it’s the real one. Gu Ma and I are good friends. This time, I specifically asked for her help!”

The ‘Gu Ma’ that she mentioned, naturally it was Jian Wei. Ever since 3 years ago when she began posting videos and pictures on Weibo, many of her online friends had fallen in love with her <Yuan Gulu’s Day>. Originally, she only did it to record the growth process of her pet. Who knew that it would cause her account to become a ‘cat Weibo’ with countless fans? She was even affectionately called ‘Gu Ma’, or more directly, Aunty*.

*guma (姑媽 ) – paternal aunt ; Gu()Ma() – Gu’s mother


Jian Wei was very distressed. Obviously she was still a young girl, how could she be called aunty?

There were a lot of people around, which frightened Yuan Gulu a little, causing it to let a small whimper. Jian Wei was holding it in her arms as if she were holding a baby. Seeing the unimaginable meng-ness in front of them, the girls couldn’t help but to cup their faces and say, “It really is Yuan Gulu! Mother, I met someone famous!”

“Oh, its claws are so cute! Really want to pinch!”

“Quick, let jiejie touch you, I’ll give you a can of tuna to eat ~”

Everyone was talking at the same time until they were interrupted by a light chuckle. Immediately, it was as if the adoring spell had been broken..

They turned around at the sound. No one knew when she’d moved, but suddenly they saw Zhou Peipei standing in the middle of the room with her arms folded.

Um, just now, they seem to have forgotten…

Feeling a bit guilty, everyone was avoiding her line of sight, leaving Lai Xiao Shuang alone to face her. “Keke, Zhou laoshi, this is the one that is famous online, Yuan Gulu… You see, do you like it?”

Not speaking a word, Zhou Peipei’s eyes fell on Yuan Gulu’s body.

Frankly speaking, it really was a very beautiful cat. It had smooth white fur and a pair of bright blue eyes, eyes as bright as sunshine gleaming on the ocean, and yet it also resembled the most pure gem, it’s light able to dodge *the poison in people’s heart*.

*蠱惑人心  gǔhuò rénxīn – to stir up public sentiment by false statements (idiom)

[TN: I used the sentence ‘the poison in people’s heart’ to make more sense in the translation]


It was precisely this level of beauty that conquered all the women in the room.

But, Zhou Peipei’s interest was waning.

This cat was huddled timidly, looking no different from the one from before. Both were full of resistance.

She hated everything that resisted her.

“Bai Lu,” she said suddenly, causing Bai Lu to quickly respond. Raising her hand to press her temple, Zhou Peipei casually said, “Inform the assistant director that I don’t want a cat. Replace it with a dog. Xia Yi Ran will raise a dog, not a cat.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard her words. If they really changed this, the entire script and the pet-related plot had to be adjusted. ‘Fatty’ was present in a lot of scenes. To do it again would be so frustrating!

Zhou Peipei held a lot of power, so the director couldn’t scold her. His anger would be vented on the people at the bottom of this chain. Thinking about that scene, everyone’s scalp started to feel numb, especially Lai Xiao Shuang’s. She was the one who had taken the initiative in this matter, so she had to take responsibility. In this situation, if the script really had to be changed, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to stay with the crew!

She stammered, “Zhou, Zhou laoshi, don’t decide so fast. Why don’t you hold it first? Yuan Gulu is easy to get close to. You hold it first, it definitely won’t run away…”

“It’s not necessary, just let her take it.” Zhou Peipei, not really looking at Jian Wei ,was thinking that it would be more interesting if it was a puppy.

Lai Xiao Shuang was sweating anxiously. She had done thousands of calculations, never expecting that not only did Zhou Peipei refuse to give it a chance, she even wanted change the entire setting!

Bai Lu turned towards her and laughingly said, “Ok ok, if you want a dog, we’ll exchange it to a dog right away. Don’t be angry. Xiao Shuang ah, you should ask your friend to leave. It seems like the cat that you found is no better than mine.”

Seeing this situation everyone looked at each other, getting ready to scatter. Lai Xiao Shuang firmly bit her teeth, trying not to get angry at Bai Lu – which was not easy! If she hadn’t stuck her foot in this matter, Zhou Peipei would not have  necessarily lost interest in  the cat so fast!

Jian Wei walked over to comfort her. She felt somewhat sad that she couldn’t help her. Who knew that the person next to her would accidentally knock against her, causing her to dodge, resulting in her hands losing their grip on the cat? Confused, Yuan Gulu struggled free from her hold.

“Yuan Gulu…”

She squatted down, indicating that it should come back to her arms.  Unexpectedly, the cat stared at her for a moment before it hesitantly drew back. It turned around in circle, its eyes whirling in confusion. A moment later, as if it finally found a target, it ran straight towards Zhou Peipei.

Everyone was staring blankly, fascinated by the situation. Surprised, Zhou Peipei also bowed down. The cat cried ‘meow meow’ while lightly rubbing its head on her calf.

Looking down for a while, finally Zhou Peipei bent down towards the cat. Bai Lu shouted, “Peipei!”

However, it was too late. Zhou Peipei had already hesitantly reached out her hand to touch its head. Yuan Gulu immediately looked up as its pink tongue peeped out, licking her palm.

So ticklish…

Zhou Peipei was frozen for three seconds before she curved her lips and gently laughed.

The crowd couldn’t help but be dumbstruck by this unforeseen situation. Jian Wei was dumbfounded; this is, Yuan Gulu……is it treating Zhou Peipei as if she were her?!

She looked at her reflection in the mirror on the wall. Her face was covered by the mask. Her appearance was so totally unrecognizable that she understood that this must be reason.

Eventually, the matter was resolved in a satisfactory manner when Zhou Peipei agreed to use Yuan Gulu. Lai Xiao Shuang was able to escape the crisis. She held the cat in her arms, kissing it again and again, “Truly aunt’s clever daughter, later tonight I will give you a can of tuna to eat, a whole can of tuna for you to eat!”

Finished playing with Yuan Gulu, the crew had become interested in  Jian Wei. Up to this point she was still wearing a mask on her face. Jian Wei had given her usual  ‘allergy’ reason, so the crew didn’t pursue the topic any longer but jokingly said: “When you’ve recovered from your allergy, you must let us take a look at you. Everyone is very curious about what the famous aunty looks like.”

Do not be curious. This allergy is not easy to get over.

Jian Wei had long expected that with her looks, going to work as a part of Zhou Peipei’s crew would be an epic challenge. If it wasn’t for  Jiang Yi, even if Lai Xiao Shuang was holding her thighs to beg her, she would never come here to suffer.

However, after  she sacrificed everything in her power to come here, from the beginning to the end she still hasn’t seen Jiang Yi’s presence on location.

According to Lai Xiao Shuang, Jiang Yi visited the set at 6 o’clock in the morning to shoot photo stills, personally accompanied by the director. Unfortunately, at that time she was driving around buying breakfast for Zhou Peipei, so she missed the chance to look at the scene.

As for Jian Wei, she’d had concerns about flying with Yuan Gulu, so the cat was driven  to Beijing one week ago by her cousin-sister who kindly dropped the cat off at the hotel that morning before Jian Wei left to join the crew.

“I don’t know where he is right now,” Lai Xiao Shuang admitted. “He has probably returned to the hotel,” Lai Xiao Shuang continued. “However, it is already afternoon. Hopefully he will eat lunch here, so there is still a chance to meet him.”

Because of this, Jian Wei continued hanging around the scene. Soon, the preparatory work was complete and the crew began filming  the day’s shoot. The scene was being shot on the first floor. Afraid that Yuan Gulu would make a noise and disturb the filming process, Jian Wei carriedg the cat holder and went upstairs to hide.

There wasn’t anyone around. Jian Wei saw the chair by the window where Zhou Peipei had sat an hour ago. She went there to sit. Looking out of the window, she let out a long sigh.

Although Lai Xiao Shuang and she had been mocking and scorning the issue for a long time, seeing the scene today had indeed exceeded her expectations. Who would  expect that Zhou Peipei who was lively and lovable on camera actually had a bad temper in private? If she wanted to change the script, then the script had to be changed. She didn’t even care if it would cause trouble for her colleagues.

She felt that if Lai Xiao Shuang continued to work for her, sooner or later she wouldn’t be able to overlook  Zhou Peipei’s torturous tantrums, and her anger would be vent towards Jian Wei…

Thinking about this, she removed her mask and then  opened the cat holder to take Yuan Gulu out. She lifted the cat so  its face was facing hers as she angrily said, “You heartless little thing, look carefully. I am your mother! Casually acting cute with just  anyone? Are you blind, 484*?

*484 – internet slang which means ‘yes or no’


“Awwooo~” the cat cried, innocently blinking its eyes.

Jian Wei wasn’t affected by its charm.  She continued to hold it aloft and stare at it, but soon enough, Yuan Gulu, just like the meaning of its name, began to feel like  the product of 10 pounds of fat smashed together. Holding her in the air for a long time soon became tiring

Just as she  put the cat on her lap so that she could put it back inside the cat holder, the cat quickly jumped down and ran away from her. Jian Wei was  shocked, “Yuan Gulu, STOP! If you run away, I’ll break your legs!”

Jian Wei was shouting the threat while she chased after the cat to the end of the corridor where there was a room which looked like an office. The door was slightly open and the air-conditioning had been turned on inside. Yuan Gulu ran towards the door and made its way inside.

You’re so fat yet still so nimble!

In the end, Jian Wei generally guessed that although the air-conditioning was turned on, the space was too large. If the temperature didn’t drop quickly, Yuan Gulu would suffer from the heat. She opened the door, intending to take the cat from the room when she glanced sideway and paused.

On the metal door was written the words, ‘Lawyer Gu Cheng Yuan’.

Gu Cheng Yuan, this was Jiang Yi’s character in the drama.

She turned around and saw a man.

The man she had thought  of countless times today.

Jiang Yi was sitting in a  black leather chair behind the desk, with his long legs propped on the table. His head was slightly tilted back, his eyes were closed as if he were sleeping.

He was wearing a white shirt with black trousers which were probably his costume from the drama. His hair was styled differently from last night, as it had been  meticulously combed, exposing a smooth forehead.

This kind of elite dressing style called for an early start in the makeup and wardrobe departments, depriving a lazy guy like him of a decent night’s sleep.

Jian Wei was entranced. He could easily wake up at any moment. Yuan Gulu had jumped onto the desk and lay on Jiang Yi’s feet, its bushy tail sweeping his shoes.

Jian Wei approached slowly, step by step, until she was standing in front of Jiang Yi.

A light sound could be heard.  It sounded for a moment  like air being blown out from the air conditioner. Jian Wei stood still and kept listening for a moment before she finally decided that it was the sound of his breathing.

He was within her reach, so close that she could actually hear him breathing.

His lower jaw looked faintly blue. She recalled that last night, her nose had grazed that spot, and then their eyes met..

Her heartbeat suddenly accelerated. She felt that she wouldn’t be able to stay there any longer, so she leaned over to lift the cat. With Yuan Gulu quietly watching her, Jian Wei smiled to show encouragement while she silently meditated in her heart: Yes, good baby, don’t move, don’t move…


At the last second the cat eluded her grasp, suddenly jumping, landing heavily as it hit Jiang Yi’s chest.


The man’s stuffy groan was like a thunderbolt, causing her face instantly pale.

Jian Wei stood there blankly, even forgetting to breathe.

She was contemplating to escaping through the door and fleeing the scene, but it was too late.

Jiang Yi slowly opened his eyes and saw her.

For a few seconds, he didn’t react. His brows were slightly wrinkled. Because he had just awaken his voice was a bit husky, “Zhou Peipei?”

Two seconds later, finding that it was the wrong person, his eyes flashed in surprise, “… is you?”

Jian Wei wanted to cry, “Yes, it’s me…”

He raised his hand and touched a massive of furry object, which was the cat that had smashed him awake a moment ago.

Jiang Yi was even more confused. Jian Wei rushed over to pick the cat, like a hungry tiger pouncing on its food.

They both looked at each other. Before they had the chance to say anything, suddenly, there were footsteps coming from the corridor. Jian Wei felt the footsteps were stepping on her heart; her whole body had become tense.

Couldn’t be found! Definitely couldn’t be found!

She unconsciously touched her mask, but her hand only felt an empty space. She didn’t know where her mask had fallen. Jian Wei fervently searched around, found the target and make her way into the gap below the desk.

Jiang Yi: “…”

Jiang Yi’s legs were separated. He was looking down at her from the middle.

Jian Wei, who was holding the cat while hiding inside, looked up to see his suit trousers wrapped around a pair of slender legs, and couldn’t help but to notice the bulge between those legs.

Jian Wei: “…”



[TN: I don’t even know how I should react while translating the last part and I’m under the impression that Ocelot was amused by that part as well XD Hahaha Jian Wei sure get herself into a tight spot in front of her Male God]

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