Chapter 5 – Visceral Training

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There was a loud sound of the door being destroyed. Dao Lie-Liu’s house front door turned into pieces.

“Liu master, long time no see!”

Yun-Ye’s shadow has appeared at the front door. His face displayed a big smile and slowly walked in.

It was just a moment not that long they parted but looked like Yun-Ye missed his master. Dao Lie-Liu’s face gone all red after heard his disciple’s words.

“You do really wish to die!” Dao Lie-Liu has really gone mad this time.

“You will not let go of me even if I did not wish to die, alright?”

Yun-Ye coldly laughed and walked in.

Both eyes displayed terror, “Yun-Ye, neither of us needs to get wounded! As a respect to the faction, it was my fault at first. However, you showed me great strength of yours so why did not you join the alliance with me?”

The luminous light was seen in Dao Lie-Liu ‘s eyes and continued: “With my help, you will have more opportunity to train in the Tian Zhu Peak and other training.”

“Do you think that I am a three years old?”

Yun-Ye kept laughing. Suddenly he sent like an electric shock into Dao Lie-Liu.

Dao Lie-Liu still did not believe it. His body was thrown outside the house. The fresh blood gushing out in midair and felt the ground drop by drop. His body hit the wall so hard and felt.

“How could this be!”

Dao Lie-Liu’s voice filled with horror. He did not think Yun-Ye would be so unscrupulous. But what was more horrified to him was that Yun-Ye’s power has actually increased. He was able to feel Yun-Ye’s about to attack him, but he just could not react to it.

“Master Liu, I respected you as my master so I will give you one choice.”

Yun-Ye went into silence. He then approached Dao Lie-Liu then put his foot once again on to his face.

“Is this the way of your respect to your master?”

He heard Yun-Ye said he wanted to respect his master but he got a foot on his face. He really has gone mad and dizzy at the same time. He felt the terror by Yun-Ye’s act.

“What do you want to do to me after this?” He lauded his voice but still horrified.

“I want spirit stone,” Yun-Ye said.

“Should I be beaten like this if spirit stones are what you wish? From now on, I will give you one hundred pieces of low leveled stones every month.”

Yun-Ye laughed: “One hundred? I want fifty thousand pieces, or you can give me five hundred pieces of middle leveled stones.”

“Fifty thousand pieces?”

Dao Lie-Liu was horrified this time. His body even trembled and thought Yun-Ye has gone insane.

Eyes flashing brightly like a fainted flame slowly ignites.


He agreed to him: “Let me stand up. I take my pockets inside my robe. I’ll give you the whole stones in my pocket.”

Yun-Ye did not speak much and lifted his leg. He felt his master acted weird. One false act and he were ready to send another blow to his master.

Dao Lie-Liu used up his energy and took out a pocket from his robe. He then unsealed it.

ring ring!

There was something dropped to the ground and clattered.

Dao Lie-Liu poured out his pocket. There was full of colors shining into their eyes.

Yun-Ye’s eyes slightly narrowed. He was counting the items on the ground. He was excited but also cold at the same time and said: “Ten pieces middle leveled, one hundred thirty pieces low leveled, one broken whip and a broken sword? Master, this is so far from fifty thousand pieces.”

Dao Lie-Liu slightly coughed and blood came out, slowly spoke: “Every month the stones were presented to the masters in Tian Zhu valley. It was my hard work to collect these. If you are not satisfied, then just wait for the next month.”

Yun-Ye glared at him and picked up the items on the ground and said: “Alright, you are still in debt.”

After that, he turned his body and walked out the door.

Dao Lie-Liu’s both eyes were flashing bright while watching him walking out the door. His face was full of haze.

Even if I had fifty thousand pieces, so what could it be? Did he really think he could absorb it all?

Wait for master Yu-Liu and those spirit stones will be back to its original owner!

Ten pieces middle leveled and one hundred thirty pieces low leveled spirit stone were gained to Yun-Ye which made him felt unbelievable rich. But he knew Dao Lie-Liu has a connection with the Tian Zhu valley so someone would come to him.

“I need to increase my skill in training and get absorb enough auras. I need to focus. If Yu-Liu really faces me, his skill won’t be at the seventh stage. But it will be ridiculous if that black-white power inside my body is gone. I just need to train with these stones. It is possible to defeat him.”

Yun-Ye has counted all these.

The disciples of Tian Zhu were the real immortals. But for him, they were just proud and think highly of themselves. They had no heart of resisting. Yun-Ye felt no fear against them.


A sound to be heard. There was a stone turned into dust and its aura was flowing into every vein in his body.

This was the forty-ninth stones. In five days, he could absorb forty-nine stones. His body had so much flowing auras. He had an unbelievable fast absorbing skill. This might be a threat to the Tian Jian disciples.

“It is time.”

He pinched the stone and smirked.

At that time, the aura had flowed into all of his body. He felt so much power. He felt that he already on the forth stage of training.


The fiftieth stone turned into dust. Yun-Ye felt comfortable and flowing with so much energy. Every single of stones were flowing into his veins and a fainted blue light glowed beneath his skin.

He felt refreshed and could hear sounds and see things well.

The aura was roaming freely into all parts of his body.

This was the fourth training, the visceral training.

He felt the aura of fifty stones. In fact, from stage three to four their power will increase by four or five times. But for him, he felt his power was ten times stronger.

What was the cause?

Suddenly his eyes were opened shockingly.

Those black white lights appeared. It dissolves into thin rays and shot to the skies. After that, the lights were spinning around his body. In a blink of an eye, the lights disappeared. It was so vigorous.

Yun-Ye felt his aura weakened. He did not felt like before. But every trace of the power seemed to have been condensed, compressed, pure but forceful. Every drop of it contained a powerful energy.

He lost in himself and slowly came  into senses.

At first, he was beamed by the lights, his power increased ten times from before and could defeat Dao Lie-Liu easily. His current power was increased ten times once again. Even if he face fifth stage enemy, could he also defeat them easily?

“What is this light anyway? The changes in my body must have some kind of connection to those.” He really could not find the trace of those light no matter how hard he tried to find it.

He remembered the times he was in the beasts nest. He passed out for three days but remembered the golden army and the intense killing intent that he felt.

In those golden light, two people came out. One man and one woman. They walked slowly out from the golden light. They approached Yun-Ye and felt like an electric shot into his body. Those light spinning around and shot into him.

The lights brought him into good use. He needed to absorb more stone and he would get stronger. He came out from his room. His old yard had one wooden table and two wooden stool.

He walked slowly and slightly touched the wooden table.


A crispy voice. The wooden table was not able to hold the power and broke.

“The energy sure is strong, but I still need to control it.” Yun-Ye felt the joy. He did not expect his energy to be this strong.

He walked out his yard and was gazing into the sky. He was looking into the distant of mist in Tian Jian valley.

He was afraid of facing Tian Jian disciples before, but now he did not feel the same way. He felt victorious.

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