Chapter 5 – The Inheritance of the Divine

By | January 20, 2017

“Spiritual divisions …”

  Yi Ti carefully chewed these strange words.  She usually liked to read novels that had words similar to this. However, a novel is a novel after all and she never thought that one day the words would really appear in reality.

  And, in connection to her.

  Really incredible.

  She shook her head, throwing away these distractions. Re-energized, she turned back to the letter.

  After discovering his talent as a divine master, the old man had studied the books left by his ancestors and devoted himself to that incredible world. He studied for so many years that he didn’t get married. He never regretted it until old age, when he felt his life would come to an end.  Now he needed to find himself a descendant, a successor.

  However, talented people are too rare.

  Until he met a child named Yi Ti.

  But by then it was too late.

  His ancestors had left books and there is indeed a formula for a longevity pill.  However. It was like bricks without straw. Even if there is a formula, if he couldn’t find the herb, it didn’t matter.

  Having said that, the old man mentioned that when he was young, while on an adventure, he had found that piece of seemingly ordinary black stone. In the words of the old man, the stone was actually a “cave”.  If Yi Ti understood correctly, it wasn’t so much a cave as a space. During that same adventure, he had made a contract to bind with the stone or Lingquan and the Lingshi.

  The space inside the stone was about one hundred square meters in size and was filled with the aura of the world that was so lacking in the outside.  Also, the flow of time was different inside the stone.  If an hour passed inside the stone, only one second passed outside of it. The space inside the stone was not empty either.  There was a mystical spring inside and a plot of mystic dirt.  After testing, he found that the soil and water, once brought to the real world, would lose its effectiveness.  Also, other than the owner of the space and plants, nothing else living could be stored in the stone.  The old man speculated that this involved the cave law and didn’t look to deeply into it.

  Then, he began to practice the breathing method left by the ancestors left and planting herbs. The Lingshi also aided in the growth of herbs.  It’s power was only second to the Aura.  With it, the old man decided he would do his best to restore the legacy of his ancestors by recovering the ancient plants.  He also realized that he could also grow many new plants.  Although he was very talented in growing plants, the old man’s cultivation talent was limited so he always remained at the level of Primary Spiritual division.

  The usefulness of the cave was also very limited.

  As the old saying goes, can’t have bricks without straw.  Even if it could grow incredible plants, if a certain herb was extinct, then it could do nothing.  It didn’t magically give seeds or seedlings. The legendary artifact could help practice herb craft but without the herbs needed, the old man could only watch his life come to an end.  After meeting Yi Ti, the old man had thought long and hard before deciding to try to alter the Longevity formula.  

  He was inclined to try because success meant he could live for many years. If it failed… he was going to die soon anyway.

  Although the letter did not say so, Yi Ti couldn’t help but feel that her appearance had made the old man more determined. So, he tried, but unfortunately … it ended in failure.

  So, now Yi Ti will take over.

  Finally, the old man said –

  Child, your are far more talented than I. When I was tested, the Lingshi only gave off a dim glow, whereas for you, it blazed much brighter.

  Having said so much, I don’t plan on forcing you to accept my heritage. It’s your life. You have the right to choose with your own will to accept it. No matter what kind of choice you make, I will bless you safely and a bright future.

  Finally, I would like to remind you that the existence of the cave must not be revealed to anyone. Rich interests will only lead to terrible danger.

  Also, if you need help, you can go to a nearby person named Liang Chen. For my sake, he will give you a helping hand.

  ”Good morning?” What a strange name with the homonym and “good” the same. Moreover, “person”…was it a woman or a man?

  Yi Ti mulled over the words while she picked up the piece of black stone. The old man said in the letter that after his death, the contract binding him to the cave would lift. He told her it would be best to accept the cave.  On one hand, there were probably many high-value herbs inside.  On the other, having a way to carry items so easily was a very convenient thing.

  But if Yi Ti accepted the Cave, it represented her intention to inherit the spiritual plant division.

  To do spiritual plant cultivation…

  Yi Ti asked herself if she really wanted to do it.  The answer…

  She wanted to give it a try.

  So, according to the instructions left by the old man, she formed a contract with the stone. It began to float by itself and almost immediately, she felt a mysterious connection with it. Then, in accordance with what she had learned, she tentatively reached out to the stone and thought “come here.”

  The next moment, she felt a slight pain in her wrist.  On her wrist now was a crescent-shaped, black pattern branded in her skin.

  Later, Yi Ti into the Lingquan.

  She looked around this new space.  There was a field full of spectacular herbs.  In addition, not far from the side of the field also stood a few bookshelves, elixer equipment, and a series of items. This was the precious heritage left by the old man.

  After looking around for a short while, Yi Ti decided to leave.  She didn’t want to stay long in the beginning because her head was swimming with so much new information. She needed time to process it. Also, within the space it was a little hard to breathe from all of the Aura.

  So with a thought, Yi Ti returned to reality, and was shocked by what she saw..

  For no reason, the whole room was packed full with Cecil’s tentacles.

  Yes, packed!

  ”This is what you want to do ah?” Only one sentence came out.  Before she could say anything else, he wrapped numerous tentacles around Yi Ti lifting her in the air.  So this is what he wanted??

  ”You’ve come back.” Cecil said looking up at her with surprise and relief.


  ”You just disappeared,” Cecil said as he carefully set her down. The tentacles wrapped around her were also loosened, but he did not immediately let go. Instead, he asked, “Will you disappear again if I let you go?”

  ”… …” This guy … … so he was worried about her ah? Yi Ti remembered his worried tone and suddenly felt a little ashamed.  Slightly embarrassed, she told him “Sorry, I let you worry.”

  ”Will you disappear?” he repeated the previous question, as if the answer was very important.

  ”Are you afraid of me disappearing?”

  ”I know that once an earthling is gone from the world, it means disappearing forever. And disappearing forever is equivalent to death.” Cecil asked earnestly, “I do not want to see my friend die, Will you die? “

  ”What to say,” Yi Ti could not help laughing, “I am human, of course, I will die.” Immortality is the Lao Yaojing, right?


  ”Ah, of course,” Yi Yi said quickly, “]not now! I think it should be a long time before I die. Long enough to … … ah, you have to refill your energy to return home, and then come back to see me.  You have to give me a gift from outer space. “

  ”You really won’t die now?”

  ”Of course.” In order to increase the credibility of what she said, Yi Ti nodded.

  She thought about the instructions she had read in the letter.  She considered telling Cecil about the Lingquan but decided against it.  While Cecil’s five senses were extremely powerful, he couldn’t sense the space that she now controlled.  Also, even though she had been in the space only a few minutes, outside he had disappeared for a few tenths of a second.  Finally, with the amazing energy of the space, she worried that Cecil might want it and try to take it from her.  Then she would have betrayed the old man’s legacy.

  Luckily, Cecil appeared to only be happy she was back and that she wouldn’t die.  “Excellent!” he said, and because he was so happy, he lifted her back into the air.

  Yi Ti however, was not happy with this. She was not a child … … However, some people (and by people, she meant the alien…she couldn’t keep thinking of it as a slime…that’s not very polite ah) were only concerned about their own happiness. So she smiled and held out her hand and patted Cecil’s head, “Thank you for worrying about me.”

  The next second, Yi Ti suddenly started to feel hot.

  This was certainly not her body temperature rising, but those tentacles wrapped around her. … …

  This guy was still shy?

  ”Hey, do you want to make me a barbecue?”

  Cecil’s pudding-like body trembled and he immediately put Yi Ti on the ground.  Then he quickly recovered all the tentacles. But, almost at the same time, his whole body began to go limp, into a soft cake.

  Yi Ti was shocked: “Are you ok?”

  ”Do not worry, I just consumed some energy and will recover it in a while.”

  ”… …” Do not worry? Of course she was going to worry.

  Unfortunately, this situation seems to be more serious than the last.  Yi Ti waited for quite a long time and Cecil only restored himself by half.  So now it looked like a partially melted ice cream. In the end, she can only pick it up (no, it is a he! Say, Cecil should be a man right?).  She was just about to ask when…

  ”Stop Stop! -“

  ”……”Hey! Don’t just arbitrarily decide to raise your body temperature and then melt again!

  Really, just hold it in!  There should be a limit to how shy he can be right?


(Editor’s note: Sigh, the moment you realize all the personal pronouns you changed from ‘it’ to ‘he’ have to be changed back because they were intentional. If you are reading this I’m going to go back and fix them.  If you can’t read this then I already have and you had noooooo idea there was a problem XD)

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